ic potion.
One more push?

“You both should smell the Elementary Recovery Potion.”

 I thought I heard a gulp and a spit-sniffing sound.
They fearfully opened the lid of the elementary recovery medicine and sniffed it.

“No smell…”

“That’s ridiculous ……”

“I think that alone makes it easier to drink.”

 Of course, it’s not only easy to drink, it’s also highly effective.
After all, it’s made by me! Ahem.
All right, all right, I’m feeling much better.

“What are you going to do? If you can’t promise me, I’ll just take it all back with me.”

“I understand.
I’ll issue a gag order to the entire Order, including myself.”

“It’s a promise.
Then let’s treat the wounded.”

 Thus we went to the defendants awaiting sentencing.

“… That’s what I’m saying.
Do not reveal anything about what will happen in the future.
Only those who can promise that will be given the magic potion that Julius-sama made.”

“I promise.”

 The answer was immediate for everyone present.
Even though they had not yet seen the actual effect or tasted it, the mere smell of it filled everyone’s eyes with hope.

“Well then, let’s start with the treatment of Evans who was poisoned by the Killer Spider.”

Evans returns a nod.
His body has already become partially paralyzed by the poison.
The situation seems to be getting worse and worse.
Until now, antidotes could not completely remove the killer spider’s poison, and it was all they could do to save their lives.

 An antidote was put into Evans’ mouth by a medic.
Change came quickly.
His hands and feet, which hadn’t even twitched until just now, began to move.
More than that…

“Sweet! Is there such a thing as a sweet potion!?”

Evans, who suddenly regained his energy, let out a scream.
The wounds on his body gradually closed.
A medic noticed this.

“Is Mr.
Evans healed from his injuries?”

“Oh, it’s true! What the heck is this!?”

“The antidote contains medicinal herbs, after all.
It also helps to heal wounds, albeit slightly.”

“This is a little bit? Isn’t this magic potion the secret of the Goddess!?”

It’s just a quality antidote.”

“High quality antidote?”

 Oops, did I talk too much? But the gag order has been enforced, so is it okay to talk? If I don’t build up a little bit of trust now, it might hinder future human trials …… or even future checks on the effectiveness of the system.

“Actually, I know the quality of magic potions.”

“I see, so that’s why you asked us to show you the potions at the time.”

 Lionel nodded as if he was convinced.
The medic heard this and couldn’t resist asking.

“So what were the results then?”

“… all the lowest quality”


 Except for me, everyone who was there shouted that and looked up at the sky.
When I first saw it, I wanted to look up at the sky as well.
And I wanted to turn away from reality.

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