Translated by Neirith

Episode Eight – Everyone Passes By (8)

When Xia Zhi was deciding how to celebrate his true birthday next month, he put forth numerous ideas of this and that and so on and so forth, all of which Ye Qia resolutely rejected with a single sentence.
“If you want that, I’ll cancel our joint account.”

“Why?” Xia Zhi shouted indignantly, covering his wallet with his hands.
“Don’t cancel my card!”

“If I cancel mine, then yours will be gone too.” Ye Qia calmly chewed his salad; he’d been trying to lose weight in order to maintain his pristine figure.
The weather had been warming up and, following a period of low intensity work, business had begun to pick up.
“That’s the way it is.
There’s no room to bargain.”

Xia Zhi was annoyed.
“No fair! You should get me something for my birthday!”

Ye Qia produced an unpeeled banana.
He picked it up and presented it to Xia Zhi.
“Then I give you this.
What kind of present do you want to make out of it?”

Silently peeling the banana, Xia Zhi shoved the innards into Ye Qia’s mouth as he said, “Anything I can eat.
Just with a little more skin.”

Ye Qia eyed Xia Zhi as he chewed the banana.
After swallowing, he said, “Alright, if you insist, I can give you a taste of sweetness.”

“Such as?”

“Such as tying you up, giving you an erection, and leaving you out on the porch to dry until you master it.
What do you think?”


Jumping up in fury, Xia Zhi said angrily, “Go find someone who knows how and get along with them! Get out!” As soon as he said this, he grabbed his bag and ran out the door, slamming it. 

Ye Qia cast a complicated look at the shut door and shook his head.
He picked up the banana peel and studied it, gradually forming an idea.

For the entire month of April, Xia Zhi remained depressed, going to work listlessly.
Even while eating, he showed no interest.
That is, aside from making love.
Every time they had sex, he was vigorous, as if wanting to squeeze Ye Qia dry.
And after they finished, Ye Qia always retreated into the covers like a ravaged little mistress.
Xia Zhi would lean against the head of the bed, proudly smoking a cigarette as he recalled the moments. 

Sometimes, when he was feeling gloomy, he’d complain to his friends.

“How old are you?” Jia Jia didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.
“It’s only a birthday.
You’ve had so many past boyfriends and you were never this anxious! Even if they remembered, it was nothing more than a rut.
At that time you even said it was boring to do it so much.
You said there was no spirit in doing it all day.”

“This is different!” Xia Zhi shouted with discontent, “It’s different between man to man.
The demands were also different!”

“So if Ye Qia is willing to do you, you’ll be glad?”

“But he’s not answering my request!” Xia Zhi roared loudly, “He’s not even willing to do me for my birthday! He’s a disgrace to all pro doms!”

“Hey, don’t randomly slander my ex-boyfriend and occupational idol.” Sheng Le interrupted.

“He’s my current boyfriend, I can say what I want!” Xia Zhi immediately aimed his gun at Sheng Le and opened fire before pointing it back at Jia Jia.
“Can’t you tighten the ropes around him? He’s about to fall! If you want to play then play, why do you have to do it in front of me!”

Jia Jia, who was being hung in the air in an exotic posture, revealed a bashful smile.
“Because the master wanted me to experience a sense of public humiliation.”

“You feel public humiliation with me?” Xia Zhi was enraged.
“I’ve seen your hemorrhoids.
I know exactly what your chrysanthemum looks like, how is this public humiliation!”

“He’s seen your anus?!” Sheng Le’s face immediately turned.
“You haven’t been honest with me, slave!”

“I’m sorry, master! Ah, please punish me!”

“The disobedient slave must be punished.”

“Ah ── Master!”

Watching the pink bubbles overflow as the Jia Jia and Sheng Le rapidly entered their own world, the ignored Xia Zhi decided to leave before he blew up. 

After careful consideration, Xia Zhi prepared to lay all his cards down in front of Ye Qia.
Picking an evening when Ye Qia got off work early, he bought some good food and opened a bottle of red wine.
After three rounds of wine, he said as gently as possible, “Xiao Qia Qia.”

Ye Qia’s chopsticks trembled as his hand shook.
He inclined his head to look over.
“Don’t call me that anymore.”

Readily accepting this, Xia Zhi changed his tune and said, “Ye Qia, do you love me?”

“I like you a lot.”

“I also like you a lot, so for your birthday, I’ll do my best to make you happy.”

Ye Qia’s face showed a clear understanding as he replied vaguely, “Mhm.”

“My birthday is actually May 3rd.” Xia Zhi said with a smile, “It’s the day after tomorrow.”


Trying to maintain a smile, Xia Zhi prudently asked, “So, do you want to prepare something that’ll make me happy?”

Ye Qia swallowed the food in his mouth.
“For example?”

Xia Zhi tried his best to smile as he stretched taut his lips.
“At the bare minimum, I want to cum all day, whatever I want to do, until my waist is so sore I can’t move it anymore.”

“No way.
To deal with that, I’d have to take two blue pills*.” Ye Qia immediately lowered his head.
“The cost is too high.” *Viagra

“It’s just two blue pills!” Xia Zhi tried to stifle his rage, filtering it through his teeth until it became a menacing whine.
“What’s the matter if it’s only this once?”

Ye Qia asked him, “If I don’t agree, will you keep making a fuss?”

“Yes!” Xia Zhi put his face in front of Ye Qia and said fiercely, “My requirements aren’t high!”

“Alright.” Ye Qia sighed, “I’ll think about it.”



Xia Zhi gazed into Ye Qia’s eyes for a short period of time, confirming that this wasn’t a half-hearted lie before he stood down.
After a while, he said uneasily, “My request really isn’t that high, okay? My former boyfriends, if they didn’t remember, that was fine.
The ones that did remember would just do me.
Those guys were really thirsty, I’m already quite restrained.”

Ye Qia held his chopstick in his mouth and looked over, saying angrily, “Is that right?”

“That’s right!” Xia Zhi raised his head and suddenly smiled.
“You look so cute holding your chopsticks like that!”

Ye Qia rolled his eyes.
“Very well, I’ll give you something unforgettable for your birthday.”

Xia Zhi replied immediately, “It can’t be like last time!”

“Don’t call anyone else over!”

“And you can’t give me no presents!”

Seeing Ye Qia nod, Xia Zhi pondered for a while before deciding that there was nothing else to discuss and decided to end the conversation.
On his birthday, the third day of the month, he was in a state of extreme excitement.
Ye Qia sent him a message earlier, calling him over to the studio.
Thinking of the dazzling array of “toys” within the studio, he began to feel numb with excitement.

A chauffeur driving a limousine picked him up.
Inside the car was champagne and red wine.
After drinking a small glass, he was flushed with anticipation as he ascended the stairs, half alert and half excited as he opened the door.
As expected, he caught sight of Ye Qia’s chiseled upper body as he stood in the living room, naked except for a pair of black leather pants.

As soon as he saw him approaching, Ye Qia tossed a pair of leather pants over and said concisely, “Strip.”

Xia Zhi quickly “dressed up” and was just about to run over to “eat” him, when a pot of liquid was poured over him.
He was completely soaked!


Neirith: Xia Zhi trying to have a serious discussion while his friends put on an exhibit, haha. 

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