Chapter 17: Cleaning up afterwards

The village was already in a festive mood.

I don’t understand that feeling.
A wooden fence was suddenly built around the village, and all the villagers waited at home.
Adventurers gather one after another.
And the threat of the goblin army corps is announced.

All those things have been resolved.
The threat to the village has gone.
That’s a lot of festivities.
But they haven’t come back yet.

Good grief, the villagers were already preparing for the feast ahead of time.
I wonder if this is okay…

“Julius-sama, the knights have returned!”

Gyre, who was watching the monster forest from the top of the haystack, raised his voice.
When he looked, he saw a small group in the distance.
The group carried the banner of Margrave Heine.
There seems to be no doubt about it.

“Julius-sama, I have just returned.”

“Lionel, thanks for your hard work.
I will hear the detailed report later.
Now rest with everyone else.
Thank you, Mister Abel.”

“Thanks to the Knight Order’s treasured numbness ball, I was able to have a lot of fun.
As expected, it didn’t work against the Goblin lord, but I was able to slow down the movement of the goblin generals who were its entourage.”

Abel is an A-rank adventurer active in the Heine Margrave territory.
He was asked to lead the adventurers in this operation.
He is just over 20 years old, but he is calm, collected and very reliable.

“It didn’t work on the goblin lord, did it? Monsters with high resistance are really troublesome.”

“If it works that much, it’s enough.
I’d love to see it sold to stabilise the hunt for monsters, though.”

“That’s something Grandma developed in secret.
It might be difficult.”

Of course it is a lie.
I made the Numb Ball.
It’s not too difficult to make.
But they are too effective.
If I put them on the market in the absence of a proper antidote, they would surely be used in crimes and wars.
I can’t take that risk.

“And what, by the way, was that elementary recovery potion the Knights had? It’s very effective for recovery and they were drinking it like it was nothing but water.
When I asked my injured comrades, they said, ‘It’s just like water.
So what was all that bad elementary recovery medicine before?’.”

“Oh, that’s another magic potion the old lady is developing.
Hopefully we can get a steady supply?”

“No, that one is already finished.
You should put it up for sale now.
I would buy it for three, even five times the price.”

“Five times!?”

Apparently, it has turned out to be of considerable value.
I have a desire to publish and expand the recipe for the benefit of the adventurers and the territory, but I’m not old enough yet.
At the very least, I need to graduate from the academy.

But five times, I think I can make money.
Some of the elementary recovery medicines that we provide to the Knights are being offered to adventurers… no no no.
Strengthening the Knights’ strength is the top priority.
After all, it is the Knights that protect our Margrave Heine.

While Abel and I were talking, Lionel was thanking the adventurers for this operation.
Applause can also be heard from the adventurers.

“Julius-sama, is there anything you would like to say?”

Lionel spoke up.
The eyes of the adventurers are focused on me.
I don’t have anything to say, but I think it’s better to make the reward clear.

“All the magic stones obtained from this subjugation operation will be provided to the adventurers.
From the sales price of the magic stones, the adventurer’s guild will give you a solid reward according to the degree of danger and contribution to the mission.
Apart from that, there are also commission rewards from Margrave Heine.
Don’t forget to receive it.”

Wow! And there were louder voices and applause than before.
They probably thought that the magic stones would be confiscated.
But we won’t do that.
Rather than that, having connections with the adventurer’s guild and adventurers is definitely more valuable.

We don’t want them to be unable to help us if something similar happens again.

The members of the Knight Order may be dissatisfied.
However, if you belong to the knight order, you can receive a fixed amount of money every month.
It’s not a flashy amount, but it will surely warm your pocket.

“Finally, one more thing.
I’ll give this to Mister Abel.
When you return to the Adventurers’ Guild in the capital, I want you to use it to cover your drinking expenses.”

Saying that, I hand over the bag containing the money that I prepared in advance to Mr.
Abel-san, who received it without thinking, panicked.

“No way! Julius-sama, it’s too much for a reward!”

“It’s fine.
It’s not a reward.
It’s a feeling of gratitude from me.
It’s money that came out of my pocket, so I want you to use it without worrying about it.”

“That’s just too much trouble!”

“Hey, Abel-dono, everyone expects you to pay for their drinks, don’t they?”

We saw adventurers looking at us.
The majority of the adventurers have eyes full of anticipation.
Mr Abel was grunting.

“I understand.
Thank you very much.”

Abel-san broke down, and the cheers went up again.

“Are you sure, Julius-sama? Is it okay if you use the military funds entrusted to you by the palace?”

“It’s fine, Lionel.
Better still, make sure you pay the people in the village who provided this meal for us.”

“… Do you think they’ll receive it?”

“You’ve got to get on with it.
If you spend that money in the territory, it will go round and round to generate tax revenue for the Heine frontier territory.”

“I understand.
We’ll see what we can do.”

I’ve put Lionel through a lot of hardship.
And the members of the Knights have also helped us a lot, from gathering in the monster forest, to setting up the fence around the village, to the campaign to defeat the goblins.
When we return to the mansion, I’ll serve them some of Father’s treasured sake and have a banquet.

My father might be angry with me, but after all, I have full authority.
What belongs to the Heine frontier count’s family belongs to me.
What belongs to me belongs to everyone.
You should know what happens when you put all authority in my hands.

My sister Rosalia must be worried, so I have to go home as soon as possible.

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