A loud alarm sounded in Yi-Gyeol’s ear.
Yi-Gyeol, who opened his eyes to the familiar sound, checked the time as soon as he turned off the alarm on her cell phone.
As he reset the alarm, it was around 7 o’clock, almost the same as the day before.

‘Has it been three days since he said that I appeared there again…?’

It was only a day here, but in Seth’s world, where the flow of time was different, a considerable amount of time had already passed.
Roughly calculated, it was about 80 hours.

‘If I fall asleep this time, it’s going to be night when I arrive there again.’

There have been quite a few times when he flew to other countries in his OOBE condition.
At that time, he was quite surprised to see people of various races right in front of his eyes and to experience the phenomenon of understanding their language, but it was eminently different this time. 

‘Another world….’

He still couldn’t believe it.
To meet a prince who lives in another world.

It was like a scene from a fantasy novel that was very popular when he was still in school.
The world in the novel where wizards, emperors, elves, and even dragons came out, that place was exactly like that.
As such, the surprise given to him by the words ‘dimensional shift’ and ‘different world’ was great.

But what’s more incredible is.

“I want to know more about the world where you came from.
So come to me every day.”

It’s been a long time since someone needs him and wants to meet him.

After getting sick, his existence gradually faded away, and now he feels as if he’s unnecessary and as faint as dust.
It felt like he was gradually bringing his existence to the surface of an unfamiliar world little by little, so to put it in a nutshell, he was somehow thrilled.

His heart was pounding.
The heartbeat that he couldn’t feel even if he wanted to when he was in his soul state resonated pleasantly.

When he thinks of Seth, whom he met in another world, he naturally remembered the times he had saved him.
He woke him up in his bedroom and informed him that he was in danger, but he was more surprised that Seth could hear his voice than the thought that he had saved someone.

‘And this time, I really helped him.’

He warned Seth of danger and helped him escape.
Thinking about it now, he managed to find a way out of the urgent situation and secured a place to let him hide.

Yi-Gyeol thought so far but was startled by a sudden thought.

He left Seth alone in the cave.
He even had an ominous thought that maybe he came outside without even properly checking for the security even though someone’s threatening his life and got into a big trouble.
Although the skills of the knights seemed to be superior to the men who ambushed them, it would be a disaster if something went wrong and even those people were killed or seriously injured.

As soon as he thought that Seth was in danger, his spine shivered and his fingertips trembled.
He comforted himself that he would be fine, but Seth’s face kept appearing in his mind.

It’s scary to die.

It was the scariest thing for Yi-Gyeol, who has lived for many years thinking that death is always nearby.

As soon as he finished eating, Yi-Gyeol urgently went to sleep.
He had only met the golden butterfly twice, so he was afraid if he couldn’t see it again, but fortunately, he was able to see it as soon as he left the house as if it had been waiting for him. 

This time, he tried to remember the way somehow.
It was dark, but not to the point of being unable to discern the road.

Yet, strangely, he was unable to memorize the path.
He couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t memorize it when he wasn’t even slow-witted or someone bad at directions.

Before he knew it, the golden butterfly had already stopped in front of the same wall again.
His heart was in a hurry, but he didn’t go in immediately and looked around.

A narrow, dark alley with no street lights.

He floated up, looked down, and went over the alley, but there was nothing special about it.
Except that only the alleyway he passed was especially dark.

It still wasn’t clear to him, but he couldn’t just pass the time like this.
First, he had to find out if Seth was safe.

As if reading his thoughts, the golden butterfly entered the wall.
Yi-Gyeol followed the butterfly and crossed dimensions once again.


Lenox, who is the Commander of the Knights under Sethian Wren Kinelly’s immediate command, recently realized that his Lord had found a new interest.
Other aides didn’t seem to have noticed since he was a person who doesn’t show his emotions very well and the change was so subtle that it was not noticeable.

‘I don’t know what it is, but it’s nice that there are more things that catch your interest.’ 

Lenox, who was waiting outside the study, was not worried at all about Seth, who had locked himself alone inside and read some ancient books.
On the contrary, he was rather relieved.

Seth was a person who only responds to extreme interest and stimulation.
He is also well aware that he is not interested in the throne because as Seth always says, ‘It is not interesting.’ To Seth, being an emperor was nothing more than a boring, authoritative position.
Rather than the emperor, he was more interested to see how his brothers struggle to prevent him from sitting on the throne, and if someone becomes the emperor, he expects that person to grab his weakness and shake it at will.

Lenox was concerned that Seth’s interests were focused solely on them. 

Even in the past when he was still young, there were definitely some things that stimulated Seth.
But all of them didn’t last long. 

As soon as he loses interest, they become nothing more than a stone on the side of the road.
Sometimes it became a woman or a man, and sometimes it became an object.
But once disinterested, Seth never looked into them again.

Lenox couldn’t dare to imagine Seth, who was fed up with both the current situation and the threat of assassination, gripping and shaking the neck of the next emperor in the future.

Whatever it was, it was good.
Anything that makes his Lord happy.

Whether he knew Lenox’s thoughts or not, Seth, who was locked up in the study until the sun went down, had no intention of coming out. 

At that moment, he saw a male attendant approaching this way from the end of the hallway.
He was bringing a hot teapot and teacups on a luxurious tray.
After Seth locked himself up in his study, the servants had been preparing a new tea every hour like this.

Standing in front of the study, the servant bowed his head toward Lenox.

“The 4th Prince’s tea has been prepared.”

The servant had said the same thing an hour ago, and Lenox’s actions were also the same.
He shook the tea that was brought by the attendant for Seth to drink a few times into the teacup, then transferred it to a small bowl for signs of poison.
Again, no abnormalities were found this time, and the taste was also normal.

The servant entered the study with Lenox’s permission and immediately bowed deeply toward Seth.
But Seth, who had been concentrating on reading the book, didn’t seem to care about him.

He approached the desk where Seth was sitting, collected the teacup he had emptied, and put down the teacup that had been tested by Lenox just a moment ago.
He then poured the tea skillfully so as to prevent a drop of tea from splattering.

It was when the servant was about to set the teapot down on the tray filled with fragrant tea.

“Your nails are too long for an attendant.”

Seth, who had been paying attention to the book all the while, looked at the servant holding the teapot.
It’s always standard for servants to clip their nails and keep them short, and as he said, there was a slight white line at the tip of the attendant’s middle nails.
If it was only that much, he wouldn’t actually give a damn, but Seth didn’t let it slip with the fact that the line at the tip of his nails was particularly white.

“I, I apologize.
I’ll fix it right away…!”

“There’s no need for that.”

Without listening to the bewildered servant’s words, Seth took the teapot from him and sprayed the tea in it on the servant’s face which created a loud noise.


The servant, covered in hot tea water, covered his face and staggered.
Seth didn’t stop there, but grabbed the servant’s right hand and pressed it down to the desk with a thud.
He then took out his sword and cut off his wrist at once. 

“Euu, uaaagh-!”

The servant screamed at the pain in his wrist and sank.
Blood gushed out of his wrist several times.

Seth raised the servant’s cut hand and looked at the nails indifferently.
A little bit of white powder could be seen stuck under the middle finger of the slightly longer nail.
He could guess without telling what the powder might have been in the tea that the servant secretly flicked his nails in.

Lenox quickly understood the situation, bowed deeply, and apologized.

“I apologize.
It’s due to my negligence.”

“Forget it.
It’s fun when these things happen sometimes.”

Seth nonchalantly threw the hand of the wailing servant who collapsed on the ground in pain and got up from his seat.
The servant, who was holding his severed wrist, picked up his hand that had fallen to the floor and groaned even more painfully.

“Clean it up.” 


Lenox answered lightly and called the guard outside to take care of the servant.
Meanwhile, Seth walked down the hallway, wiping the blood from his hands with a handkerchief.

‘I’ve searched all the old books of the Magic Tower, but there’s still no significant result.
It just confirmed that there is another world at the most.’

In some parts of the ancient book, there was a more detailed description of the other world that the owner of the first tower had seen.
There was a slight difference from what Yi-Gyeol said, but it certainly seemed more advanced than the civilization of this world.
Considering that the content was written hundreds of years ago, it was understandable that times had changed as much as Yi-Gyeol said. 

Seth headed to his room with that thought in mind, but his footsteps came to a halt when he suddenly heard a voice.

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