Chapter 10: The Iron Rule

The wounded soldiers were looking at me like they were clinging to me.
I am sure they are looking forward to the elementary recovery medicine I am going to use.
I sweetened the antidote because it would inevitably taste bitter if left as is.
So I made some modifications so that even children could drink it.

On the other hand, I haven’t messed with the taste of the primary recovery medicine.
Still, it’s tasteless and odorless, so I think you can drink it just like water.
I don’t know, though, because I haven’t actually drunk it.

“Then I’ll give you a basic recovery medicine.
Perhaps it will be easier to take than the previous potions.”

“That’s enough for me!”

“I don’t have to taste that hellish pain anymore.
With this magic potion, he too can ……”

There are some ominous stories out there.
As I recall, there were no deaths from the magic potion made by the old lady.
…… Are there any members of the squad who quit because they couldn’t keep up?

When I handed it to each person, I was asked for a handshake for some reason.
Why not.

Once everyone had received the primary recovery medicine, it was up to me or them to make a toast.
Why not.

“Well then, everyone, are you ready? Drink it all at once.



Lionel and the medic, who didn’t need to drink, also kept me company with water.
And soon a change comes.

“I can drink, I can drink!”

“It’s not bad! This is water!”

“Amazing! The wounds are closing up to the extent that it’s disgusting.”

“Oh! The wounds that I thought wouldn’t heal unless I took that advanced recovery medicine are now closing up nicely… Are you a god?”

The former wounded soldiers who shed tears naturally kneeled in front of me.
What is this state of affairs? Lionel and the medic are also kneeling with tears in their eyes.

“Oh, well, I’m glad everyone’s wounds have healed safely.
You’re an important force for Margrave Heine.
I look forward to your continued success!”

“As you wish!”

Everyone in the room raised their voices in unison.
I wonder what it is, I feel like the loyalty of the knight order has risen tremendously.
Anyway, I was able to achieve my goal, so let’s say it’s okay.

“Julius-sama, can I ask for additional magic potions? I still have friends who are suffering from the killer spider’s poison.”

“Of course.
As soon as I make a new primary recovery medicine and antidote, I’ll bring it to you secretly.”

I said emphasizing the “in secret” part.
Lionel nodded deeply.

“Can’t you make an intermediate level recovery medicine yet?”

A medic asked a simple question.
If you have an intermediate recovery medicine, you can deal with more severe injuries.

I just didn’t have enough of the materials I needed.”

By the way, where did you get the material for this one?”

Lionel timidly asked.
Maybe he thought I was sneaking around my grandmother’s place.

“Did you know I’m making flower beds?”

“Of course.
I have heard the Mistress talk about it.
If you could ……”

“That’s right.
That flower bed is actually a medicinal herb garden.
I grow medicinal herbs and poison-clearing herbs there.”


Hearing this, the noise of the knights grew louder and louder.
Among them, some could be heard saying, ‘We must defend it to the death at all costs’.
It’s true that the place is necessary for making magic potions, but at worst, we can find it by going foraging in the forest.

“Julius-sama, from now on, I would like to strengthen the security of Julius-sama’s medicinal herb garden.”

“Huh? You don’t have to go that far.”

“What would you do if they were eaten by a wild animal? We will definitely protect it.”

“Uh, yeah.
My pleasure.”

Losing to the glaring eyes of everyone present, I couldn’t refuse.
Hmm, it looks good.
What would my mother think if she found out? I’m a little worried.

Thus, an iron rule was bound between me and the Knights.
I thought security was only available during the daytime, but apparently it’s also available at night.

They must have really disliked the magic potions so far.

Then Lionel was assigned to escort me when I went out of town.
He is determined not to let me lift a finger.
The other knights were still looking at me.

As soon as the materials were gathered, I created and delivered the primary recovery medicine and antidote.
Only one of either could be made per day, but even so, more and more people gradually returned to the Knights Order.

“Lionel, can’t we go to the forest where monsters live?”

“Julius-sama, I think it’s really dangerous, but…”

“That’s right.
What would you do if something happened?”

Gyre also seems to disagree.
Christopher is silent.
But his face said he did not want to go.

“I’m actually thinking of getting some magic grass.”

“Magic grass… is it okay for us to pick it up?”

“I’m thinking of planting it in my herb garden.
So I want the whole soil around it so I don’t damage the magic grass, but I know that’s going to be difficult.”

“So you want to go collect it yourself…”


Lionel put his hand to his chin and thought.
The reason I can’t make new magic potions is simply because I don’t have the materials.

Conveniently, there is a forest where monsters live not far from the city.
There must be a lot of materials lying around there.
There was no way not to use it.

“Okay, I understand.
Let’s plan something.”

“Please take care of me.”

“As you wish!”

Lionel was kneeling.
Gyre and Christopher saw this and hurriedly learnt from it.
I feel like I’m the master of the Order of the Knights.

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