Upon hearing that he is looking for him, Sethian came running to his bedchamber immediately.
Aside from it being the first time that Yi-Gyeol asked to call for him, Kirsty’s words saying, ‘Something’s wrong with him,’ bothered him as well.
Thinking that there might be a problem somewhere in his body, he promptly summoned Roa again from the Magic Tower.

But contrary to his thoughts, Yi-Gyeol was the same as usual.
Sethian had no choice but to doubt Kirsty’s sense of judgment as he was smiling the same way as before he left the room.

“I heard you’re looking for me.”

Feeling a strange tickle that Yi-Gyeol asked for him, he reached out to his neck.
It wasn’t until his fingertips touched Yi-Gyeol’s nape and stroked it half-graspingly that he finally realized that something was quite not right with him.
His body temperature is undoubtedly lower than usual.

“I think Prince Zair is trying to use me.”

Sethian, who was about to ask if something was wrong, furrowed his eyebrows at Yi-Gyeol’s words.
Zair’s name, which suddenly popped out, is already an established source of annoyance, but the content of those words made him extra unpleasant.

“Tell me in detail.”

“I met a crow possessed by a soul earlier.”

In a calm tone, Yi-Gyeol rehashed what happened with the crow earlier.
Sethian quietly listened to his story and never took his eyes off him.

“…it said, so it’ll probably come back tomorrow.”

Yi-Gyeol’s upright eyes were infinitely placid even until the end of his narration.
Only then did Sethian understand Kirsty’s reaction.
Nothing had changed on the surface, but his aura was obviously different.
He seems like a hunter who laid a secret trap and at this stage was shrewdly and patiently watching his prey get cornered from afar.

It only took Sethian an instant to get attracted to this newfound side of Yi-Gyeol.

The corners of Sethian’s eyebrows slightly rose.

“And what are you planning that you hastily asked for me? You know I would probably have a cold-blooded way to bury him.”

He wanted to know exactly what he was thinking.
Personally, rather than deliberately falling for Zair’s tricks, he palpably prefers to guard Yi-Gyeol and hide him in a bedroom with tightly closed windows and curtains.
He has the confidence to be his shield, so he can just continue pretending to be ignorant of everything like he usually did, and obediently stay inside the bedroom with his innocent appearance.

A charming smile hung on the corner of Yi-Gyeol’s lips.

“I’m going to find out what he’s trying to do.”

“Even if you find out, will you – who’s as weak as a chicken – be able to make the corresponding actions? If anything, you might carelessly end up playing in his hands by contrast.”

It was a cold statement but it was true.
In Sethian’s eyes, Yi-Gyeol is something so fragile that he can be compared to a small animal the size of his palm.
It was unexpected that he discerned Zair’s tricks, but even so, for Sethian, his psychological aspect was just like a naive child comparable to his appearance.

“Who knows, you could also fall for that bastard’s honeyed words and betray me.”

Sethian’s hand passed through the side of Yi-Gyeol’s neck, wrapped around his nape, and drew him closer to him.
Yi-Gyeol willingly let Sethian pull him without withdrawing his unyielding gaze.

“That’s not gonna happen, Seth.”

“I wonder.
All the traitors I knew said the same words as you.”

For a brief moment, he remembered the situation when Yi-Gyeol was standing next to Zair in the garden.
The bright smile that was always directed at him turned towards the person he hated so much, and Zair was also smiling back at him with a friendly face he had never seen before.
Even just thinking about it, an uncontrollable rage that’s monstrously disparate to his cold self, seethed over him.
In the event that the emperor’s crown was placed on Zair’s head, and he uses his vitality as a pretext after reconstructing Yi-Gyeol’s body with golden magic….

“I could never betray you.”

Yi-Gyeol’s voice was ringingly heard as if to block Sethian’s rampaging imagination.
His hand gripped the front of Sethian’s jacket.

“You said I couldn’t live without you.
How can I betray you when you’re the one who owns me?”

Desperation and some other emotion were mixed within Yi-Gyeol’s gaze.
Something common not only in the eyes of Lenox and Kirsty, who were close to him, but also in all the knights he had reared.

Blind trust and loyalty.

Yi-Gyeol’s unexpected emotions were transparently conveyed to Sethian.

“I might not know what kind of person he is, but what I know is that he is your enemy.
Such a person must have something on his mind when he approached me on purpose who was obviously by your side.
Whether he’s trying to coax me over to use me, or to get some information about you.”

“What’s the use of figuring that out? With or without such information, nothing will happen as long as I deter him off in advance.”

“No, there’s no point in just impeding him.”

The corners of Yi-Gyeol’s eyes softly curved as his eyes glinted a cold light.

“If he wants to use me, I will use him the other way around.
That way, your road ahead would be a little more smoother.”

If he’s trying to dupe and use him, he will pretend to buy it, but in return, he will register everything the other person has in his ears and eyes.
Depending on the circumstances, the matters he’s been preparing could also be disrupted or go awry.
Cunningly approaching him pretending to be close with an innocent face and playing in the middle of both sides, he might also be able to use this sense of kinship to hear his deeply buried stories and pass them on to Sethian.

“What if he wasn’t trying to take advantage of you but was genuinely worried?”

Sethian insinuated with the intention of prying out Yi-Gyeol’s mind.
Although Yi-Gyeol’s unprecedented temperament was both new and interesting, Sethian still couldn’t be sure of his true intentions.
Of course, Yi-Gyeol looking at himself with such blind faith and loyalty was the greatest feeling.
To the point where he wants to push him on the bed this instant and kiss him senselessly.

But it’s still not enough.
If it’s something that changes depending on the opponent, he’d rather he doesn’t show this side of him.

Fortunately, Yi-Gyeol’s gaze did not waver.

“Even so, it doesn’t matter.
The fact that he’s your enemy remains the same.”

Sethian felt that something was pleasantly thumping somewhere deep down inside him.
His uncontrollable interest in Yi-Gyeol step by step, rises with the thunderously booming sound.

“In the first place, the crow wandered outside the window even before I met him in person.
He should’ve been receiving reports since then, so he must be aware that I’m staying in your room and that I have a close connection to you.
Knowing that, he must’ve deliberately come out of the garden to talk to me and tried to build a bridge….
No matter how much you think about it, I think he’s trying to use me.”

He is quick to judge the situation and is cool-headed.
On top of that, he has a good eye as well.

“As long as the other person is your enemy, I’m not just going to let myself be stupidly taken advantaged of.”

He thought he was only kind and naive, but now he knew that he can also speak apathetically and resolutely.

Sethian’s arms surrounded Yi-Gyeol’s waist.
His chest which was pulled closer is beating slowly.
Normally, Yi-Gyeol’s heartbeat would pound faster than his, but this time, Sethian can definitely say that his ran twice as fast.

And as if Yi-Gyeol, who was now almost practically without any distance to him, is further whetting his appetite, he added.

“You’re the only one who can use me.”

It sounded like an earnest pledge of loyalty, like a knight’s oath.
The chest that was pressed against him fluctuated, and more stimulation than usual came, making his whole body tingle.

It was such a strange sensation, but it wasn’t the first time he had experienced it.
It was like the joy of that day when Yi-Gyeol clung to him and begged him not to throw him away.

For a brief moment, he felt like he had gone out of his mind and then went back.
He only blinked once, but before he knew it, he was already covering Yi-Gyeol’s lips.


It still hasn’t been a long time since he gave him vitality and now he was being kissed again, so Yi-Gyeol quickly became embarrassed.
However, it wasn’t just a day or two that they had kissed like this, so there was no sign of pushing back or resistance.
Moreover, the vitality’s stimulation contained within the saliva spreading throughout his body was a pleasant experience for Yi-Gyeol himself.

While they were kissing, Yi-Gyeol’s clear and sharp eyes turned hazy, and his body was already lying on the bed before he knew it.

A desire Sethian had never experienced before came and led him.
Positioned on top of Yi-Gyeol, Sethian was unbuttoning his shirt one by one while pulling his responsive tongue.
The sugary white upper body, which seems to be conspicuous even without lowering his gaze, was glaringly visible.

Sethian removed his mouth from Yi-Gyeol’s lips and lowered it to the nape of his neck which was full of red traces.
He likes the sound of his pitiful gasping and panting, and the convulsing of his body that comes with it.

“It sounds like you want me to use you.”

Remunerating what Yi-Gyeol had said, he passionately sucked the subtle skin of his collarbone with his lips.
He distinctly felt Yi-Gyeol’s body twitching.

“…You’re right….
I want you…to use me.”

Yi-Gyeol’s sincere voice was heard between gasps.

A person of value.

Sethian was certainly aware of what Yi-Gyeol wanted as well.

His lips slipped down a little further, leaving Yi-Gyeol’s collarbone bursting with scarlet red marks.
A small, pale-pinkish bump that stood out over the ghastly white skin caught his eyes.

“Does it matter how I use you?”

For example, dealing with his sexual desire that has recently begun to crazily rise.

When he raised his eyes, Yi-Gyeol’s misty eyes met his gaze.
His innocent eyes blink slowly as if giving his assent.

“Anything is fine….
I’ll do anything I can to help.”

The corners of Sethian’s mouth faintly lifted, and soon his lips turned towards the little bump he had seen a moment ago.

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