s side face and thought that he should bring him often, and stopped the hand that was pouring warm water all the way around Yi-Gyeol’s neck.
Then, he wrapped his hand around Yi-Gyeol’s small neck.

‘If I just give strength like this….’

It was a neck so thin that it could be completely wrapped around with one hand.
He thought that the neck of the slender male prostitute who came to seduce him in the past was similar to this, but unlike that time when he playfully broke it while wondering if he could break it with one hand, this time he took his hand off immediately in anxiety.
He thought even a little bit of force would snap it without a pulse.

When he released the hand that was wrapped around his thin neck, Yi-Gyeol grabbed it in the air.
Then, he pressed down on the big palm as if giving it a massage.

“Your palm is very hard.”

A man who could take his life in the blink of an eye was holding his neck until just a moment ago, but he didn’t seem to be aware of that at all.
However, rather than thinking that he should tell Yi-Gyeol to pay attention, the satisfaction of being relied on with such confidence came to Sethian first.

“Is this because you’ve been practicing swordsmanship for a long time?”


Sethian, who had learned to hold a sword in his hand from the age of five, had never let go of the sword for a single day in his life from then on until now.
It has the heaven and earth difference compared to Yi-Gyeol’s skinny but soft and tender hands.

Yi-Gyeol, who was pressing on Sethian’s callus-filled palm, spoke as if he was deeply impressed, and asked implicitly.

“Should I learn something like swordsmanship later too?”

“You can’t.”

Yi-Gyeol immediately pouted a little and punched Sethian’s palm at his answer.

“Why not? Is it because you don’t want to teach me?”

“You’ll get hurt.”

After giving a short answer, Sethian briefly paused.
The words, ‘Because you don’t want to teach me?’ that Yi-Gyeol just said comes to mind.
He liked it quite a lot that Yi-Gyeol thought of himself first as the person to learn swordsmanship from the beginning.

Yi-Gyeol lowered the corners of his eyes in regret, but still sighed in agreement.

“Indeed, even just sparring is terrifying.
You guys fight like hell.
I couldn’t do that even if I learned.”

It was the same with the other knights, but especially when he faced Lenox at the end.
He was so scared that Sethian might get seriously injured.

Yi-Gyeol turned around with a stern face.

“You be careful, too.
Do you know how worried I was that you’d get hurt or bruised?”

The person who’s not in a position to worry about others is worried about whom.
Still, Sethian didn’t particularly hate Yi-Gyeol’s words.
Rather, the corners of his lips rise slightly.

“Is that why you came to see me?”

Yi-Gyeol flinched at Sethian’s question, and quickly turned his head and lowered his gaze shyly.

“I can’t clearly watch from afar.
And even if you got hurt, you’ll surely just pretend that it didn’t hurt….”

Whether it was because of the heat or his emotions, the reddish nape of Yi-Gyeol’s neck caught Sethian’s eyes.

It feels strange.
It was quite different from when others said words wrapped up with the word worry.
Sethian felt the tickling feeling from before coming back again.

Sethian placed Yi-Gyeol’s hand on his palm, and lightly stroked the back of the other’s hand with his thumb.
Feeling the touch of a thin, soft skin, he focused his attention on Yi-Gyeol’s slender hand and fragile wrist.

“If you gain enough weight, I’ll teach you the basics.”

“Really? You’re going to teach me?”

Yi-Gyeol looked back with twinkling eyes.
Sethian belatedly realized in Yi-Gyeol’s eyes that he was faintly smiling.
Nevertheless, he did not intend to lower the corners of his mouth.

Yi-Gyeol’s emotions, his moods, and his face are so clear.
Compared to the time when everything was judged only by his voice, his emotions felt as close as they are now.
As if he was holding them in the palm of his hand.
The feeling of satisfaction and the tickling sensation that came every time he read Yi-Gyeol’s emotions was more than what Sethian could have imagined.

He let go of Yi-Gyeol’s hand and turned his chin so that he wouldn’t hurt his neck.
Yi-Gyeol’s eyes, which were obliquely showing over his shoulder, still reflected only himself.

“In order to do that, we need to get you filled up with vitality first.”

Sethian thought it was amazing how the words ‘get vitalized’ were coming out of his mouth.
The corners of Yi-Gyeol’s eyes shook, and his eyes fluttered as they contained themselves.

“Again…? You just did it earlier.”

“It’d be better to take a lot when I’m free like now.”


His lips close as if agonizing, then open slightly as if breathing out, and then bite and nibble on the thin lips.
It was an act(sharing vitality) that happens several times a day, but he still has the same reaction each time whether he was not used to it yet.

Then soon, as usual, his eyes held a determined light as if he had made a decision.
Sethian slowly lowered his lips as he saw Yi-Gyeol’s tense face calm down.

“Open your mouth.”

As if following Sethian’s command, Yi-Gyeol’s lips naturally opened.

TL Notes:

What’s this?! Why does it feel like a newly-wed having their honeymoon?! xD

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