An uncanny saltiness he had never tasted before spread within Sethian’s mouth, but strangely, he didn’t feel any sense of repulsion or thought it was filthy.
Rather, having this raging urge to consume everything about Joo Yi-Gyeol here and now, he would like to swallow them all, if there’s just any.

Yi-Gyeol, who was leaning against Sethian’s arms, frantically grabbed his wrist with both hands.

“You c-can’t eat that!”

Yi-Gyeol looked around with a flustered expression then took off his shirt that was completely open in the front and wiped Sethian’s hand.
His slightly wet eyes contorted as if to accumulate tears.

“Sorry… I’m really sorry….”

Unstoppable words of apology flowed endlessly out of Yi-Gyeol’s lips as he carefully wiped even to the crevices of his fingers.

Sethian said he has nothing to dislike, but it was still someone else’s body fluid and had a fishy smell nonetheless.
Even without tasting it, he knew how bad and pungent it would be.

‘He might find it disgusting and dislike it.
No, he would definitely hate it.’

He personally got it in his hands, smelled, and tasted it.
But there’s no way he’d like it when it’s nothing close to being sweet.

Thinking that way, Yi-Gyeol felt a chill down his spine as if ice water had been poured on it, and it was so freezing to the point where his neck turned stiff.
The overwhelming anxiety that he had been suppressing for 5 years on his own, and the depression that feels like falling into a bottomless abyss came and embraced Yi-Gyeol at the same time.

His flushed face turned white layer by layer every time he wiped away his body fluid on Sethian’s hand.
His eyes and lips trembled uncontrollably, and his bony shoulders shrank as if exposed to a horrifying fear.

After repeatedly wiping multiple times, Sethian’s palms became as red as the traces carved all over Yi-Gyeol’s body.
Even until then, Sethian just quietly held out his hand to him without saying anything, so he was extremely afraid that he might be angry with him.

Such Yi-Gyeol was suddenly embraced around his shoulder by Sethian.
A pleasant body temperature quickly shrouded over his shoulder which had been chilled by tension.
Then, Sethian’s lips flutteringly touched his cheek.

It was a kiss strikingly different from those times he leaves vivid traces on his body.
It seems to be done unconsciously with the aim to coax and soothe him.
Additionally, the instinctive butterfly kisses passed through his cheeks, ears, and down to his neck as well.

Sethian hadn’t said anything yet, but the tension in Yi-Gyeol’s body from being terrified slowly loosened.
With just a few short kisses from him, his mind which had been eroded by thick dark clouds cleared, and the fear that had engulfed his whole body disappeared.

“Do you still think that I dislike it?”

It was a bewitchingly deep voice instead of the one full of threatening passion just moments earlier.
Yi-Gyeol’s non-stop wiping motion of Sethian’s hand as if something was gnawing at him inside, slowly stopped.

“I told you, there’s nothing about you I dislike.”

It’s really strange.
As soon as Sethian assured him, his heart rate, complexion, body tremors, and even his breathing changed.
The warmth that wrapped around his body brought him peace beyond measure.

“Whatever you do, I will never dislike you.
You can do whatever you want.
You don’t have to cower and be wary of anything.”

Sethian’s words are always like spells.
His words seem to control not only Yi-Gyeol’s actions but also his emotions.
It may be strange, but the sense of stability it brings to him was just way too good.


Sethian went into the bathhouse with Yi-Gyeol to wash away the essence drenched in his trousers, locked him between his legs, and sat behind him.
When Yi-Gyeol’s skinny back touched his chest, he felt his slightly faster heartbeat.

As Sethian lowered his gaze, the dense love bites he left all over Yi-Gyeol’s neck were visible.
They were scarlet and vivid as if his overflowing desire were engraved on him as they were.
He couldn’t take his eyes off those satisfying marks, but he suddenly remembered what had happened in the bedroom earlier.

The shoulders, which had shrunk due to his self-esteem hitting rock bottom, looked so small and feeble.
He thought Yi-Gyeol had already improved a lot, but as soon as he saw that trembling figure, he felt distressingly fragile.
Like accidentally touching any wrong place will cause him to shatter and scatter into the air in an instant.

Because of that, he ended up doing something totally way out of character.
He never thought he would ever give such light, tickling kisses.

At that moment, Yi-Gyeol turned his head and looked up at Sethian.

“Seth… Is it alright for you not to…?”

Embarrassment followed the end of his sentence.
When Sethian looked at him asking what he meant, Yi-Gyeol hesitated and added.

“You said earlier that you’re using my reaction… as nourishment….
Umm, what I mean is….”

The cheeks, which had been ruddy due to the heat of the bath, ripened more lusciously.
His eyes glanced down his shoulder.

“…No, it’s nothing.”

“I’m just holding myself back.”

Sethian’s arm grabbed Yi-Gyeol’s waist and pulled him closer to him.
Unbeknownst to Yi-Gyeol, even just being in contact with him like this already causes his blood to rush down his lower body making Sethian struggle to suppress himself.

Even until the moment Yi-Gyeol released and he got to taste his fluid, he wanted to push him down on the bed and blindly hammer his hardness inside him.
He wanted to forcefully squeeze open that obviously small hole and incessantly fill his warm insides to the brim until it vomits his own seed.
If he could only do that, the numbing and titillating feeling inside him would be relieved even a little bit.

However, the moment he saw Yi-Gyeol shivering with fear, that feeling rapidly faded away.
Although he had gained a decent amount of flesh, used his head quite a bit, and learned how to be spunky and act boldly; as expected, he was still delicate and weak.

With just a single action and a single reaction from him, Sethian becomes an infinitely weak person.
Even though he usually does what he wants without caring for others, and even if he really likes this person a little too much, he was very reluctant to press and ravish him to his heart’s content, who is like a glass ornament.

‘How hilarious.’

Since when did he care so much about others? Besides, the other person is someone who will accept everything as long as he doesn’t throw him away.
Whether his body gets broken, or couldn’t rise from the bed due to excessive copulation.

“Is it okay… To just do that?”

Yi-Gyeol naively asked despite his shyness.
What Sethian thinks and what he wants is obviously different, but Yi-Gyeol doesn’t know that either.

Sethian stroked Yi-Gyeol’s hair and made him lean against him.
Then he smoothly wound up his other arm over his chest.
He put some pressure on the arm that could feel the bone and the heartbeat of the person within his embrace.
He thought that if he even applied a little more force just like this, his bones would break with a familiar squeaking sound.

“Agh, it’s so stuffy!”

With just a single complaint from Yi-Gyeol, who couldn’t overcome the pressure, Sethian’s strength naturally loosened.
Even though he knew that he was acting astonishingly strange, he likes the sound of Yi-Gyeol’s comfortable breathing, so he mindfully and gently held him against his body.

The resonance of their heartbeat clamorously pounded together, as if intoxicated with the heat of the bath.


Upon returning to the bedroom from the bath, Kirsty, who was on guard, and Roa, with a rather anxious expression, were standing in front of the door.
Only then did Sethian recall that he had summoned him to check Yi-Gyeol’s condition.

“Your Highness the Crown Prince, did something happen?!”

He must have been surprised by the sudden summon.
As Sethian told him to urgently come and check Yi-Gyeol’s condition, he seemed to have rushed thinking that there must’ve been something wrong with his body.

Roa couldn’t relax his nervous expression even as he stared at Yi-Gyeol, who was standing perfectly still than he had expected.
Because contrary to what it looks like on the outside, if there is a problem inside, no one would be able to detect it with just the naked eye unless his flow of mana is checked right away.

Roa immediately followed Sethian and Yi-Gyeol into the bedroom and uproariously asked to promptly check his condition.

“There’s nothing wrong with his body, so calm down.”

“But the fact that His Highness hastily summoned me…!”

“I’m sorry, it’s because of me.”

Yi-Gyeol apologized to Roa and made a bashful expression.

“It’s my fault for making Seth worry….”

“There’s nothing for you to apologize for.”

Yi-Gyeol, who apologized to Roa for something he didn’t deliberately do, felt dissatisfied and scrunched his face at Sethian.
The aftermath turned into Sethian sending a sharp glare towards the bewildered Roa.

Roa’s nervous face contained a little relief.
If Yi-Gyeol’s condition had really become peculiar, he would be subjected to indescribable cruelty from Sethian, but more than that, he would be terribly frustrated if the first precious specimen created by the Golden Art’s golden magic was damaged.

As soon as he breathed out a sigh of relief with a heart that seemed to have suffered for ten years, he heard Yi-Gyeol’s cautious voice.

“Um, sir.
You said before that you used to make drugs with alchemy, right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

In this world, magic and alchemy were two inseparable entities even if they wanted to.
In the beginning, most magic evolved focusing on the mixing of objects or the recreation of objects using alchemy.
The body in which Yi-Gyeol is moving also originated from the creation of organisms, which were initially created by combining various substances through alchemy.

“Then is there any kind of medicine that can make you fall asleep right after taking it?”

“Are you talking about sleeping pills?”

At Roa’s question, Yi-Gyeol shook his head straight away.
Sleeping pills in this world were no different from those used in Korea.
You’ll naturally fall asleep after a few minutes of taking it, but that wasn’t what Yi-Gyeol wanted.

“I need a drug that will instantly make you fall asleep when you take it, just like passing out.”

“Why do you need it?”

This time, Sethian was the one who asked and grabbed Yi-Gyeol’s arms.
He seemed to sleep soundly every night without any interruption, but now he’s anxious that it’s not actually the case and Yi-Gyeol was just not informing him.

“You never know what’s going to happen.”

“That’s why I want to know the reason.”

A small smile crept on the corner of Yi-Gyeol’s lips.

“I just wanted to use my ability properly.”

TL Notes:

Two chapters are too short, right? Forgive this TL for I am really too busy to translate a batch like the previous ones.ㅠㅠ Just be happy that there are still updates you know! I might just give surprise batches when I can~.

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