Sethian embraced Yi-Gyeol within his arms and felt that something was strange with him.

He stroked his cheeks, which were even paler than when he was sleeping in the morning, and glanced around the bedroom sharply.

Not a single notable change was there.

There isn’t any trace of disturbance, and there is no sign that someone has entered.

However, the window was wide open.

These days, Yi-Gyeol has developed the habit of keeping bedroom windows closed.

To be exact, it was shortly after the crow – which was often seen outside the bedroom – was learned that it was possessed by the spirit attached to Zair.

Yi-Gyeol is more intelligent than one would expect.

Just from the day that he first talked with the crow, he had already analyzed some bits of information according to his own experience and his conversation with the spirit.

If a soul wants to speak to another, it doesn’t matter whether there’s a solid wall between them or not, whether he was in a spirit state or a possessed state.

He doesn’t know if it’s through the mouth, but if it’s a method of sending sound through the head, it could surely affect everyone within a certain distance.

Of course, the other person should be someone capable of hearing a soul’s voice.

Nonetheless, listening and looking at the soul state were not different from ordinary human conditions.

If there is a wall, the view would be blocked and one won’t be able to see inside, and what was going on behind the wall won’t be heard as well.

Yi-Gyeol stipulated from the crow’s speculative remarks that he seemed to be ‘bullying him’ and the part that he ‘presses and bites him so that he can’t move.’

If the crow has actually observed properly from where it usually is beyond the window, it should have said something clearer and certain it heard according to their daily conversation.

But the window that has always been intentionally closed to prevent anyone from outside, including the soul, from hearing any sound inside was left open.

It was very suspicious.

Sethian stared at the window for a moment then slightly pulled the person within his arms and looked into his eyes.

The eyes that seemed to be relieved with a slight smile bothered him particularly.

“What’s wrong?”

Yi-Gyeol’s eyes faintly trembled.

It was such a tiny reaction that Sethian only noticed because he was right in front of him.


His voice is clear and unruffled, enough to just let it go if he only wasn’t concerned with every little thing about this person.

That’s why Sethian doesn’t intend to ignore the sense of incompatibility that overcame him.

It could be that the crow purposely came to Yi-Gyeol when he was alone and they had a private conversation.

The content must also be something to hide and shouldn’t be told by him.

‘It’s not that he wouldn’t say it, it’s just that he can’t.’

There must be a good reason why Yi-Gyeol was suddenly hiding something from him.

It is obvious that the main culprit couldn’t be seen.

‘That’s pretty annoying.’

He doesn’t know what method Zair used but he effectively made Yi-Gyeol shut his mouth.

An ominous feeling keeps on mugging him as if something was stuck in his throat.

Yi-Gyeol timidly smiled and asked.

“Are you going back to work now?”

There really wasn’t anything strange with the question, but Sethian noticed something else there once more.


“You must be tired.
By any chance can you still have breakfast together with me today?”

Yi-Gyeol’s eyes were filled with concern.

Sethian’s eyes slightly narrowed as he looked at him.

“We’ll see.”

“There’s nothing we can do about it if you’re really busy.
We can just eat together some other day.
You don’t have to overwork yourself.”

Seeing him smiling bitterly with a regretful expression on his face, Sethian was able to know that he was still in the ‘unable to speak situation.’

There have often been cases when he couldn’t have lunch or dinner with him due to work recently.

However, he always makes sure to have breakfast with him.

Whether it was sharing vitality or eating food together, it seemed to give Yi-Gyeol strength to endure during the day.

Yi-Gyeol even personally admitted that himself.

Even though they had breakfast together every morning, Yi-Gyeol suddenly used the words ‘by any chance’ and ‘today.’

As if they’ve never had breakfast together before.

In addition, he mentioned the next appointment with a regretful expression like someone who thinks it wouldn’t be possible.

‘Are you being watched?’

Due to long hours of training, Sethian had become someone who wouldn’t fail to notice up to the littlest presence even when he was fast asleep.

But other than the signs of himself and Yi-Gyeol, there is nothing else in the room.

It would be also impossible if they were trying to monitor him using magic in a place where it is blocked.

Something that can watch someone without a trace.

Most of all, something that he wouldn’t discern but is completely opposite in Yi-Gyeol’s case.

‘…It’s a soul.’

Sethian, who had reached that point, was sure of the answer that came to his mind.

A soul-based surveillance.

‘A piece of work that only that bastard could make.’

Seeing that he knew he was being monitored and speaking in a roundabout way that only himself would understand, Yi-Gyeol seems to be deliberately accepting the current situation.

He doesn’t know what’s going on, but Yi-Gyeol’s head has always been solely revolving around himself.

There should be a reason why he’s just quietly accepting Zair’s funny tricks.

Sethian stroked Yi-Gyeol’s cheek and carefully kissed him.

He’s particularly concerned about his face and body that’s chilled by tension.

He kissed Yi-Gyeol as usual under the guise of supplying vitality, and his tongue is mixed with tension and hesitation as well.

As if caring about someone’s eyes watching them.

After the kiss that was shorter than usual, he softly brushed Yi-Gyeol’s saliva-stained lips with his fingertips.

“Don’t worry.”

It wasn’t a response related to his earlier words telling him not to overdo it.

It was a response to his secret signal that he was hiding something from himself and that he was already aware of it.

“You have nothing to worry about.”

Yi-Gyeol, who was looking up at Sethian with clear eyes, made a smile that seemed to show that what he said had given him some safety and was deeply assured.

His tensed lips draw a soft arc and retain a satisfying warmth.

He didn’t talk with Yi-Gyeol for a long time.

There were a lot of tasks to be resolved as usual, and today, in particular, he was going to have an audience with a few nobles, so his schedule was even tighter.

However, rather than that, it was mostly because he had read Yi-Gyeol’s insinuations to be careful when talking with him because eyes are watching.

Sethian came out of the bedroom and gave Kirsty a short break, who was guarding the door until that moment, and set up Lenox instead.

He also ordered that if he ever hears Yi-Gyeol talking with someone inside, do not enter but just listen to the contents of the conversation and report it to him.

Though with a questioning face, Lenox followed his orders without any inquiries.

Left alone once more, Sethian walked down the hallway towards his office.

Not long after the sentry guarding the hallway passed by, he opened his mouth as if talking to himself.

“One of you stay with Joo Yi-Gyeol and follow him secretly.
A soul is keeping a close watch on him so keep your distance, and if something happens, don’t immediately rush in and observe first.
As for the soul, there’s no need to worry about it since its only purpose is for monitoring.”

There was no one around.

However, Sethian was clearly aware of the two presence hovering near him.

“However, if Joo Yi-Gyeol ever falls in danger, kill them no matter who it is.
Even if they’re only possessed by a soul.”

Sethian’s eyes gleamed fiercely.

“From the tips of the fingers to the top of the head, tear them to pieces.
Kill them in a way that not even a single speck of them would be left.”



It felt that the sound of his eyes rolling is even louder than the sound of papers rustling within the room.

Erzen, Sethian’s deputy, felt that he would suffocate from the heavy atmosphere.[1]

The number of documents they process are increasing day by day as much as the work they resolve quickly, but more than that, it was the air that comes from Sethian as he continuously completes things like crazy.

You wouldn’t notice anything different from usual at first glance, but Erzen, who had been working beside the cold and scary prince for a long time now, couldn’t help but know.

‘Who the hell dared to annoy His Highness!’ 

The already stuffy atmosphere has now turned so suffocating as if he was walking on thin ice.

It was as if foreseeing a bomb that could explode at any time.

This air, which is already on its third day, only seems to be getting worse without any signs of improvement.

He doesn’t know why the atmosphere has become even more desolate when there is no Lenox guarding the prince who sometimes says scary things with a mischievous smile.

‘I’ll end up having a hole in my stomach at this rate.’

He thought he was already immune after assisting Sethian working for a long time, but he can’t adapt to this bloody atmosphere, which seems that his eyes would be pulled out if he even rolled his eyes wrong.

Erzen was in the midst of taking deep breaths and exhaling repeatedly at the stuffy atmosphere when suddenly, a lot of noise was heard outside.

“What is it! How dare you suddenly barge…! Ugh-!”

The words of the guard who had been shouting outside were cut off with a fairly loud crash.

After hearing a few more loud noises and harsh words, the door burst open without giving a single notice.

Erzen reflexively got up and stared at the entrance.

“What in the world are you doing?! How dare you cause a racket knowing that this is the office of Crown Prince Sethian?!”

“I’m well aware of where I am.”

Among the knights donned in golden armor that entered the door, the biggest knight in the gaudiest uniform, looked straight at Sethian without even paying attention to Erzen.

Sethian, the owner of the office, still has his attention focused on the papers in front of him and signing them, not giving a damn whether they came in or not.

“It doesn’t seem that you came here for good reasons.”

“That’s correct.”

Terran Royter, the leader of the Imperial Knights, who was said to only move on the emperor’s orders, unfolded a finely rolled scroll and held it out towards Sethian.

Only then did Sethian raise his head and his brows gathered when he saw the emperor’s seal engraved on the scroll.[2]

“Before dawn this morning, His Highness Prince Mendel Raaz Kinelly passed away.”

Terran’s blue eyes, after reporting the death of the first prince Mendel, were as cold as their own color.

“And His Highness, Crown Prince Sethian Wren Kinelly, is the prime suspect in the assassination of the First Prince, so please come with me.”

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