Everything proceeded in great haste.

The assassination from Canael was prevented, the magic stone brooch was received at the same time the crown prince’s inauguration was secured, and the underground of the tower was already prepared to implement the magic at any time.

All that’s left is to meet Yi-Gyeol and take him to the Magic Tower.

Sitting alone on the sofa in the drawing-room, Sethian was waiting for Yi-Gyeol to come, stroking the golden brooch in his hand.

Once they meet this time, he won’t have to wait this helplessly in the future.
The unrestricted Yi-Gyeol, would not be able to escape because of the leash that he made, and he also did not have to tremble because of the incurable disease he was suffering from.

But he wasn’t released from his anxiety yet.
He thought about what he would do if he didn’t come.
He asked him to come back, but considering Y-Gyeol’s condition the last time he saw him, Sethian was still dubious.

‘He will come.’

There is no way that he won’t come back to meet his friend when he turned around like that.
A soft-hearted man like him will at least come to say goodbye properly.

Sethian’s thoughts were right.

While looking down at the brooch, he suddenly felt a strange presence and raised his head.
It’s not visible, but Yi-Gyeol’s soul was in the place where his nerves were particularly concentrated.


It was a light but nevertheless heavy greeting.

Anxiety rushed through Sethian.
He rose from his seat and approached the presence at the door.

−I’m sorry about last time.
I’ve been so depressed, haven’t I?

It was definitely a voice that was trying to sound bright.
In that short period of time from waking up to going back to sleep, Sethian sensed that something else had happened to Yi-Gyeol.

“What happened?”

−Nothing really happened though?

The voice of nonchalant response was somehow precarious.
At the same time, he was frustrated because he couldn’t figure out exactly what the problem was.
As expected, there is a limit to finding out by voice alone because they are not facing each other.

Sethian stretched his hand towards the faint presence.
As if to caress him as he looked into his eyes.

Nothing was felt at the end of his fingertips and nothing can be seen.

Looking at the hand in front of him, Yi-Gyeol couldn’t help but tremble in frustration.
He couldn’t even softly grab the hand that was stretched out to him even in the soul state.
Unlike the body that cannot even move properly, he thought the soul was more free, but it was not at all.

Yi-Gyeol swallowed the bitterness in his heart and looked at the light green eyes that doesn’t reflect anything.

“What if I said I wanted to see you in person?”

Yi-Gyeol didn’t know what to answer at Sethian’s question.
He thought it was understandable, but no matter how he thought about it, he doesn’t want to show him his ugly self.

−It’s impossible.

He actually thinks it was fortunate that he was only a soul here.
Sethian will just be disappointed if he sees Yi-Gyeol’s true self.

“What if it’s possible?”

−Even if it’s possible… I don’t want to.

Yi-Gyeol’s voice shook without any confidence.
Sethian is very attractive and handsome whichever way you look at him, but he, on the other hand, looks terribly skinny like a person who you wouldn’t know when will die.

−I… I’m extremely ugly.
Skinny as a skeleton and pale as a corpse.
I don’t look like a person.

Yi-Gyeol felt a sense of shame as he said it himself.
He’s worried that Sethian will be disappointed in him just by saying this.

However, Sethian didn’t show any signs of wavering.

“Is that a reason why I shouldn’t see you?”

Yi-Gyeol was rather speechless at the too dignified question.
He was even grateful to him for thinking that what he said couldn’t be accepted as a reason.

‘I’m really blessed.’

I’m so happy to meet such a person.

To be able to spend my last moments with a person like this.

Yi-Gyeol felt his vision blurred and felt his return gradually becoming more frequent.
He wondered if he should have endured for one more day before taking the medicine.
At this rate, he was worried that he might not be able to say goodbye properly.

If his vision suddenly gets dark, he really must’ve died by then.

He’ll never open his eyes again, he’ll never walk around like this again, he’ll never see Sethian again.

The thought made Yi-Gyeol tear up.
If he had been in his body, he would’ve been crying a long time ago.
He thought it was fortunate that he didn’t have tears because he was in the soul state, but he also wanted to cry his eyes out.
When was the last time he cried out loud in sorrow? Since he got sick, it had become a habit of his to cry secretly in fear of disturbing his family.

His vision was now blurry as if he was crying.
This time it blurs for about three seconds and then comes back.
Then the blurring of vision will repeat but for a few more seconds.

−…Why do you want to see me?

He now didn’t have enough time to say his goodbye, but he still asked.
Why does Sethian want to see him? Was he wondering what the body of the soul he’s always talking with looks like?

However, Sethian’s answer was more specific than he thought.

“I want to directly see you, touch you, and make eye contact with you.”

Without even a body, Yi-Gyeol felt that one side of his chest seemed to ache.

“That’s why.
It doesn’t matter what you look like.”

Thank you.
For saying that it doesn’t matter what I look like.
For looking at the true Joo Yi-Gyeol.

His vision darkened.
His head also feels like it’s slowing down.

−That’s right….
If you could see me….
I also think that’s good.

Trying to keep his consciousness for even a little bit, Yi-Gyeol tried to say whatever he could.
Still, he felt like a fool in an instant.

“That’s right…?”

Yi-Gyeol’s vision returned for a brief moment.
At that time, Sethian’s face was expressionless, but he somehow seemed happy.
It was a relief that his words made him feel good.

Soon, his eyes were overcast again.
The only thing that could be distinguished was his black uniform and his faint purple hair.

Feeling that there was not much time left, Yi-Gyeol organized his mind as much as possible and made up the words.

−Thank you for all this time.
…I’m really glad…. 

As he spoke slowly, he felt Sethian’s mood changing once again.
He couldn’t tell what kind of face he was making because his face was blurred, but at least he didn’t seem to be smiling.

−Thanks to you… Everyday….

Yi-Gyeol couldn’t speak the next moment.
It felt like the words suddenly jumbled up.
Words strangely dragged on in his head like buffering music.
He doesn’t know what he’s thinking, and he doesn’t know if he’s making a word or a sound.

His vision, which had been completely blurred, gradually became dull.
Then it quickly darkened.

He still hasn’t finished speaking, but the world has already collapsed.
Sethian’s figure, which was vaguely visible in front of him, was now blackened and indistinguishable.

All that was left was the speck of regret that he couldn’t completely say his final goodbye.

And the fear that hit him.

Still, it was nice.
That he was able to see Sethian, even for the last time….


Sethian, who was looking into the air, realized that something was wrong.
Then Yi-Gyeol’s faint presence shook as if trembling and soon began to scatter like it was shattered.

“Joo Yi-Gyeol?”

Yi-Gyeol’s words seemed to stretch out, but nothing was heard afterward.
If it weren’t for the faint signs in front of him, he would’ve thought that Yi-Gyeol had returned to his body.

Sethian, watching Yi-Gyeol’s presence breaking down, hurriedly took out the glass bottle he received from Roa.
At its palm-sized entrance, a blue magic stone was inserted like a lid, and a circular magic circle was drawn on the bottom of the glass bottle.

‘This is an artifact that attracts and traps nearby souls.
If the spirit doesn’t want to follow you to the tower, put it inside.’

He didn’t know what was going on, but it was clear that there was something wrong with Yi-Gyeol’s soul.
He couldn’t stay still any longer.

As soon as the magic stone was pulled out, the magic circle inside the glass bottle started to emit blue light on its own.
Shortly, it felt as if a few faint things left in the air were being sucked into it.

After a while, he felt all the signs of Yi-Gyeol in the glass bottle.
But even after gathering all the pieces that were falling apart, he didn’t speak again.

Sethian twisted his brows and blocked the entrance with the magic stone.
Without further consideration, he immediately left the castle and headed for the tower.

There were already two old wizards waiting for him at the entrance.
They bowed down and led him underground.
As he went down the long stairs, he checked the glass bottle several times to make sure the vial still had Yi-Gyeol’s presence.

Upon reaching the basement, he saw some purple flowers blooming all over the floor.
A smiling Roa stands in the middle of the dark purple flower garden with a subtle blue light.

“Please come in.
I will start right away.”

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