Chapter 3: Investigation

 The magic medicine that the old lady was making at that time was probably an elementary recovery medicine.
And if there is a scene where recovery medicine is used, it is definitely the knight order of Margrave Heine.
There should be a magic potion there.
If I look at it, I might be able to find out something about the magic potions in this world.

 In order to find out the truth, I infiltrated the knight order.

 Come to think of it, just recently, it was mentioned that they were going to subjugate the monsters that inhabit the demonic frontier.
As I recall, that mission should have been over by now.
Did they get injured during that mission? Maybe that’s why the old lady was making extra magic potions.
It’s very possible.


“This is Young Julius.
Why are you in a place like this?”

“The other day, I heard that you went to subdue monsters.
I’m here to thank you for your efforts.”

“What…! I, Lionel, am unworthy, I’m deeply moved!”

 The Knight Commander is in tears.
It’s hard to say now that I had other intentions.
So I went around to the knights and wizards who had participated in the defeat and offered words of thanks.

“Now it’s on to the wounded soldiers.”

“… Eh? Young Julius, do you intend to go there?”

“Of course.
That’s where I have to go, isn’t it?”

“… With all due respect, but I can’t let you in there.”

 The Knight Commander who flatly denied it.
I’m sure there’s a scene there that he doesn’t want me to see.
However, I cannot back down now.
I came all the way here to find out the effects of the magic potion and where we stand.

“Lionel, please.”

 I looked up at the Knight Commendator with an upward glance.
Fafafa… how much more can he endure the begging of a child? It’s a sight to see.

 The Knight Commander averted his gaze.
I instantly entered his gaze.
I won’t let you get away!

 After a long time of such attack and defense, the knight commander finally broke.
Phew, it’s no joke.

“I understand.
But what you see there must never be spoken of.”

“Okay, I get it.”

 The Knight Commander’s face is scary.
It must be a scene that he doesn’t want me to see so much.
I’m getting scared even after all this time.
What if there is a scene that cannot be shown to the public?

 I was brought to the innermost room of the lodgings by the Knight Commander.
From inside, I hear groans.

 The Knight Commander opens the door.
There were people who were exhausted, people who were dazed, and people who were completely unconscious.

 But the scene was not as splattering as one might have imagined.

 One of them spotted my presence.
His eyes are filled with fear.
What’s the matter? What’s wrong with you, you adorable three-year-old?

“Oh, help me~! I can’t take that medicine anymore! Rather, kill me!”

“Again! Do I have to drink that again! It’s hell, this is hell!”

 Starting with the words of one person, the surrounding suddenly began to make a fuss.
They let out a roar of terror.

 Yeah, I kind of figured it out.
It’s a gathering of victims who drank the recovery medicine made by that old lady.
And this is the result.

 From what I can see, there are no seriously injured people on the verge of death.
But they seem to be seriously injured in their hearts.
I don’t want to drink that stuff either.

 Could it be that the recovery medicine that the old lady was making wasn’t an elementary recovery medicine, but an advanced recovery medicine? If so, I don’t want to imagine the taste.

 The advanced recovery potion must have contained a number of ingredients that would have gone horribly wrong if the processing had been even slightly mishandled.
From the way the old lady made it, I don’t think it was processed properly.

 For the time being, it seems to be effective as a recovery medicine, but it will probably be traumatic.
No, it already is……

 I silently left the room with the Knight Commander.

“Do you understand?”

“I understand perfectly.
Lionel, could you show me the recovery medicine?”

“I don’t mind that, but I would advise against taking it.
If you really want to take it, I would recommend an elementary recovery medicine.
You can still take that one…”

“I won’t drink that stuff!”

 I came to the magic potion storage with the Knight Commander.
Several medics were busy working there.

“Thank you for your hard work”

“This is Julius-sama! What’s wrong? Are you injured? Then take this….”

 Then he brought something blackish green.

“No, no, I’m not injured! I wanted you to show me the magic medicine that Grandma made.
Can you show it to me?”

“Of course that’s true, but?”

 With a question mark in his head, he brought me some magic potions.
I stared at the magic potions on the table.

 When that god reincarnated me into this world, she said that she would reincarnate me with knowledge and skills.
And those techniques are ‘skills’, and I had the ‘Appraisal’ skill.

 The results of the appraisal are displayed.
The result was…the three musketeers of “lowest quality”, “grotesque” , and “poisonous”, held up their swords.
I definitely don’t want to use this kind of magic potion.

 I silently returned it to the medic.

 Rather, it deserves respect for being able to have such a terrible effect at the same time.
Why not make this a failure? It would be a failure no matter how you look at it.
I wonder if anyone will get stuck?

 In the meantime, it seems to have a sympathetic restorative effect……

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