Translated by Neirith

Episode Eight – Everyone Passes By (7)

Magician went over to Xia Zhi and borrowed two shoelaces.
He tied one to the wrist of each of his “new slaves” and led them out the gates of their new world. 

Xia Zhi looked at the backs of the three exiting the door and felt the sense that he was disconnected from reality.
He hadn’t expected this to happen after getting off an ordinary work day.
Turning back to the ravaged living room he noticed — of course, the place he’d slammed was red and swollen. 

Clasping his forehead, he went into the kitchen and rummaged around for an ice pack.
After thinking for a while, he grabbed an extra and cautiously advanced toward the bedroom.
Peeking in, he said, “Ye Qia?”

“Hmm?” The bed covers moved as Ye Qia lifted a hand.
“Still know to come back?”

Xia Zhi laughed drily, going over to gently place the ice pack on Ye Qia’s forehead as he cajoled, “Here, for you.”

Ye Qia said icily, “I have a job tomorrow.”

“It’ll definitely be gone by tomorrow!”

Ye Qia didn’t say anything else and merely snorted, closing his eyes under the ice pack.
With one hand on the ice pack, Xia Zhi sat on the bed and happened to catch sight of the gift box near the head of the bed.
After a few seconds, he looked around craftily and whispered to Ye Qia, “I’ll say.”

Ye Qia had his eyes closed and appeared to have fallen asleep.
A long while later, he said, “Huh?”

“You thought today was my birthday?”


“Then you should give me a present, right?”

“Didn’t I already give it?”

Xia Zhi was immediately invigorated.
“What is it?”

“I helped you purify the barriers obstructing our love.”


“Your exes.”


He had nothing to say to this, only feeling discontent in his heart.
Over the weekend when he had accompanied Ye Qia to clean the “play house,” he had found no shortage of fun things. 

Atop a beautiful plastic rod was a black pearl, the body of which took on a wavy shape, with blue sand inside.
After asking, he had discovered that this was called a “penis pop.” Although it sounded a little frightening, Ye Qia said it would give him a great amount of pleasure, so he immediately took interest. 

There was a prostate massager said to produce such intense orgasms that even the battle-hardened Ye Qia couldn’t handle it.
Hearing this, he almost began to drool.
For a long time, he had been in a constant state of “hunger,” and was willing to try all sorts of sexual pleasures.
Either way, Ye Qia was watching him, so he wasn’t worried about any accidents. 

He stole a glance at Ye Qia, whose chest was moving up and down regularly, his two fierce eyes closed, as if he were asleep.
He hesitated for a moment before slipping over to grab the box, unable to resist the temptation and, while repeating to himself “today is my birthday, tore open the box.

The packaging was exquisite, the ribbons appearing to have been handmade.
Messing with them for a long time, Xia Zhi was unable to undo them.
Becoming impatient, he exerted some strength and with a loud ripping sound, he tore them off.
Opening the lid, he found a smaller box inside. 


Xia stared suspiciously at Ye Qia, who still appeared to be sleeping inconspicuously.
In the end, he decided to continue and opened, layer after layer — more and more small boxes. 


Something’s wrong, why do I feel like I’ve been tricked?

Having been with Ye Qia for such a long time, Xia Zhi had become somewhat shrewd.
Getting played was one thing, but willing to get played was another.
Most of the time, he didn’t mind getting played, because Ye Qia always had a sense of measure.
If he took a little, he’d always give a little. 

Naturally, he didn’t believe that Ye Qia didn’t give him anything for his birthday. 

Curling his lips, he peeped at Ye Qia, who was still sleeping as steady as a mountain.
He resolved to tear it down to the last bit.
His movements were so expedient that he went through five boxes in a matter of seconds, each becoming smaller and smaller, until he eventually held one that was no bigger than the palm of his hand. 

As expected, there were no adult toys! Fuck, Ye Qia, I hate you! He mouthed this to himself as he opened the smallest box and, when he saw what it was, his hands trembled.

Within the box was a thin black card.
Picking it up, he saw it was a joint card.
The back side had already been signed with Ye Qia’s name, the other half blank.

Lowering his head, Xia Zhi looked at the card in his hands.
His eyes felt a little sour, and it was then that he heard a soft murmur in his ear.
“Are you happy?”

“Yeah.” He nodded.
“When did you set it up?”

A hand reached over to take it away, but gave up after a few unsuccessful attempts.
Ye Qia laid his head on Xia Zhi’s shoulders and sighed, “You like the card that much?”

“I’ll store this card in my underwear.”

 “…Then don’t give the card back to me in the future.” 

Xia Zhi sprang up, pinching the card and waving it around excitedly as he jumped around and shouted, “I have a black card! Black card! The never before seen black card! Hahaha, the boss black card!”

Once he was done, he looked to Ye Qia to express his thanks, when he heard his roommate say slowly, “Just to let you know, this card is only black in color.
It’s not that kind of black card.* Also, it’s a debit card.” *the black card, also known as the Amex Black Card or the Centurion card, is an invite-only card with unknown criteria but is estimated to be sent to people with certain net worth who spend at least $250,000 USD a year on their American Express card

“… It’s not?”

“It’s not.”

“Why don’t you apply for a black card?”

“There’s only a joint account, no joint credit card.
Plus, you spend money recklessly.”

“Nonsense!” Xia Zhi shouted indignantly, “I don’t spend money recklessly!”

Ye Qia sat up and said calmly, “Oh? Then, if this was a black card, what’s the first thing you’d buy?”

As Xia Zhi thought and thought, his face turned red and he said in a tiny voice, “Nipple molding device.”

What is a nipple molding device?

Ye Qia had nothing to say.
He’d never heard of it.
It was obvious that he’d been swindled by infomercials! Annoyed, he said, “You’re always treating money like a windfall, never treating it as fixed assets.
Before you learn to manage your finances, there will only be ten thousand a month on this card.”

“Ten thousand? US dollars?!”

“Keep talking, and I’ll change it to ten thousand Zimbabwe dollars*.” *the currency is now defunct, but it was around $27 USD

“No fair!” Xia Zhi was almost hopping mad.
“It’s not even enough to drink coffee!”

Ye Qia raised an eyebrow.
“You’re still secretly drinking coffee?”


Xia Zhi swallowed back the words in his mouth and adopted a powerful expression.
“Anyways, you can’t give me so little money.

Ye Qia interrupted him and asked, “Do you want to buy a house?”

“Of course! But…”

“Want to buy a car?”

“Yes! But…”

“Want to travel?”

“Definitely! I…”

“Then I’ll manage this card.” Ye Qia took the opportunity to wrestle out the card that Xia Zhi had been waving around, and said composedly, “This is the money for building our household.”

Xia Zhi stopped and asked, “Our house?”

“Yes, our house.”

Xia Zhi recalled the aroma of coffee, the joy of playing with his friends, and the newest fashionable overcoat.
Clenching his teeth, he lowered his head and seemed to think of something as he asked, “How much will you have?”

“Ten thousand.”

“Zimbabwe dollars?”

“US dollars.”



Neirith: Hahaha Xia Zhi, your man is rich but he’s not that rich.
And I would also like to know what a nipple molding device is. 

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