”Hey ”.Jason waved to Daniel as he sat down next to me

”What ”.Daniel replied

”Chill bro, Ive got someone youd liked to meet ”.Jason said with a cheeky smile on his face as he stood up.After a few seconds,he came back with a hot chick holding his hand.

”No,no…youve got to be kidding me ”.Daniel muttered

”Is that Jasons girlfriend? ”.He thought to himself

”Daniel,I would like you to meet my girlfriend ”.

”Stella,meet Daniel ”

Daniel,meet Stella ”

Daniels pov

”oh,nice to meet you ”.I extended my hand.

”nice to meet you too. ”.she said as she flashed me a smile.Damn..jason really hit the jackpot on this one

”why didn you tell me youd come ”.He asked

”I didn think I would come ”.I answered.The person I was talking to wasn even paying attention rather he was drawing circles on his girlfriends hand

”sigh,love really does make you go crazy ”.I muttered to myself

”uh,did you say something? ”.He asked,oh so its now you pay attention

”Nope ”.I said,love is terrifying look what its turned Jason to

”okay then,hey babe lets go ” .He said as he grabbed her hand and like that they were off,not even sparing me a glance

”well,Im off as well ”.I said as I walked towards the doors.On my way out,I saw a girl with a rather dazzling dress. who else would put this on if not the queen of the entire school Sophia Anderson.

I wasn going to wait around,what if she saw me earlier and she approaches me to talk about it.what then

Stellas pov

After meeting Daniel,I have no idea how they became best friends cos they are complete opposite.The only thing similar about them is that at one point they were living the single life and that wasn even true cos Im sure Jason was still flirting with girls then

”Hey babe,lets go home ”.I called out Im feeling a little bit sleepy,maybe its the alcohol.

”okay,just a minute ”.He was talking to his group members again,last time they talked for an hour and a half

”No,not this time ”.I know what to do. ”This is going to be so much fun ”.I feel excitement rushing through me

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