As expected, the problem was the body.

Even today, he stopped by the tower to dig up research materials, whether it be soul magic, alchemy, or dimensional magic, but there is still no significant result.

‘If he only had a body, they could have eliminated the time difference between dimensions and he could wander around in the spiritual state for hours a day.’

If that happens, Yi-Gyeol will be the best spy and source of information that could never go unnoticed.

As he was thinking about it, he suddenly remembered the place where Yi-Gyeol heard the information.

The imperial fortress is based on a large mountain with several castles encircling it, and while Zair’s castle was just right next door, the castles bestowed to Raminez and Elina were quite far from here.

“Why did you even go to another castle?”

−Because you’re not here.

In response to the reply that came out as if there was nothing really to think about, Sethian kept his mouth shut for a moment.

−I’ve been through all the castles worried because I can’t find you anywhere.
I wondered if something happened to you while I was away….

Yi-Gyeol blurred the end of his words and suddenly reproached with a sigh.

−I thought something happened.
You said you’d be right at the castle when I come.

He did say that.
For Sethian, Yi-Gyeol – his current object of interest and a fascinating research subject – stays here for only two hours, and if he misses that time, he will be able to meet him again only after a few days.
That’s why he tried to stay in his castle as much as possible so that he could meet him right away when he came.
However, he got a little late this time to search for old books on soul magic.

Sethian looked down at the teacup that still had plenty of tea left with his chin propped on his hand.
Even though he is the only one reflected within it, he knows that he is not alone.

It’s such a strange feeling.
A strange sensation quite different from those of the knights that were worrying about his safety.
Even just by hearing his voice, he knew that Yi-Gyeol was just a fragile young man that had never even trained before.
But even if such a person was worried for him, there’s really no reason for him to be in a good mood.

However, he knows that he is excessively indulgent to Yi-Gyeol himself.
Partly because there was no way to tie him up to him without a body, so he was being careful not to make him run away, but also partly because he(YG) was genuinely worried about him(S).

All those who had ever been around Sethian had a clear point of interest in him.
It was natural for the knights and servants to worry because if something bad happened to their master, their source of food would be cut off.
And the nobles, who had been attached to him from an early age, were only there because of his high probability of becoming the emperor since he was the first heir to the throne.
They thought about the result that would arise from falling out with him.

There is no one with whom without a conflict of interest.
He’s never seen a person approach him without expecting anything from him in return.
It was only normal for him, the prince who was in that said position.

“Is there anything you want from me?”

−Hmn? No, not exactly….

See, only you have a different answer.

Everyone was the same.
When asked if there was anything they wanted, they would bow their heads and recite long lines of words as if they had been waiting for him to ask.
Whether they sell their families, the environment they grew up in, or sell their own tears, what they all wanted was clear.


There were only three things people wanted.

However, only Joo Yi-Gyeol was different.
They weren’t connected anywhere, and nothing forced him to, but he chose to stay by his side without asking for anything.

“So, are you really coming because of our agreement that you’ll come to see me every day?”

It was a condition in which there was no means to enforce it, and there was no duty to protect it, but he thought it must have impacted him a little since he was so naive.

In fact, it was amazing that he came straight to him every time he came to this world.
If he was really a soul from another world, this world would’ve been fascinating to him, so he would have to wander around even at least once.
But he didn’t even think about looking at anything else but only looked for him.

−…What are you talking about? I never cared about that agreement, I come to see you because I am your friend.

He sounded a little annoyed.
The word ‘friend’ in that sentence somehow has strength.

That’s the most unreliable word for Sethian, but it sounds completely different when Yi-Gyeol was the one who said it.
To the extent that he doesn’t know if it’s even the same word he used to scratch Zair.

−Perhaps is it too much for me to come see you? …Am I being a bother?

It was a question of anxiety and impatience.
However, the words Yi-Gyeol had thrown have also somehow made Sethian uneasy.

“That’s not it.”

You’re so interesting, how can that be?

“I wish you could come here more often.”

They can only talk for two hours.

It was too short a time to figure him out, who was becoming more and more interesting.

“Wouldn’t the longer you sleep, the longer you stay here? How about sleeping a little longer?”

Even if there was a difference in the passage of time, if he slept longer than now in another world, the time he would stay here would be longer.

However, those words made Yi-Gyeol, who had been quiet, emotional.

−…Without knowing anything.

Yi-Gyeol’s voice sank deeply.

−I’m already….

His voice sounded different and uneasy than before.
He swallowed his words for a while, and then he apologized in a slightly better voice.

I was a little sensitive.

He didn’t say anything and just listened, but Sethian wanted to know why he was so sensitive to the word ‘sleep.’

“I’d like to hear your story.”

−I’ve already told you enough things to know though.

“You didn’t talk about yourself.”

Yi-Gyeol swallowed his voice.
As Sethian said, Yi-Gyeol has only revealed many stories about the world he lives in, but has not revealed anything about himself.
For Sethian, the only information he knew about Joo Yi-Gyeol was ‘a soul with a living body’, ‘a person living in another world’, and ‘a man named Joo Yi-Gyeol’.

−I… I’m not the kind of person who has had a colorful life.

“I don’t care.”

−It might not be interesting to talk about.

“That’s up to me to judge.”

−…It would be more fun to listen to stories about other people in the world I live in than mine….

“Joo Yi-Gyeol.”

Sethian clasped his hands as he called out Yi-Gyeol’s name.
There was not a single gap between the intertwined fingers.

“Tell me about yourself.”

He could feel Yi-Gyeol hesitating.
There was no sound, but he knew he hadn’t returned to his world yet.

As he waited quietly in the silence, he heard Yi-Gyeol’s small voice.
Instead of the clear voice he used when he spoke about the world he was in, it was a strange voice with a forced smile.


Leaning against the window frame, Sethian looked up at the two moons floating high in the dark night sky.
The two moons, Enia and Enu, which were named after the two goddesses who were called the gods of the beginning, looked so close as if they were about to fall from the sky at any moment.

The words that Yi-Gyeol had said still lingered in Sethian’s head, who was quietly staring at the large bright moons.

It was an unheard of disease in which a person had to sleep for not less than 22 hours a day in order to survive.

‘It’s only two hours in that world, too….’

Just as Yi-Gyeol could stay here for two hours, it was also the same there.
For Yi-Gyeol, a day was not 24 hours, but 2 hours with a body and 2 hours as a soul, only 4 hours.

Sethian would never understand what it felt like.
He didn’t have the same disease, so he couldn’t relate to his suffering, diminished time, nor his forced smile.
However, he was able to gather enough information about him.

And he didn’t particularly like the conclusion reached at the end of his story.

If the day comes when he can’t fall asleep even if he wants to, he may die because there’ll be no way to detoxify the toxins.

But Yi-Gyeol said he wanted to stop sleeping.
He laughed bitterly, saying it was so painful to have to sleep for 22 hours a day.
He said that he felt that his body was withering day by day and that his muscles were deteriorating to the point where he couldn’t move properly.

−I want to live a normal and healthy life, too.

−I know it’s impossible.
Still, that’s the only thing I want.

It was such a simple wish, but it was impossible for him.
The sickened Yi-Gyeol was living on the edge of his life, not knowing when he was going to die.

It’s been a long time since he’s had an interest that gets on his nerves.
He doesn’t like the fact that he can’t hold it in his hand, and then it can suddenly die and disappear without his knowledge.

Not having the lead was more frustrating and annoying than he thought.

It was Yi-Gyeol who was gripping the upper hand between the two of them.

Unlike Yi-Gyeol, who could come to see him whenever he wanted, he couldn’t.

He could see himself as much as he wanted, but the opposite was impossible.

For him, Yi-Gyeol was an important ‘interest’, but to him he was nothing.

All the initiative belonged to Yi-Gyeol, and now that he looks at it, it is so precarious that he never knew when it would disappear.

Along with the anxiety he felt for the first time, Sethian was filled with a desire he had never had before.
That numb feeling of tingling somewhere, it is not easy to adapt to.
Is this the kind of feeling you feel when someone else is in control?

‘If only he has a body to lock up….’

If only he could do that, the upper hand would be entirely his.

Sethian thought about meeting the current owner of the magic tower soon, then pondered more on Yi-Gyeol’s mournful voice.

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