Heat and itchiness comparable to pain was the first thing that Yi-Gyeol felt.
He hasn’t been this sensitive than any other place that Sethian’s lips have ever been before.

His nipple – which was sucked into Sethian’s mouth – was incessantly flicked back and forth by the tip of his unbearably hot tongue, wrapped around, and repeatedly bit and nibbled inside.
Whenever that happens, his waist unintentionally buckles, his chest arches up, and his breathing hitches.
The excessive stimulation he’s experiencing for the first time brought a strange need that seemed to touch every cell in his whole body beyond the itchiness.

“We…wait, this….

Defenselessly exposed to the pleasure that swept over him, Yi-Gyeol twisted his body and crumpled the bed sheet with both hands.
His slightly floating chest was held captive by Sethian’s hand, holding his back with no chance of escape.

Even as he rolled his sensitive peak within his mouth, Sethian’s heated gaze tenaciously didn’t fall from Yi-Gyeol’s face.
It was as if to capture each and every single one of his reactions.

When he realized that Sethian was watching without taking his eyes off him, he felt like the stimulation from his chest doubled.
The creased corners of his eyes, which seemed to be in tears for being unable to resist the building pleasure, and the lips that let out a strangled moan, were all captured within his intense eyes.


Suddenly, Yi-Gyeol felt another stimulation from his other chest.
His eyes fluttered open and his body trembled.
Before he knew it, Sethian’s fingertips had already arrived at his opposite peak, pressing it firmly, and was twirling it around.
He felt like his entire being was boiling with fever.
He bit his lower lip tightly and somehow managed to keep himself from making a sound, but when Sethian impetuously pinched and pulled it with his fingertips, Yi-Gyeol couldn’t help but leak out a muffled cry.

Only then did he realize that something was strange.
It was definitely different from the way Sethian usually buries his lips and sucks on his skin to leave his traces.

“Seth, what…are you…, Aah!”

He sent a bewildered gaze, but Sethian’s eyes remained unperturbed.
Rather, he began to aggressively fondle his nipple, which had become erect due to overstimulation, more audaciously.
Every time it was tenderly pinched, bitten, and mercilessly suckled; the turbulence from the stimulation lingering around his chest strongly spread throughout his whole body and then came back repeatedly.
One side alone already maketh him lose his mind, but with both sides, his arms and legs lost strength and his head became fuzzy.

Removing his mouth off his chest, Sethian slid down, making a long path of saliva with the tip of his tongue.
Passing through the slightly protruding ribs, through the hollow stomach, and with both fingertips, scoured down his sides at the same speed.
He shivered at the stimulation of his body being caressed devotedly.

The hand that descended down to his waist soon reached the center of Yi-Gyeol’s lower body.
It occasionally happened when they kissed for a long time, but as Sethian expected, it was slightly swollen this time as well.

A large hand went into Yi-Gyeol’s trousers and grabbed what was inside without any hesitation.


A different high-pitched sound departed from Yi-Gyeol’s lips.
Yi-Gyeol, who was overpowered to the point of limplessly drooping, abruptly raised his upper body and pushed Sethian’s shoulder with a heavily flushed face.

“You can’t! This…, This…!”

He was so flustered that he couldn’t finish his words and could only end up opening and closing his lips.

He knew himself that his thing had already been erected in his pants due to the accumulated stimulation all this while.
And the fact that at the end of it, liquid was forming and his underwear was already slightly wet as well.

That is why he had to discourage Sethian even more.

“Yo-you can’t, it’s dirty.
So can you… Please take off your hands.”

Not knowing where to put his gaze, Yi-Gyeol rolled his eyes around and made an embarrassed expression.
Even though his voice gradually grew smaller, he knew it was enough to be heard by Sethian who is just within spitting distance.
Thinking of the liquid that must’ve been smeared on his hand, his head automatically lowered.

Hearing those words, Sethian was indifferent.
Rather, his hands moved slowly as he encircled Yi-Gyeol’s member within it at the same time.

“Nngh, Se…th!” 

“Don’t get it wrong, Joo Yi-Gyeol.
It’s up to me to decide whether it’s dirty or not.”

Unlike its frigid content, Sethian’s voice was warm and gentle.
Yi-Gyeol shuddered upon hearing his contradictory words and glanced at him.
He doesn’t know since when, but the sound of Sethian’s breathing had already turned rough and needy to a certain extent somehow.

“I’m using each and every single reaction of yours as nourishment to quench my thirst just as you want.
So just stay still, and feel it.”

Yi-Gyeol felt a hair-raising sensation as if something vicious was going to sink its teeth into the nape of his neck at any given moment.

He was infinitely dense, but it wasn’t to the extent that Yi-Gyeol didn’t know what Sethian meant.
His already glowing red face blushed even more as if it was about to explode.
A hesitant voice flowed from between Yi-Gyeol’s quivering lips.

“I… Can help you…?”

Sethian’s languidly moving hand stopped and the corners of his eyes slightly lifted.

“I… I’m a guy with nothing to offer…, Can I really be of…help?”

By the time his words were finished, deep darkness was already spreading towards his anxiously trembling gaze.

He was rather worried about what to do if Sethian got tired of how he was feeling, or if he distanced himself from him for being dirty and disgusting.

He already knew that in this world, same-sex relationships and same-sex intercourse were as vibrant and legally accepted as the opposite sex.
At first, he wondered why he often leaves marks on his body, but then he thought that he was deliberately engraving it to cover the ambiguity of his identity.
It doesn’t matter what he looked like to others, as long as Sethian wasn’t in trouble.

But this was different.
This is solely based on what Sethian sees and feels, and he has to be enough to make his body heat up, just as he said.
It’d rather be fortunate if it’s neither one nor the other, but if he made him sick of him….

Gloom fell over Yi-Gyeol’s scarlet face.

“If you… Hated me because of this…, I won’t be able to bear it.”

“Stop deciding things by yourself.”

The corners of Sethian’s eyebrows rose even higher.
As a result, his eyes became as ferocious as his pupils.

“There’s no way I’ll hate you nor dislike you.”

“But…! Aaagh-!”

Sethian’s hand, which had stopped, began moving up and down vigorously.
Caught in his callous hands, his powerfully stirred member heavily flinched.
Because of that, his thighs naturally folded on their own.
It felt like the couple times stronger pleasure he felt in his chest rushed downwards in an instant and swirled around.

Sethian snuggled Yi-Gyeol’s stiff body and supported it with his other arm, then obstinately faced Yi-Gyeol’s face that’s mixed with confusion and want.
Two frightened hands repeatedly tried to push Sethian down.

“Se…th, uhn…!”

“You’re the only one who can make me react like this.”

With just a single word, expression, and emotion; Joo Yi-Gyeol is the only person who can bring extreme joy and pleasure to himself.
It is so addictive that he can do anything just to get more responses from him.
If only he could, he would like to dissect everything that makes up Joo Yi-Gyeol, whether it be his body or soul, see through his every detail, and put him in his mouth and devour him.

“I’ll exclusively use you for myself, so don’t hide anything.”

The desire to see every response he makes due to his hand grew stronger.
He doesn’t want to miss any single little thing he could see.

Sethian’s words enveloped Yi-Gyeol’s chest.
It was sweet and earnest, but it was also intimidating and oppressive at the same time, as if he could seize him as it is and brutally destroy him if he wanted to.
Even knowing that, Yi-Gyeol still felt something overwhelming rushing inside him.

I must’ve gone crazy.

Yi-Gyeol was clear about what was happening to him inside his mind.
Otherwise, Sethian’s words could not have been such a charming and endearing stimulation to him.

“Ah, mhm… Ungh-!”

Perhaps because of Sethian’s words, the pleasure gushing in his lower body felt like it was going to explode anytime soon, making his member bulge even more.
He bit his lower lip, desperately shutting his mouth, thinking that he would make a sound he had never made before if he let his mind go even a little bit.

Sethian’s tongue lightly skimmed the top of Yi-Gyeol’s bitten lips and licked it as if to entice him.

“Don’t hold it in.
I want to hear you.”

Yi-Gyeol’s lips immediately opened as if Sethian’s voice, which was now even more burning with fervor, was a command.
A voice mixed with delirious panting and moaning endlessly poured out of his mouth, and Sethian persistently licked his lips and cheeks as if to coax and soothe him.

“Ah…, Haa….”

A squelching sound was heard between the moans.
The liquid from his shaft wet Sethian’s hand, which soon turned into lubricant, creating a more obscene sound.

“Mmm, ahh…AH-!”

Yi-Gyeol’s body turned rigid and his gathered legs gave strength.
His member, which had been fully erect inside his pants and underwear, twitched greatly and released seminal fluid.
With Yi-Gyeol’s warm body in his embrace, a thick liquid with a far higher temperature soiled Sethian’s hands.

Perhaps because of the situation depriving him of all his strength, Yi-Gyeol’s body undulated as if it was about to collapse.
Holding him in one arm and leaning himself against him, Sethian pulled his hand out of his trousers and motionlessly stared at it.

His thick and creamy essence is dripping all over his hands.
A musky smell emanated from it, but Sethian unhesitatingly brought it to his mouth and stuck his tongue to it.
Seeing this, Yi-Gyeol mortifiedly raised his head and made an astonished expression.

He licked his cum-soaked fingers with the tip of his tongue and kept it within his mouth, and an incomparable sensuality to before, was bursting within Sethian’s eyes.

TL Notes:

Gaah! It took me a while just to finish this chapter! It’s really challenging to translate smut… Whew.

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