Lenox was confused by the sudden information.
The boneless man in Sethian’s bedroom was the ghost that had been helping them all this time, and Sethian created a body for him and settled his soul.

It is simple to summarize, but in reality, when you look at the actual content, it is not simple or ordinary at all.
Now he could see why Sethian got interested in the golden magic and visited the magic tower.

“For a while, I plan to keep him in my chamber and make it so that he can walk around.”

“Are you going to stay together in your chamber? Why don’t you give him a new room instead?”

Even so, it was not good to let him spend time with Sethian in one room.
For Lenox, he had no choice but to be wary since he didn’t know what kind of person the man in the bedroom was.

However, from the beginning, Sethian was planning to put Yi-Gyeol in his room.
He’s so fragile that he doesn’t know what will happen if he puts him in a place where his eyes couldn’t reach at the right time.
Furthermore, he also has to give him vitality several times a day.
It was only natural to keep him by his side.

“From now on, guard together with Kirsty.”

Instead of answering, Sethian, who left an order to set up Kirsty as an escort, entered the room.
Lenox looked at the closed door and still had a puzzled expression on his face.

Sethian came back to the bedroom and saw Yi-Gyeol covering half of his face with a blanket even while he was away.
The eyes that were rolling around curved their corners toward him, relieved that Sethian was the only one who entered the room.

“What are you doing?”

Sethian pulled the stuffy-looking quilt down to Yi-Gyeol’s neck and placed the tray with the soup on the side table.

“…Because I look really weird….”

His eyes are down and his voice is weak.

Sethian, who was looking at Yi-Gyeol’s darkened face, approached him and suddenly propped up his face.
As the startled Yi-Gyeol blinked and stiffened, Sethian, who grabbed his head and chin respectively, persistently made eye contact with him in front of his nose.
They were so close that they could feel each other’s breath and Yi-Gyeol was embarrassed because it was such a blatant gaze.


“I’m trying to find out which part does it look weird.”

It was like saying, ‘No matter how I look at it, there is nothing strange, you’re the one who’s strange’.

After looking into it for a while, Sethian pulled out his hand and raised Yi-Gyeol’s upper body up to sit, then he placed his weak slender hand on the palm of his hand.
Compared to his hand, it was about the size of a child’s.

“How much can you move?”

Yi-Gyeol’s fingers twitched a few times.
But that was it.

“It’s only this much right now.
I feel like my body isn’t moving any more than my old body.”

“Maybe it’s because you lack vitality.
I’ve only given your body vitality once, so if I fill it up frequently from now on, you’ll be able to move soon.”

Sethian gently put Yi-Gyeol’s hand on his leg and suddenly brought out his sword.
Yi-Gyeol was just staring, wondering what Sethian was doing when suddenly, with that sword, he rolled up his arm and tried to cut it.

“What are you doing?!”

Yi-Gyeol screamed in surprise and shook.
As a result, his body almost tilted over and collapsed, but Sethian managed to catch him.

“I’m trying to give you vitality.”

“By hurting yourself?!”

“If I want to give you the vitality in my blood, it’s only natural to do this.”

“Why should you get hurt because of me? Absolutely not.”

Yi-Gyeol looked at Sethian with firm eyes.

“I don’t want you to get hurt, and I don’t want to drink your blood.”

Sethian thought it was so like him, and so he pondered for a while what to do.

Sethian put down the sword, supported Yi-Gyeol’s back head with one hand, and pulled him closer.
The two’s faces quickly drew closer.

“Then I just need to supply vitality with something other than blood, right?”

“If that’s possible, let’s do it.
Is there any other way?”

Sethian recalled the various methods of supplying vitality that Roa had said.

“You can cut your skin and give it by blood, by a deep kiss, or mix your bodies.
It doesn’t matter which way it is, as long as it absorbs bodily fluids.”

As Roa said, it doesn’t matter if it’s a way to absorb body fluid.

‘Perhaps the greater the fluid supply, the faster he will get better….’

Sethian spoke slowly as he looked at Yi-Gyeol, who was waiting for him to answer with a clueless face.

“It was said that it doesn’t matter as long as you absorb body fluids.”

“Body fluid….”

Sethian’s lips suddenly touched Yi-Gyeol’s mouth who did not understand immediately what was said.
Yi-Gyeol hardened with his eyes wide open at the sudden event and trembled at the feeling of a soft skin lightly rubbing his lips.

“There’s something as light as this.”

Sethian, who had only touched their lips slightly as if tickling, suddenly pried deeper.
The hot flesh that protruded from between their intertwined lips filled Yi-Gyeol’s mouth in an instant.

TL Notes:

Omg, he’s so cute!!! I protecc!  Kyaah! Already with the first kiss! o(≧▼≦○

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