ontaining fragrant black tea to his lips, stopped moving.

−They seemed like a prince and a princess, but those people said that they would get rid of you.

If it was a prince and a princess, they would probably be the 3rd prince Raminez and the 1st princess Elina.
Although the two are children of the same second concubine, they are so close that the people who don’t know them see them as lovers.

“There’s never a time that they don’t want to get rid of me.”


Lenox, who was standing next to Sethian, reacted to his words.

−There were a lot of words they mentioned that I wasn’t actually familiar with, but they said they handed over the contract somewhere and would wait for you to disappear in five days.
That it will be treated as disappearance.

Sethian’s eyebrows wrinkled when he heard Yi-Gyeol say ‘five days later.’ Because five days later, was when he will be leaving the castle to meet the Duke of Antoine in the north.

−But what the hell is Canael?

At the name that came out of Yi-Gyeol’s mouth, Sethian put down the teacup without even drinking the tea.

“Canael? Have those two contacted Canael?”

Lenox made a strange expression on Sethian’s words and called to him anxiously.

“Your Highness?”

“Lenox, shut up for a second.”


Lenox immediately closed his mouth without even thinking of making a comment, but was somewhat bewildered by Sethian’s strange behavior.

“Tell me everything you heard.”


−Umm, if I were to start from the beginning….

Instead of Lenox, who almost opened his mouth, Yi-Gyeol told him what he had heard one by one sequentially.
Throughout the story, there seemed to be no change in Sethian’s expression, but his eyebrows twitched from time to time as if something was bothering him.

‘I don’t know what kind of reward they decided to give Canael’s Deputy-Guild Master Pair, but it looks like it’s big enough for the four of them to hold hands.’

Sethian recalled the two men belonging to Canael who had infiltrated his bedroom the other day.
It was clear that they, too, had come under orders from someone, and as soon as they woke up, without him having to do anything, they killed themselves of their own will.

Apparently, they commissioned the assassins belonging to Canael to cut his neck just as always, but how big of a compensation should there be for the second-ranked best of Canael to make them move?

In any case, the information Yi-Gyeol brought was great.
If he had to deal with such talented people without any preparation, no matter how it was Sethian, it is bound to be too much.

‘Since I learned it beforehand, should I postpone my private meeting with the Duke, or….’

In fact, there was nothing to think about.

Even if he knew the information, evading or moving recklessly was not something he would do.
Above all, the opportunity to fight with such talented people is rare, so he was actually looking forward to it.
It had been a long time since he had gotten sick of fighting Lenox and Kirsty every day.

‘Still, I have no intention of kicking the bucket yet, so I’ll also have to take some measures.’

In the past, it didn’t really matter whether he enjoyed the threat of assassination or died fighting for his life while competing with a powerful person as long as it was enjoyable.
However, he can’t do that anymore since he has something more interesting now.

“Lenox, contact the Bandit’s Guild.”

“As you command.
What task would you like them to do?”

Sethian took a sip of the tea that had cooled down while he was listening to Yi-Gyeol and calmly ordered.

“Get information on Canael’s Deputy-Guild Master Pair.
And make sure to find out where Canael’s base is.
I need to get in touch with them.”

“Yes? But Canael is….”

It was understandable that Lenox’s expression was not good.
Canael was notorious as an assassin’s guild, but also called the ‘Sewer Rats’ which is called the dirtiest race in the world.
In addition, he heard that it is not easy at all to hire an assassin from them since the better the skills, the more frivolous rewards are demanded.

Sethian threw his gaze from the teacup at Lenox.
Facing his indifferent and cold eyes, Lenox eventually bowed his head without much words and left after answering that he understood.

Silence naturally fell as Lenox left the drawing-room.
However, Sethian was still quietly listening to the voice penetrating into his head.

−I hope… I’ve been of some help.

“You’ve helped.
A whole lot.”

−Really? I’m glad….

While Yi-Gyeol was relieved, Sethian was filling his evaluation of him again one by one as if overwriting the existing ones.

‘It’s great to be able to move around freely in the soul state for sure.
There is no one to see, no sound, no sign.
You can easily get any information if you put your mind to it.’

Sethian, who is closely related to the bandit’s guild that buys and sells information, was extremely envious of Yi-Gyeol’s ability.
But because his body is in a different world, the time that he can stay here is only for about two hours, and once the connection is lost, it’ll take him three days or several hours again to come here because of the time difference.
Such a point was clearly a disadvantage, but it was an ability that could be more than offset, so he couldn’t help but get interested.

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