, all he could hear was an unknown foreign language.

“Why are we able to communicate? I don’t even know the letters here.”

When he mumblingly asked, Sethian understood what he meant, and came up with his own assumptions.

“Your body is a body created with your soul as its main axis.
Even if you couldn’t write or master the characters, all the languages engraved on your soul must have been applied.”

“I see….”

He thought it’s amazing, but then he realized it again.
That he’s in a new body, not the original one.

He wiggled his hands under the blanket one more time.
Although the range of movement of this body is smaller than that of the original one, because it was said that it would get better as it absorbed more vitality, he liked it much more than he did at the time when he was so desperate.

Then, the hand that was moving gradually stopped slowly.
Shadow overcast Yi-Gyeol’s eyes as he recalled something.

“…My body over there must be dead, right?”

Sethian looked at Yi-Gyeol’s face and was silent.
Yi-Gyeol, wasn’t actually expecting an answer, continued.

“Will everyone be sad, or… Were they relieved?”

He doesn’t even know what he wants.
If they’re sad and crying while thinking of him, it will definitely break his heart.
Wouldn’t he crouch every day surrounded by guilt, saying he made them sad?

If they’re relieved… He wonders if it’s much better? Since he’s the only one who has to go away.
His family doesn’t have to suffer anymore.

The thought brought tears to his eyes again.
Yi-Gyeol, who belatedly realized, turned his head and tried to raise his hand.
He wanted to raise his hand to wipe away the tears in his eyes, but he couldn’t move properly as if he was tied.

“Ah…, I don’t usually cry this much, it’s strange.”

As he let out an awkward laugh, a warm hand touched the corner of his eyes.

“Don’t hold it in.”

Instead of wiping away his tears, Sethian’s one hand gently wrapped Yi-Gyeol’s cheek.

“You’ve already endured enough.”

He was trying to hold back, but tears flowed endlessly as if those words were the trigger.

Regardless of what his family thinks, his choice to commit suicide was because there’s no more way left for him but to suffer.
Even though he thinks that he shouldn’t have done that, it was so heartbreaking to think that he would have made the same choice again anyway.

There, he was stricken with an incurable disease that would make him sick for the rest of his life, both physically and mentally.
He doesn’t want to hurt anymore.


Sethian, looking down at Yi-Gyeol, who was weeping quietly with his cheek in his hand, had every part of his face carved into his eyes.

The forehead slightly crumpled with sadness, the eyelashes trembling with tears, the eyes blurred with water, the cheeks heated with heat, and the red lips with sobs and groans.

When Joo Yi-Gyeol cries, his face becomes like this.

It’s a face he couldn’t see when he was in the invisible soul state.
A face that he can see because he’s depending on him and is in his hands.
It’s a different feeling from when he first cried in this bedroom.

When Yi-Gyeol talked about his body, he deliberately did not mention that his body could also be in the state of coma and may not have died.
Because he’s afraid he’ll have some lingering feelings and go back to that world.

‘You just barely got on my hands.’

Out-of-body experience, knowledge of another world.

That sort of thing didn’t really matter to him.
He just used the word ‘use’ to make him aware of the situation.

The moment he was able to catch something that he couldn’t catch, he tried to deal with it as he had been doing so far.
When he was in the state of soul, they were in a condition where he couldn’t do anything to him at his disposal, but now it was different.
Now he can make eye contact with him, stroke his cheeks, and even kiss him.
Tie him up if he wants to, cut him off anywhere if he displeases him, and gag his mouth if he’s noisy.
After all, it is the body he gave to him, and he cannot live without himself.

He tried to deal with it like that, but the moment he actually met Joo Yi-Gyeol, he discovered he really couldn’t do it.
Whether physically or mentally, he felt like even the slightest mishandling will make him shatter into pieces.

Look, wasn’t he still desperately repressing himself right now? In this state, if he touched him even a little deeper, it was obvious that he would cry as if the world had collapsed.
He might probably scream that it hurts so much.

His current tiny and powerless appearance was the difference between heaven and earth from when he was flying bright and free in the state of soul.
Thinking that he was concealing his appearance, he wanted to know every single detail of him.
He wished there was nothing he didn’t know about him.


It’s strange, Joo Yi-Gyeol.

The more he knows, the more strange he is, and the more he knows, the more he wants to know about him.
The expressions of the human Joo Yi-Gyeol, the words he speaks, his voice, his body temperature, everything about him makes him curious.
Each one is new and interesting.
Even this strange feeling that he gets through him.

How long will the fascinating thing in front of him be able to give him this kind of interest?

TL Notes:

That’s a very powerful kiss, admit it.  Sethian Wren Kinelly, 80% sweet, 20% annoying.

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