Hey,Im Daniel Martinelli and Im gonna tell u how I met my love.It was a long journey full of epic twists and turns, I met some people and even lost some.

”hey,wait up you fool ”.my best friend Jason called out.

I looked back and there he was, the golden haired brat.

”what is it now ”. I grumbled, ”looks like someones in a bad mood ”.he teased

”hmph,if you have nothing else to say Ill be on my way ”.I said as I left him there with an impish grin on his face

”ok,you coming for the dance?? ”.He

called out,I responded by shrugging my shoulders,cos I don know

My lifes a mess and thats something I desperately need to fix

Im known to be famously single or rather I am.And trust me this is not a term you want the whole damn school to know you as. It means

e not able to get yourself a girl

”Damn,just my luck ”.I mutter to myself on my way home.being alone sucks but what is there to do

I walk past a coffee shop and see a glimpse of something or rather someone.. can it be, no it can ,..I place my head on the glass window and strain my eyes just to see if my hunch was correct

was that really,yes it was

Sophia Anderson

Yes,it was Sophia Anderson.The most beautiful girl in our school, infact she is the most beautiful girl in the world well to me at least.She keeps me awake all night,just looking at her is a blessing and a curse .

Thing is, shes taken by a dumb mutt named Anthony but we all call him tony.why can things ever go my way,but Ive learned to accept it… seeing her is enough for me

”ok Daniel,time to – ”

what the **

whos this, someone is there locking lips with my beloved and he doesn even seem to be the least bit ashamed.I tilt my head to catch a glimpse of the guy but what came next was …

she turned towards the window and immediately I froze up.

”shit,Daniel look what you got yourself into ” I mutter to myself as I dash home.

I don really know if she saw me but that was too close for comfort,if anyone at school knew I had a crush on the most popular girl in school.my college life would be over in an instant

I dash into my street and few seconds later.Im at my doorstep fumbling with my keys cos my damn heart won stop pounding. what to do about my pathetic life

Here I am in my living room sweating buckets cos of a damn girl that doesn even like me back

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