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So that’s it.
It seems that Lionel was good at convincing father there.

But he’s not wrong.
There might be someone who is trying to do something while they’re away.
The more people you can rely on, the better.

“Very well.
Then, while my father and the others are in the capital, we’ll go to the Monster Forest to collect the ingredients for the magic potion.
But what if the servants find out?”

“As usual, I will tell them that Julius-sama will head to the city for an inspection.”

“I see.
Lionel, you’re a badass too.”

“I’m not as good as Julius-sama.”

Everyone in the room has a grin and a bad smile on their face.
This is a unique opportunity of a thousand opportunities.
This opportunity must not be missed.

We quickly got into the planning stages.

A monster forest came into view in front of me.

It has been a few days since Father left for the Royal Capital.
The day finally came to carry out the plan.
My sister Rosalia has always said she would come with me, but it’s impossible for me to take her with me.
After all, Rosalia thinks I’m going to the city.
But I’m going to the Monster Forest now.

“Julius-sama~, my stomach is starting to hurt~”

“What, Christopher, are you scared?”

Gyre is provoking Christopher, who has been shaking for some time now.

Christopher probably didn’t want to go.
But we are counted as a group of three.
If even one person is missing, there is a risk of suspicion.
I want him to give up thinking that he was unlucky.

And there are so many escorts.
There’s no way they can’t be taken out.
Besides, I brought a primary recovery medicine and an antidote.
Injuries and poisons can be treated on the spot.

“Christopher, if you don’t like it, you can wait in this carriage, you know? Because as long as you’re here, you won’t be suspected of anything.”

“Oh, no – of course I’ll go with you.”

Apparently, Christopher’s loyalty is strong.
But this should be a confidence booster for Christopher.
He’s a bit of a wimp.
Even though he has the ability.

“I see.
Let’s get going then.”

“Hahaha! It seems that Julius-sama is not afraid.”

“Well, yeah.
I have my magic.”

Hahaha, Lionel laughed again.
I’m not joking.
The main job in the game was “Wizard”.
I didn’t only work in production.
Sometimes I had to go into dangerous areas to get rare materials.
Therefore, I can fight to a certain extent.

A group of 30 armed men entered the monster forest.
They formed a circle to protect us in the center.
The scouts were already ahead and were always on full alert.

“Be careful where you step.
Try not to step on plants.
You never know where valuable material might fall.”

A seemingly suspicious group entered the depths of the forest.

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