primary recovery potions were made.

“The quality is… high quality.
Fairly okay.”

The quality of the medicinal herbs was average, but I managed to complete an elementary recovery potion of the second best quality from the top.
I found myself sweating profusely.
My body felt extremely heavy.
I was concentrating so hard that I didn’t realise it until just now.

“But now I know that I can use the ‘Laboratory’ skill.
With this, I can somehow make magic potions on my own.”

 Still, once a day seems to be the limit for now.
I’m looking forward to it, when I grow and the amount of magic power increases.
If I make magic potions like this, it might come in handy someday.

 I try to smell the freshly made elementary recovery medicine.
Yeah, I knew it, but it’s odourless.
How could they make it smell that bad?

 Despite these doubts, I carefully put away the elementary recovery medicine in a locked drawer.
My next goal is to improve my herb garden.
As expected, I can’t make anything without materials.
I want to be able to make an ‘antidote’ from poison-eliminating herbs as soon as possible.
You never know what might happen.

 After that, I went to the herb garden every day.
There are rainy days and windy days.
That’s how I expanded my herb garden little by little, and became able to obtain medicinal herbs and anti-poisoning herbs on my own.

 One day, I learned that Margrave Heine’s knights were once again on their way to subdue monsters.

 This is my chance to test the magic potion I’ve created! Worst case scenario, I was just about to cut off my own finger to test it, but it looks like I’m going to get a good group of test subjects.
I have ten bottles of high-quality recovery potion and one bottle of antidote, also of high quality.
That’s enough to test its effectiveness.

 During the meal, I asked my father about the subjugation, confirmed that the knights had headed for subjugation, and asked Lionel, the Knight Commander, during the daily training.
While doing so, I received the news that the demon subjugation was over and the knights had returned.

 As if in anticipation, I headed for the accommodation I had visited earlier.
Of course, I stuffed as many magic potions as I could in my bag.

 My sudden visit was greeted by the medic from that day.

“Julius-sama!? What happened all of a sudden? Someone! Someone call the captain immediately!”

 Someone ran off in a flurry.
Just in time.
It would be better to let Lionel know.

“I was a little worried about the wounded soldiers, and I’ve come to say a few words of thanks.”

“It’s going to be hell inside soon, but are you ready mentally?”

“Umm, yeah, I’m fine.”

The medic confirmed this with a sorrowful look on his face.
It’s a bit scary when they look that bad.
But I can’t back down here.
If you were a man, take it in stride.
A great man said so.

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