A timely reminder to those friends out there.

Suicide is NOT the Answer.

Sethian approached Roa and passed him the glass bottle.
At the same time, he also checked whether Yi-Gyeol’s presence was still inside.

Roa’s eyes, which received the glass bottle, were stained with surprise.

“This is the first time I’ve seen a soul like this.
A golden butterfly….”

Roa, like Zair, was also a person who could see souls from a long time ago, and his ability doubled while studying soul magic.

“But it’s kind of weird.
If the form is intact, it’s still alive, but it isn’t moving like it’s dead.”

After listening to Roa, Sethian felt an unpleasant sense of restlessness when he heard that Yi-Gyeol wasn’t moving.

“The soul can be damaged if we drag time like this, so I’ll start right away.”

Turning around, Roa looked down at the long stone altar behind him.

He took the glass bottle in the middle of the long stone plate filled with geometrical patterns and removed the magic stone covering it.
Then he carefully tilted the bottle’s opening to bring out the clearly visible golden butterfly.
The golden butterfly, which was lying down as if it fainted, rolled on the surface according to the tilt of the bottle.
The golden butterfly that flowed out through the opening lay in the middle of the cold stone plate and was not known if it’ll ever get up.

“Your Highness, please excuse me for a while.”

Roa, who asked for permission, took out a finger-length dagger.
Having heard about the magic in advance, Sethian gave his finger without any hesitation.
Blood flowed from his right index finger with a sting.

“Now come this way and put your two hands on the altar.”

At Roa’s words, Sethian stood at the center of the stone plate and touched the surface with his hands.
He had even worn the Crown Prince’s brooch on his chest along the way.

He couldn’t see butterflies like Roa, but he could feel Yi-Gyeol’s unique faint presence.
And it felt like it was going to break right away if it was shaken dangerously for even a bit.

Roa, facing Sethian on the opposite side of the altar, put his hands on the stone plate, too.
Soon, with his eyes closed, unknown spells flowed ceaselessly from his mouth.
Accordingly, the floor finely vibrated, and the purple flowers changed into a stronger color as if they were responding to each other.
Before Sethian knew it, the golden brooch worn by him also shed a brilliant light.

It was then that a change took place in the stone plate.
Each of the patterns written on the stone plate had a blue light.
As the light filled the stone plate, a golden sphere began to form in the center.
It gradually elongated into a circle as if it had fitted to the stone plate, and before you knew it, it had taken the shape of a person.

Sethian frowned as he looked at the dazzlingly gleaming golden human form.
Although it wasn’t fully realized yet to the point of showing the skin, the approximate physique was already recognizable.

-I… I’m extremely ugly.
Skinny as a skeleton and pale as a corpse.
I don’t look like a person.

As Yi-Gyeol said, a seriously thin body was being made, to the point where you’ll think it might be a skeleton.
Sethian knew it was because he was only lying in bed because of illness, but he still thought it was too much.

After the body’s form was established, the golden light gradually faded as if it was permeated into the body.
As Yi-Gyeol had said himself, a pale and pure white skin was quickly revealed.

After completely devouring the golden light, Sethian looked down at Yi-Gyeol’s face.
He was a dark-haired young man with a haggard complexion.
There was certainly an exotic feeling that was different from the people of this world.

‘This is Joo Yi-Gyeol….’

Surely, even though he had a poor body, he didn’t feel like frowning or hating to look at him as Yi-Gyeol said.
More than that, what came to his mind was that he should make him gain weight by feeding him a lot.

When the body was completely finished, the blue light gradually faded from the brightly shining purple flowers.
After that, the blue light of the stone plate also disappeared, and the golden color that was wrapped around Sethian’s brooch also died down.

Roa took a deep breath and drew back his hand.
Then he smiled with a flushed face.

“It’s done.
Now you just need to add some vitality.”

Sethian glanced over Yi-Gyeol’s body with his eyes.
Perhaps because of the lack of vitality, the chest is not moving.

“Is he connected to me?”

We built him with the blood of the prince after all.”

Sethian raised his right hand and looked down at his index finger.
Until just a while ago, there was a cut that was dripping blood in it, but now only faint traces remain, and there are no bloodstains.

He pulled out half of the sword he was wearing on his waist and cut his index finger on the blade again.
Blood quickly dripped from the finger that had been cut a little deeper than before.

With one hand, he pressed Yi-Gyeol’s tightly closed lips.
His dry lips, which is as cold as a corpse, opened without any difficulty.
Sethian opened Yi-Gyeol’s mouth like that and put his blood-flowing finger in it.
He rubbed the tips of his blood-stained fingers on the cold, hardened tongue, and pressed them firmly.
The blood naturally ran through Yi-Gyeol’s tongue and flowed down his throat.

A few seconds later.


Yi-Gyeol’s body, which was nothing more than a corpse, suddenly shook violently.
His chest rose high and moved as if breathing heavily, and the sound of trying to breathe was heard in his mouth.

Sethian removed his finger from Yi-Gyeol’s mouth and lifted Yi-Gyeol’s upper body with one arm.
As he closely watched his chest rise and fall, a strange sensation resembling ecstasy came upon him.

“Euu…, Aah….”

As if learning how to breathe for the first time, Yi-Gyeol moved his mouth continuously.
Sethian swept his back while holding such Yi-Gyeol in his arms.

“Breathe slowly.

Perhaps it was because of Sethian’s gentle comfort, but Yi-Gyeol’s roughly shaking chest and back gradually calmed down.
Soon, his breathing became no different from ordinary people.

“Haa…, Haa….”

Yi-Gyeol’s body, which had begun to warm up, was actually more fragile than what Sethian had seen with his eyes when he actually hugged it.
He thought it would break down if he even applied a little force.

His heart was beating, his breathing was also restored, and he had developed warmth, but he did not open his eyes.

“The soul is still adjusting to the new body at the moment so it will only open its eyes over some time.”

Roa said as if he had read Sethian’s thoughts.
Only then did Sethian feel a little relieved and took off the cloak that was attached to his jacket and wrapped it around Yi-Gyeol’s body.

“You have to be careful.
He looks like even a little force can break his bones.”

Roa, who said anxiously, looked at Yi-Gyeol in Sethian’s arms.
Perhaps because he is being hugged by Sethian who has solid muscles, although he is obviously not of short height, he looks even more scrawny and smaller.

“I think you will need to supply him with food and vitality at the same time for a while.
If he says he’s still hungry even after eating enough, it means he’s lacking in vitality, so please fill it up.”

It was like asking for a pet’s meal, but from Roa’s point of view, it was completely necessary, so he made a sincere request.

“I’ll stop by the castle to check his condition periodically.
It’s a constructed body, so he will never get sick, but he still shouldn’t overexert himself.
This is my first time making a body based on a soul so there is a lack of data, that’s why making him healthy is our priority.”

Sethian nodded as if understanding Roa’s words, then he fully embraced Yi-Gyeol’s body that was surrounded by the cloak.
It was a lot lighter than he thought, so he frowned.
He can’t believe Yi-Gyeol has been living in a different world with this kind of body.

Yi-Gyeol, who was sleeping as if he were dead, rested his face on Sethian’s shoulder and breathed weakly.
His small breath and warmth brought an indescribable strange sensation to him.

Several thoughts came to his mind as he was coming out with Yi-Gyeol in his arms.
How will Yi-Gyeol react when he opens his eyes? Would he like the fact that his disease is gone? Or will he resent him for tying him to this world?

Actually, it doesn’t matter.

What’s really important was to have him completely in his hands.
He had finally become Yi-Gyeol’s owner.

‘Now the initiative in this relationship is mine.’


It was nearly seven hours after Yi-Gyeol had occupied Sethian’s bed when he woke up.

When Yi-Gyeol opened his eyes, he blinked several times because his eyes were out of focus.
As he looked up at the ceiling, which had gradually begun to fill his eyes, he felt something strange.

He closed his eyes tightly and lowered his gaze.
Some gold embroidery is placed on the thick duvet that covers up unto his neck.
When he turned his head to the right, he saw a mysterious window with a luxurious window frame.
And outside the window, he saw two large moons.

It was hard to understand the situation at once.
He wondered if he was dreaming, but all his senses were telling him that this was not a dream but reality.
And the evidence of that is his body was not moving properly.

“This… What the….
Eugh, cough, cough!”

Yi-Gyeol, who opened his mouth to speak, felt his hoarse throat and coughed briefly.
His throat was seriously sore as if he hadn’t spoken for a long time.

As he coughed briefly, someone suddenly approached him from the side.
Surprised that someone was there, he turned his head and saw a familiar person approaching with a cup of water in one hand.
Recognizing him, Yi-Gyeol opened his eyes wide in surprise.


TL Notes:

Let’s all give a prayer of passing for the past Yi-Gyeol, and celebrate the start of his new life!!! Now live happily ever after! Woohoo!! I actually don’t believe that Seth will do all his threats.
Look how doting he is!!!! So much for someone who never cared for others.

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