Episode Ten – The “Basics” of Love Life (3)

“One million?” Xia Zhi gave a dubious look, “You’re sure it’s one million?”

Ye Qia produced a card and clamped it between his fingers, flashing it around as Xia Zhi pounced up to grab it.
He turned it over and over for a long while, but refused to believe.
“Why did he give you one million? Maybe there’s actually no cash?”

“I’ve already checked, there really is one million.” Ye Qia said with certainty, “It’s real.”

Xia Zhi remained stunned for a while before he finally said, “Why?”

Ye Qia shrugged, “How should I know.”

Xia Zhi studied Ye Qia’s face, feeling more suspicious the more he looked.
He leaned forward and said glumly, “No, you have a guilty look on your face.
Did you do something to to let me down?”

Ye Qia appeared to have anticipated this and gave him a disdainful look.
“I haven’t.”


“It’s fine if you don’t believe me.”

Without saying anything further, Xia Zhi ran up from behind and pulled Ye Qia onto the bed.
He tugged on his clothes as he said lewdly, “I don’t believe you.
Let me inspect!” Within seconds, he went down.

Ye Qia shot up and shouted in fury, “What the hell are you doing!”

“Okay, I believe you.” In fact, Xia Zhi believed him from the start, but was willfully taking advantage of the ruckus in order to gain a little.
Recently, their frequency of sex had been low.
Nevertheless, there was still something he failed to comprehend.
“Why did he give you so much money?”

After a moment of hesitation, Ye Qia finally said, “Because he wants to take care of me.”

Xia Zhi’s eyes immediately became round.
He snorted and said with a stiff smile, “Take care of you, as in let you become his private dom?”

“That… shouldn’t be the case.” Ye Qia shattered his thoughts, “There will be BDSM involved, but it definitely involves sex.”

After he said this, Xia Zhi stared blankly for a while before he subsequently jumped up, throwing himself on Ye Qia and grabbing his collar as he snarled, “Don’t you dare! Just you try! I’ll kill you!”

Ye Qia calmly pulled Xia Zhi’s hands away, with strength that exposed the veins on his hands.
With a cold expression, he said, “I didn’t agree.”

Xia Zhi stopped for a moment, then suddenly realized, “But you accepted his money!”

“The cash was originally paid for ordinary work.
I just didn’t expect it to be so much.” Ye Qia waved the card around.
“Everyone in the circle knows I don’t sell myself.
But occasionally, there are people who want to test if I’ll make exceptions.
The client is obviously aware of this, so he used this method to test me.”

Xia Zhi studied Ye Qia’s expressions doubtfully for a short period of time before he said quietly, “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.”

“Then what are you going to do?”

“Return the money and explain that I already have a boyfriend.” Ye Qia said earnestly.

Frankly, to hear this put Xia Zhi’s mind at ease.
After so many experiences, he finally believed he’d found his lifelong companion.
He didn’t want to be cheated on anymore, having been through an exhausting journey in order to find the one.

“If you cheat on me, I would only consider it to be my own bad luck.” Xia Zhi said pitifully, “Are you going to be the same as my ex-boyfriends?”

Ye Qia looked down at Xia Zhi, who was laying despondently on the bed, and sighed.
He touched his ear and said, “I won’t.”

“Alright! Use your body to prove it to me!”

Xia Zhi instantaneously became a wolf as he pounced up.
Michelle Junior barked from outside the door, but he didn’t care.
Ye Qia felt somewhat consoled.
It should be the case that he had more charm than the dog, right?

Dry wood sparked a blaze, and after a week of drought, the flames that were lit could no longer be extinguished.
Xia Zhi “rode” Ye Qia, and while he was in the midst, he suddenly thought of something and panted, “Hey… speaking of which, your client… aren’t they… jealous of me?”

Pinching Xia Zhi’s waist hard, Ye Qia stabbed deeply into the soft warmth that enveloped him, saying fiercely, “Why are you thinking of that right now?”

Xia Zhi let out a long moan, breathing rapidly as he felt the swelling member within his body.
He then exclaimed, “I guessed it… Right? You… Only I… can use!”

Without any hesitation, Ye Qia slapped Xia Zhi’s ass and said furiously, “Keep speaking nonsense and you can play by yourself!”

Laughing mischievously, Xia Zhi kissed Ye Qia.
This hot brother was his, and his alone to make cum.
After the highest point passed, he lay on Ye Qia, gasping for breath.
With great effort, Ye Qia pushed him aside.
“Don’t smash me, you need to lose weight.”

The two slowly came down from the pleasure, savoring the wonderful aftertaste.
After a long while, Xia Zhi was nearly asleep when he heard a voice saying softly in his ear, “Xia Zhi, I love you.”

“Mm…” Xia Zhi’s drooling face was pressed into the pillow.
He mumbled vaguely, “I love you too.”

Xia Zhi felt that this was the end of the matter.
Ye Qia had always been able to handle his work matters, and never been affected before.

A few days later, he had just got off work and walked into the corridor of their rental home when he was struck dumb.
There was a basket of flowers placed at the doorway, and the entire path was strewn with petals.
The entire elevator, except for the floor, was covered entirely in flowers, and he nearly knocked out by the powerful aroma.
By the time he finally reached the door of his home, he found that the small passageway was also filled with flowers.

What the fuck is going on?

He determined that this was definitely not Ye Qia’s doing.
Ye Qia never used this type of method to chase people.
And he would never go through the strenuous task of using flowers to attack.
He hesitated for a while, and didn’t have the courage to open the door.
He was afraid that once he opened it, he would see Ye Qia with another man, naked on the bed.
There was no guarantee that he could stop himself from coming to blows, and it wouldn’t be a normal scuffle.
He would be aiming to kill.

Absolutely dispirited, Xia Zhi dialed Ye Qia’s number.
After one ring, the call connected.

“Are you home?” He listened attentively, and determined that Ye Qia’s sound was light with no panting.
This put him somewhat at ease.

“I’m not.” Ye Qia replied firmly, “I’m grocery shopping.”

“Are there taros? I want to eat some.”

“Got it.
What else should I get?”

Xia Zhi was already no stranger to Ye Qia, and was eager to use his boyfriend’s power to solve problems.
He said bluntly, “The doorway to our house is full of flowers.”

There was silence on the other end of the line.
Afterwards, he heard, “Go downstairs and wait for me.”


After a short period of time, Ye Qia hurriedly returned, dashing over to inspect him.
After looking him over several times, he finally spat out, “Did anyone come to look for you?”

“No.” Xia Zhi shrugged his shoulders, “I looked, there’s not even a card.”

Looking at the entrance, Ye Qia scowled.
“If you’re fine, that’s good.
Let’s go inside.”

This phrase was something Xia Zhi loved hearing.
It meant that at the very least, Ye Qia was concerned about him.
However, the scene before them was something that they couldn’t ignore.
He asked, “Who did this?”

“The same one as last time.
The one who wants to take care of me.” Ye Qia sighed.

Veins immediately sprouted on Xia Zhi’s forehead. 


Neirith: A villain has appeared! Shoo, shoo, they worked so hard to where they are.
Leave them alone! 

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