“A pass?” Ling Yi opened his bag and found the newly obtained item.

[Mysterious Store Pass]: One-time use item.
After using it, a mysterious store will be summoned.
The store will only exist for 1 hour.

“System, mutate.”

He only took a glance at the effect and activated the mutation as usual.

Luckily, this kind of simple one-time use item could be changed into a permanent one.

A few seconds later.

[Mysterious Store Pass]: Able to summon a mysterious store.

The effect was similar to what Ling Yi had expected.

He didn’t waste any time and use it.

He still had more than 12 million gold coins on him, and he didn’t know what to spend it on.

The next second, a blue-purple interface that looked like a starry sky appeared in front of him.

There were three items with a line of small words on the upper right corner.

[21:12:16 Before The Next Update]

“21 hours? The shop is updated once a day?”

There was a question mark at the bottom right corner of the interface, and he gently tapped on it.

Immediately, the information about the Mysterious Store popped up.

[Mysterious Store: It will be updated once a day with three random items.
Items are guaranteed to be at least an A-grade.]

Ling Yi’s eyes lit up when he saw that there was a guarantee.

He wouldn’t be able to control the random items, since his “Probability Reversal” doesn’t work that way.

With a guarantee in place, it wouldn’t matter if he were particularly lucky or not on certain days, the worst case scenario he would get an A grade item.

His eyes then fell on the three items sold in the store.

Wind Trap Talisman (E)| Holy Angel’s Spring (S)| Dragon Ring (A)

The first and last items didn’t particularly interest him.
He was curious about the middle one, so he checked its effect.

[Holy Angel’s Spring (S)]: Legend has it that the spring water that gave birth to the Holy angel could restore one’s vitality with just a drop.

(10,000,000 G)

“Sh*t… This…”

This was the first S-grade item Ling Yi had ever seen.
It was also the first time he saw such a broad description.
It made him wonder whether he should buy it or not.

‘This seems to be a healing item.
If I mutate it… it should make the healing effect stronger, right?‘

Ten million gold coins wasn’t a small amount, which made him hesitant to buy it.

After pacing back and forth in his bedroom for a while, he finally made up his mind.
He’s going to buy it.

Immediately after, he quickly mutated this item.

After a moment, he quickly clicked on it to check.

[Holy Angel’s Spring (S)]: The eye of the spring that can give birth to holy angels.
A drop of it can bring people back to life.

“Hm? You’re back already?” Lin Shurou, who was still on the sofa watching a drama, asked in surprise when Ling Yi walked into the living room.

“Don’t you usually use up all three hours? Why did you come back so early today?”

Ever since she had seen him use the Elemental Spirit Blade, Lin Shurou had assumed that he was a player from the May batch.

Even until now.

Ling Yi couldn’t be bothered to correct her.
He just waved his hand casually and started to walk around the rooms on the first floor.

Lin Shurou jumped off the sofa and ran to him in her pink slippers.
“What is it, what is it? What are you looking for?”

“If you’re wondering where that woman is, she’s on the sofa.”

Ling Yi turned around and glanced at the burgundy sofa.
He shook his head and said, “No, I have one… Hmm… I’m looking for a place to place a spring water item.”

“Spring water?” Lin Shurou raised her cute eyebrows, and her blue eyes were filled with confusion.
“How big is it?”

“Mm… It’s about three meters in diameter.”

“Then why don’t you put it in the courtyard?”

“I just don’t think it’s safe to put it out in the open.”

Hearing Ling Yi’s words, a good place immediately appeared in Lin Shurou’s mind.

“I know a place.
I’ll show you.”

She held his hand and walked up the stairs.

“There’s a 20-square-meter small compartment in my room.
It was originally used as a study room, but since I’m not in school anymore, it’s empty now.
It’s right next to yours actually,” She explained as they walked.

The two of them entered her room and came to the cubicle she mentioned.

There were three walls here, and there were only two bookshelves and a small desk in the corner.
The rest of the place was empty.

The bookshelves, the small desk, and the floor were all covered with a layer of dust.
It was obvious that no one had been here for a long time.

Ling Yi’s eyes looked left and right in surprise.
Other than Lin Shurou’s room, he had seen the whole house.
He had no idea that there was an empty space between their bedrooms.

And from how their rooms were positioned, it was only one wall away from his bedroom!

Without thinking any further, Ling Yi started to work.

After using the [Cleaning Talisman] to clean up the area, Ling Yi took out the[Holy Angel’s Spring].

The item was about the size of an apple fountain model in his hands, but the moment he placed it on the ground, a burst of pink light spread out, and the tiny springs rapidly grew larger.
Before he knew it, the model came to life.

Soon, a three-meter-wide round spring appeared in front of them.

The walls of the spring were made of yellowish-brown stones.
The wall was about half a meter tall, and there was clear, light blue spring water inside.
It was not filled to the brim, and was only about four-fifths of the wall’s height.

The mist on the water’s surface didn’t look like cool spring water, but rather a small hot spring.

“This is a hot spring, right?” Lin Shurou’s cheeks were slightly red as she asked softly.

“Uh… This is a spring water with a strong life force.” He reached out to touch the surface of the water.
It was warm and soft, and his fingertips felt a tingling sensation that touched his heartstrings.

When he put his hand into the water, he felt as if there were countless small tongues licking his palm from all directions.
It oddly loosens and relaxes his hand, and he lets it sway to the gentle motions of the water.


But as soon as he pulled his hand back, he felt some resistance in the water, as if it wanted his hand to remain there.


Ling Yi’s eyes swept over the spring water and thought to himself, ‘Isn’t it said that it can give birth to holy angels? Where are the angels?’

He circled the spring twice, but he didn’t see any angels.

‘Don’t tell me that it would need nurturing time?‘

Just as he was thinking about this, Lin Shurou also put her little hand in.

“Waa! It’s so comfortable! Can I take a bath here?!” She asked, her eyes glowing.


Ling Yi muttered to himself for a moment and tried to use [Eye of Truth] to look at the spring water.
To his surprise, he actually saw the effects of the spring water.

[Holy Angel’s Spring]: It has infinite vitality.
A drop of it can bring people back to life and restore them to full health.
Possesses endless purification ability, able to expel all dirt and negative conditions.
Long-term bathing in it can prolong one’s life, strengthen the body, and improve the skin.

(This spring water is breeding special life.
Estimated Time: 7 days)

“Yes, you can.” Ling Yi nodded and smiled, “In the future, use this to bathe.”

Then he went to the store and bought a [Door Talisman], and placed it on the wall.
He made a door, which directly opened to his room.

So from left to right, the three rooms were Lin Shurou’s bedroom, the “study” room, and Ling Yi’s bedroom.

And so, the three rooms were now connected!

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