hey can now take their leave.

Even Eda, who was on standby expecting that he could assist, was also sent out.

“You go up and wait.”

“Yes? But….”

Since he is the next heir to the tower, Roa ordered him to always stay by his side whenever he uses magic.

However this time, he – who hadn’t said anything even when Joo Yi-Gyeol’s body was created by the golden magic – was being told to go for some reason.

Eda furtively looked at Sethian’s eyes and had no choice but to move and head above ground when Roa had no intention of giving up.

At the same time, he glanced at the men in black, questioning what Sethian was trying to do.

Once Eda left the basement, only after Lenox went and closed the heavy iron door protecting the entrance did Roa open his mouth.

“I’m not saying this because he’s my successor, but you can really trust him.”

Roa said with a wry smile on his face, but Sethian did not believe him. 

He heard countless rumors of him being a disciple with a limitless ability, but aside from that, everything else is a sore thumb.

“That person, something’s strange about him.
I always feel like he dislikes me and is laughing at me.”

Sethian believes in Yi-Gyeol’s words.

He is someone keen and sensitive to the negative emotions of others.
In addition, he will never speak ill of them because of his strong sense of damage.

‘There really should be something.’

It doesn’t look like he would cause a problem in the meantime, but he didn’t like the fact that he made Yi-Gyeol feel that way.

In fact, it was not only because of Yi-Gyeol’s words that he and the other wizards were sent out leaving Roa alone.

Currently, except for these two, all assassins from their group are dead and the base is also being cleared by the knights just to make sure, but those who do not know that they’ve already been destroyed are still suffering from Canael’s notoriety.

As long as there was a position above his head, he had to be extra careful.

It wouldn’t be good if rumors spread that the crown prince made collusion with Canael.

“As you’ve read from the letter, I want you to create a part of their bodies.”

“Of course, it’d be a lot easier than building a body entirely from scratch.
The basic preparations are already in place, so we can do it immediately right now.”

Roa seemed to be delighted with the new physical research subjects, even with his obvious signs of fatigue.


The magic was completed in an instant.

Since there is no need to craft bones, all that’s needed is a space full of mana and the prince’s mana stone, making it just a few minutes to process.

However, Sethian had to fill two finger-length glass bottles with his blood.

“Now, you both need to drink this blood.”

The blood with Sethian’s vitality was passed to the two men.

The two masked men accepted the bottle, feeling the stiff tongue inside their mouths.

“This is the vitality that will help move your tongues.
It’s just a part of your body, so this will be enough.”

They only made a small chunk of flesh, and more importantly, it’s a physical part of a living human, so it would be more than enough for their owner to give as much for a single occasion.

Considering the mass of the tongue, the amount he provided was already quite large, so he can assume that their tongues will not disappear in the future.

After hearing that, the two drank the blood without any hesitation.

Even though a fishy taste passed through their stiff tongues to their throats, they didn’t show any repulsion.

A light of anticipation rose over their expressionless faces.

The two people who returned the clean empty glass bottle rolled their tongues in their mouths.

Then, the large man opened his mouth and made a sound while making various expressions.

“Ahh.… Euuh….”

It was just a simple groan, but it was clearly different for the man.

The heavy foreign material within his mouth, which had been frozen hard until now, began to move gradually.

It’s been a long time since they stopped having the ability to talk, so they can only flick their tongues in the meantime.

Nevertheless, the man repeatedly opened his mouth, trying to make some words.

The small-built guildmaster didn’t make a sound but was instead rolling his tongue around his mouth.

A conspicuous light could be somehow seen within his indifferent eyes.

“You seem to like the reward.”

Sethian looked at the two men and lifted the end of his eyes.

The small man was still expressionless, but at the same time nodded with strangely lively eyes.

He took out a note that seemed to have been written in advance and held it up.

There’ll be no reason for us to meet.>

The guildmaster, who turned after seeing Sethian check the note, halted his steps at the sound he heard.

“The deal is over, but you will surely meet me.”

As the guildmaster turned around, a small smile, that was as charming as the curved corners of his eyes, could be seen on Sethian’s face.

“Your tongue doesn’t just need vitality to keep it.”

As if asking what on earth he was talking about, the heavy-built man made a sound resembling a groan and distorted his face.

Sethian looked at them arrogantly with his arms crossed.

“If I don’t become emperor, both of your tongues will be gone.”

Only then did the guildmaster’s face begin to subtly change.

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