Yi-Gyeol calmly accepted the raving lips as if he was already familiar with it, and opened his mouth without any reservation to accept Sethian’s tongue.

Soon, a muffled sound was heard, and the saliva that flowed down naturally passed through his throat.

At the same time, the usual tingling, pleasant sensation spread throughout his body.

It seems like each and every single cell in his body is being filled with Sethian’s vitality and it feels like he’s being caressed from the inside.

Because of that, his body fluttered on its own and fever rose.

Sethian embraced Yi-Gyeol as he swallowed his lips.
And without any defiance, Yi-Gyeol preferably grabbed the other’s clothes and grasped them as if he would never let go.

It was a habit of Yi-Gyeol that takes place every time they kiss.

But rather than liking it, it was an instinctive act that scares Sethian he’d fall from his body.

It seems that he was unaware of it, but Sethian, the one who exchanges vitality and heat with him, knew all too well.

Yi-Gyeol, who was extremely carefully laid down that he didn’t even realize he was already lying on the bed, wrapped his arms around Sethian’s neck.

The shyness or awkwardness that he had when they first kissed was nowhere to be found, and he’s now quite active as if he wanted to deepen the kiss.

A soft but aggressive tongue indulged within Yi-Gyeol’s mouth, sweeping and touching everywhere.
And every time it was stimulated, not only the inside of his mouth but also his whole body trembled pleasantly and the fever rose even more.

Sethian stared at Yi-Gyeol’s hazy eyes as if to swallow them all.

His trembling eyebrows, the eyelids that slowly open and close, and the fire contained within them; they all look as if they’re trying to seduce him.

Feeling Yi-Gyeol’s entire body beating like his heart, Sethian stuck their bodies even closer making it seem like there’s only one person on the bed at first glance.

Careful that he wouldn’t break, Sethian cautiously enveloped Yi-Gyeol in his arms.

He wrapped his arms around him so that he wouldn’t be able to escape, and put his thighs between his slender legs to prevent them from moving.

Thinking it was such a waste, he earnestly gobbled every gasps and pants, even his rigorous breathing.

Sethian felt like he could chew and swallow the skinny body trembling within his arms as it is.

“Hngh…, Haa….”

Yi-Gyeol let out a feverish groan between their overlapping lips.

What a waste.

If it’s from you, everything’s so precious that it’s such a waste.

Every moan, every breath, every saliva; Sethian begrudgingly wanted to consume and devour everything from him.

Still, his raging thirst and desire seemed to be not even subtly satisfied.

To him, Yi-Gyeol was like a magical poison that maketh one more addicted and crave more.

It wasn’t enough for him to covet his lips and stir inside, so he sled down from his chin to the slender neck where his precious saliva flowed.

He was about to put his lips on the empty spot between the brimming red petal-like traces when just before Sethian’s lips touched the white skin, he suddenly stopped as if he had stopped breathing.

The words that Yi-Gyeol said before faintly rang amidst his hard-pressed breathing.

“I want you to…use me.”

He raised his head that had fallen near his neck.

His eyes met with his half-drawn eyes that were drunk with the pleasant sensation.

“Anything is fine… I’ll do anything I can to help.”

Perhaps Yi-Gyeol wouldn’t even care how he treats him.

Even to the smallest thing, if it could help Sethian, he would surely open his body and accept him to the fullest even if the result is his body breaking.

Yi-Gyeol’s skin was still full of the marks he left behind that day.

The traces of vivid colors like ripe fruits were sultry red as if they would never disappear, drawing attention repeatedly.

Just looking at it makes him want to leave a darker mark by lowering his lips around it.

Sethian’s fingertips touched one of the red marks.

It’s particularly pale since it’s already a few days after he engraved it, but upon thinking that it’ll disappear if left as it is, Sethian wants to bury his lips immediately.

However, Sethian suppressed his burning desire and swallowed the roaring heat inside him.

After the day he realized his overwhelming sexual desire for Yi-Gyeol, the countless traces he carve every day on his body no longer increase.

Even if he wanted to leave a new trace, he couldn’t put his lips on him without any constraints as before.

Because just the thought of sucking that soft skin within his mouth and leaving a trace, seems like his desire would burst out of control from that point on.

For Sethian, it’s too far from enough to only hold his flesh, and he might try to swallow him whole.

He’d roughly penetrate, thrust everything he could and vigorously stir his warm inside as much as he pleased without giving him a break, so he might really kill him if he does.

“Is it okay for you to…hold back?”

The words that Yi-Gyeol uttered that day bit by bit emerged and touched Sethian’s reason.

He can use him as he pleases instead of holding himself back… Like he’s always done his entire life, it would be comfortable if he could just push the other person down without caring about what he feels or reacts.

When he looked up at the heavily breathing Yi-Gyeol once again, he noticed the fatigue in the corners of his hazy eyes.

It wasn’t even for a long time, but he knew that it was the aftermath of Yi-Gyeol worrying about him from being left alone with an unknown assassin.

Yi-Gyeol blinked comfortably when Sethian’s fingertips swept the rim of his eyes.

As soon as he saw it, a ticklish and unexpected sense of satisfaction rushed within him.

On the other hand, with just the thought of these eyes contorting as he tried to endure the pain, Sethian felt like something was maddeningly tangled inside him.

He’s still too weak to fully accept my needs.

Yi-Gyeol doesn’t know, but if he handles him the way he truly wants to right now, he’ll break down without lasting a minute.

At that time, he’ll probably see horror within Yi-Gyeol’s eyes as he looks at himself for the first time.
Just imagining it wasn’t pleasant at all.

Sethian, who paused and had only been staring down at Yi-Gyeol for some time now, laid down next to him and hugged him.
Then, he buried his face in the nape of his neck.
He couldn’t even bear to plant his lips on those tantalizing skin, and just took a deep breath.

The mild fragrance that came from Yi-Gyeol’s body permeated deep into Sethian’s lungs at once and soon spread as if permeating through his whole body.

Whatever it is, If it’s from Yi-Gyeol, it would unquestionably touch his instincts and tickle his senses.

It’s been a long time since his head was entirely filled with things that solely revolve around him.

He formerly believed that the biggest elements that fulfill him were interests and desires, but now, he thinks that it would be good to also add Joo Yi-Gyeol in between.

Maybe that’s why.

It felt like he now knew a little about the so-called feeling of ‘fear’ that he had never felt before no matter how his life was threatened.

Maybe that’s why people who don’t have ‘weak points’ are considered strong.[1]


Dawn past midnight.

Although Yi-Gyeol clearly felt tired, he could not fall asleep easily.

It has been a long time since he breathed evenly, pretending to sleep.

He opened his eyes slowly while maintaining a uniform breathing.

Even within the indistinct darkness, Yi-Gyeol could clearly recognize the face in front of him.

Nothing has changed.

The sleeping appearance that he sometimes sees every time he soundlessly wakes up in the middle of the night was as exemplary as ever without a single disturbance; and his deadpan expression, where you wouldn’t even catch a glimpse of what’s going on inside that beautiful mind, is also the same as always.


The even breathing he’s releasing as he pretends to be asleep stopped for a moment because of him biting his lips.

Fear suddenly appeared on Yi-Gyeol’s face, which was covered with the darkness of dawn.

Until just a few days ago, Sethian unceasingly left traces on his body as he pleases.

At first, he was pretty embarrassed and ashamed due to those blooming colors, but when he said that it’s a sign that he belongs to him, it doesn’t matter to him anymore.

“Don’t hide it.
Show it clearly to everyone who sees you.
Show it to them, so that they’ll think twice before daring to touch you.”

Those possessive and obsessive words made Yi-Gyeol feel somehow ecstatic.

But Sethian, who actually said those words, has now stopped leaving traces on his body.

Whenever he saw some of the scarlet marks Sethian had engraved on him fade and disappear one by one, his heart felt like it was dropping.

It would have been better if it was something like an indelible tattoo.

If not….

‘He could also engrave a new one stronger before it even gets erased.’

It’s okay even if it stings, if it can last longer in return.

So that everyone will know he belongs to Sethian, and that he means something to him.

The hand that was gently placed on the sheet gradually curled up.

The faint sound of the sheet rubbing at his fingertips felt like something was scratching him inside.

“Whatever you do, I will never dislike you.”

Sethian’s words rang through Yi-Gyeol’s ears as if he was the one talking with his own mouth while he was asleep.

‘Then why have you stopped doing it?’

Since the day he said he’d use his reaction as nourishment, Sethian had stopped carving marks on his body.

At this rate, all the red marks will soon disappear and he wouldn’t know who he belongs to.[2]

Before he knew it, his clenched fist had nothing more to close, so the uncontrolled strength made his nails pierce through his palm.

If Sethian had seen it, he would have frowned and forced him to open his palms then hold him tightly so that he won’t be able to do it again, however, he doesn’t want him to know at the moment.

He hoped for him not to know about this childish greed of his.

He tried to somehow get rid of the bad habits that began to fill his head again.

Thanks to the pain in his hands, his head, which was eroded by anxiety, seemed to regain itself a little, but this still doesn’t feel enough.

Within the darkness, he saw Sethian’s hand between him and himself, who were lying close together.
A desire to grab it came to Yi-Gyeol.

He thought that if he could feel even a little bit of his body temperature, he would feel a little relieved.

He opened his clenched hand, stretched it out, and carefully wrapped it around Sethian’s little finger.

Even though it’s just a small amount of warmth, Yi-Gyeol felt relieved in an instant.

Was he really asleep, or has he been awake all this time?

Sethian’s other hand, which was free from his grasp, reached out and wrapped around Yi-Gyeol’s waist.

The gap between the two of them who were a little far apart quickly narrowed.

Yi-Gyeol, who was completely embraced and hard-set within Sethian’s arms with no room for movement, rolled his eyes around and concentrated on the other’s reaction in panic.

However, his body, which had cooled down due to anxiety, soon warmed up because of the other’s warmth.

As it was in close contact, he could also naturally breathe and inhale Sethian’s body musk.

When he thought it was proof that he was just adjacent to him, peace spontaneously cradled Yi-Gyeol.

Thanks to the cold yet pleasant smell of his body, the anxiety a while ago finally receded.

Surrounded by Sethian’s arms, Yi-Gyeol fell into a deep sleep, as if trying to ignore the anxiety that had not yet completely disappeared within him.

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