Chapter 5: My First Magic

 From that day onwards, when I secretly went to the archives, I continued to read the books on potions without being discovered.
As a result, it was discovered that the unreadable language was a code.
Perhaps the Potions Master who wrote it was trying to keep the production of the potion a secret.

 As a result, no one seems to understand.
It’s a complete disaster.
In other words, the books on magic potions in that storeroom were as good as rubbish.
No wonder they’re just sitting there.

 I was disappointed when I found out the truth, but there were some happy moments.

 The ban on studying magic was finally lifted.
I’ve been waiting for this moment!

 Is it okay to let a three-year-old learn magic? There may be voices saying that, but it is natural for nobles with power to be able to use magic.
Therefore, the race to make them learn magic at the earliest possible stage became heated, and finally the age was accelerated to three years old.

 As a result, there are many accidents, and when magic becomes available, side servants are assigned.
This is, of course, for monitoring purposes.

“Julius-sama, do you know me?”

“Uncle Kernel!”

“Hmm, in a way you’re right, but I’m a magic teacher.
Please call me teacher from now on.”

Uncle Kernel!”


 A three-year-old teasing an adult.
The person being made fun of must not like it.
But I’ve been waiting for this day for so long that I’ve been making fun of adults.
Finally, I can use magic.
It must be exciting to actually see magic in front of your own eyes.

“Then, Julius-sama, let’s start with safe water magic first.”

“I’m counting on you.

“Hmm! Leave it to me.
First, please touch the water in this bucket.”

A bucket filled to the brim with water is prepared in front of him.
It appears that the intention is to let the children actually touch the water and learn how it feels before teaching them magic.

 You can use it without doing that.
But if you do that, you become a child prodigy.

 It would be a shame if that triggered a family feud.
Like a normal child here, let’s take it easy.
It’s still not the time to panic.

 I failed many times and ended the day by pretending I couldn’t do it.
In fact, I used it as a test when I put my hand in the tub so that I wouldn’t be found out.
I was able to trigger it without any problems.

 Uncle Kernel doesn’t know that.

“Master Julius, don’t be discouraged.
Only a great mage can do that from day one.”

“Teacher, how long does it usually take to be able to use it?”

“Well, it takes two weeks for talented people, and a few years for the slow ones.”

“How long did Brother Alex and Brother Cain become able to use it?”

“Alex is one month, Cain is one month and one week.”

 Brother Cain, could it be that you read the atmosphere? So I’ll make it a month and two weeks.
No, would Brother Alex find out if I do that? In that case, I’ll just set it to three months or something.

“Thank you very much for today.
I look forward to seeing you next time.”

“Hmm! Julius-sama is very polite.
Let’s give you a flower ball!”

“Oh, thank you very much”

 Well, I got nothing, though.

 Three months later, I’m finally able to use magic publicly.
Of course, I practise it in my room so that I don’t get caught.
I have a feeling that the servants attached to me are becoming suspicious.

“Well done.
With this, Julius-sama has joined the ranks of magicians.
From now on, we will move on to learning elementary magic.
It is only natural that you should be able to do this much as a person with magical powers.”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

 After that, I took my time and mastered the elementary magic of the four major attributes, water, fire, earth, and wind.
Apparently, he didn’t notice that I was cutting corners, and he judged my magic talent to be normal.

 Good grief, it looks like I’ll be able to stay away from the family turmoil.
I have no intention of succeeding as Margrave.
I have a mission to bring about a revolution in magic potions.

 By successfully learning magic, I was able to make two friends of the same age.
In other words, they are two minions.

“I’m Gyre!”

“I’m Christopher!”

 Two slightly overweight, or rather fit, for three-year-olds became his minions.
Gyre is the third son of the Knight Commander and Christopher is the third son of the Steward.
This was the formation of the trio of three sons of the Margrave of the Heine frontier.

 Hmm, this is a normal three-year-old child.
It might be better for me to act more like a child.
I feel like I’m doing a little too much.
Let’s be careful.

 By the way, they can’t use magic.
There aren’t that many humans with magical powers.

 After that, somehow, the three of us started to be together.
The three of us do bad things together.
And the three of us get angry at together.

 I would go to the kitchen and eat snacks, skip my studies and run away, and play with my sister’s horse.

 In the meantime, I turned seven.
There was slow progress in matters relating to Potions.
Nevertheless, little by little there were changes.

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