Chapter 8: Laboratory

 I’ve been secretly preparing for this day for a long time.

I sneak into the room that my grandmother always uses to make magic potions, and I borrow some jars of magic potions.
I intend to return them one of these days, so it’s not stealing.

 At that time, I also wanted to obtain materials such as medicinal herbs, but I couldn’t obtain them because they were strictly stored in a safe.

 But is it safe to store it that way? It doesn’t look like a safe that can maintain a constant temperature.

 Well, it doesn’t matter to me.
I have freshly picked medicinal herbs at hand.
They are very fresh.
However, the quality is average.
But it’s a wild herb, so it can’t be helped.

 Had it grown in more fertile soil, it might have been of even higher quality.


 The only tools were bottles.
None of the other specialised tools were available.

 Normally I would not be able to make magic potions.
But I had ‘laboratory’ skills.

 This skill can create a special magical space by continuously consuming magical power.
Inside that space is a mysterious space that is ‘free from all restrictions’.

 In other words, if you use that space, you can ignore all the various tools you would normally have to use to produce it.
However, it uses magical power to death.

“I should be able to do it if I just make an elementary recovery potion.
You can do it, you can do it, you can definitely do it.
It’s just a matter of feeling.”

 I took a big breath in, regulated my breathing and used my ‘Laboratory’ skill.

 I can feel the strength slowly draining from my body.
I can’t be too nonchalant about it.

 When the magically created water was put into the magical space, it evaporated at once.
The vapour is then immediately transformed into water.

 This could eliminate the magic contained in the water.
If impurities were mixed in, they could also be removed.
In this way, high-quality water could be produced.

 I stared at the finished water.

 Distilled water: best quality

 The order of quality is highest, high, normal, low, lowest.
In other words, it is impossible to make water of higher quality.

“Okay, so far as planned.
Next is…”

 I threw the medicinal herbs I got earlier into the magic space.
Using the “Dry” skill to dry it like a dry flower, it was crushed finely as if it had been ground in a mortar.

 When it is mixed with the water from earlier, it heats up quickly.

 When the water was clear and green, impurities were removed as if by filtering.
The resulting clear green liquid is transferred to a bottle.

 A total of three primary recovery potions were made.

“The quality is… high quality.
Fairly okay.”

The quality of the medicinal herbs was average, but I managed to complete an elementary recovery potion of the second best quality from the top.
I found myself sweating profusely.
My body felt extremely heavy.
I was concentrating so hard that I didn’t realise it until just now.

“But now I know that I can use the ‘Laboratory’ skill.
With this, I can somehow make magic potions on my own.”

 Still, once a day seems to be the limit for now.
I’m looking forward to it, when I grow and the amount of magic power increases.
If I make magic potions like this, it might come in handy someday.

 I try to smell the freshly made elementary recovery medicine.
Yeah, I knew it, but it’s odourless.
How could they make it smell that bad?

 Despite these doubts, I carefully put away the elementary recovery medicine in a locked drawer.
My next goal is to improve my herb garden.
As expected, I can’t make anything without materials.
I want to be able to make an ‘antidote’ from poison-eliminating herbs as soon as possible.
You never know what might happen.

 After that, I went to the herb garden every day.
There are rainy days and windy days.
That’s how I expanded my herb garden little by little, and became able to obtain medicinal herbs and anti-poisoning herbs on my own.

 One day, I learned that Margrave Heine’s knights were once again on their way to subdue monsters.

 This is my chance to test the magic potion I’ve created! Worst case scenario, I was just about to cut off my own finger to test it, but it looks like I’m going to get a good group of test subjects.
I have ten bottles of high-quality recovery potion and one bottle of antidote, also of high quality.
That’s enough to test its effectiveness.

 During the meal, I asked my father about the subjugation, confirmed that the knights had headed for subjugation, and asked Lionel, the Knight Commander, during the daily training.
While doing so, I received the news that the demon subjugation was over and the knights had returned.

 As if in anticipation, I headed for the accommodation I had visited earlier.
Of course, I stuffed as many magic potions as I could in my bag.

 My sudden visit was greeted by the medic from that day.

“Julius-sama!? What happened all of a sudden? Someone! Someone call the captain immediately!”

 Someone ran off in a flurry.
Just in time.
It would be better to let Lionel know.

“I was a little worried about the wounded soldiers, and I’ve come to say a few words of thanks.”

“It’s going to be hell inside soon, but are you ready mentally?”

“Umm, yeah, I’m fine.”

The medic confirmed this with a sorrowful look on his face.
It’s a bit scary when they look that bad.
But I can’t back down here.
If you were a man, take it in stride.
A great man said so.

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