Translated by Neirith

Episode Eight – Everyone Passes By (6)

Under this great cacophony, the living room immediately turned into a state of disorder.
Xia Zhi, who was holding onto Ye Qia’s leg, was being shouted at by his exes.
It was unfortunate that no matter how he tried to deter them, they were profoundly determined and passionate.
He was on the verge of exploding, when Ye Qia suddenly said to Magician, “Not yet?”

“Almost.” Magician, who was in the process of pouring champagne with a flushed face, smiled.
“The oral effect is a little slower.”

Ye Qia curled a finger and said, “Hand me a cup.”

 Xia Zhi watched as Magician tossed a bottle of spirits over, and Ye Qia caught it, opening it and handing it to him.


“Quickly, drink it.”

Xia Zhi didn’t care too much, so he grabbed it and took a few swigs.
After a few minutes, the noise strangely lessened.
He looked around the room to find that his exes were wilting like plants under the sun, each of them falling to the ground, one by one, looking like corpses. 

He was entirely filled with confusion and wanted to ask what was happening, but discovered that he was unable to speak.
His tongue was numb.
Not only that, but his limbs had become soft and lacking in strength, so he fell to the ground and collapsed.
Luckily, Ye Qia’s leg happened to block him from falling straight to the floor.

“Everyone, you have all ingested a bit of narcotic.
You’ll be fine in a while.” Ye Qia straightened his collar in and strolled leisurely amongst the “corpses” on the ground.
“To introduce myself, I am Xia Zhi’s current boyfriend.
It’s nice to see you all, and thank you for coming.
The reason I’ve invited you all here, is because Xia Zhi still has your numbers saved.
I am very displeased about this, so I can only invite you to come so I can clear things up in person.” He held Xia Zhi up with one hand and grabbed him, shaking him twice as he said with a broad smile, “Xia Zhi is mine for the rest of our lives.
The one I fuck doesn’t like other people touching him.
If he comes to bother you, let me know and I’ll discipline him.
Likewise, I hope you guys stay away from him.”

It was vulgar, but when Xia Zhi heard his speech, his eyes sparkled.
If it weren’t for the fact that he was under the influence of narcotics, he would definitely have had a hard-on.
Additionally, this was the first time he’d seen Ye Qia’s public persona.

“Goodbye everyone, please see yourselves out once the narcotics wear off.” Ye Qia smirked and continued, “In the case that you wish to engage in some martial arts, please seek the one standing next to the wine cabinet.” 

Magician raised his hand with an excited expression as he surveyed the “pile of corpses.”

After that, Ye Qia no longer paid heed to them.
Carrying Xia Zhi into the bedroom, he locked the door and threw the man onto the bed as he said haughtily, “Comfortable?”

The incredibly uncomfortable Xia Zhi answered silently, but was unable to retort.
He couldn’t move, but he was still alert; what a terrible feeling.

“Right, you can’t talk.” Ye Qia straddled Xia Zhi and moved him into a more comfortable position, placing a pillow under his head.
“You normally talk too much, so it’s time to listen to me.” 

“First of all, I hate having unclear lines between exes, so I’ve deleted their numbers from your phone for you.” Ye Qia unhurriedly fiddled with Xia Zhi’s phone.
“Second, your performance today wasn’t too bad.
It’s not really your fault, but I think you’re too charming and open.
In the future, hold back a bit.
Don’t lead people on.”

Xia Zhi’s extremely wronged and pathetic look seemed to say “I didn’t.”

Ye Qia caressed Xia Zhi’s cheek and said, “I know you don’t accept this, but…” Their bodies made contact as he pressed their foreheads together and sighed, “You need to consider my state of mind.
Maybe you don’t know your own charm, but you’re rare in the gay community.
Those who don’t understand your worth will see it later.
In the end, my profession is shameful, and you might not mind it right now, but if more people find out, you might be pressured.”

With an uneasy look, Ye Qia said softly, “I really like you, and I don’t want to break up with you.
It might be a little silly to promise now, but I really plan on spending the next ten or twenty years with you.”

Xia Zhi cried without tears and shouted in his heart.
“Fuck, don’t mess with me while you’re confessing!”

“So, in the future, you’d best behave.
Otherwise, I have many ways of fixing you.” Ye Qia concluded, and kissed him on the lips.
“Do you know why I sedated you?” 

Just as Xia Zhi was about to use great effort to move his eyes, Ye Qia closed them for him.
From the dark, he heard, “Because this time, Magician brought too much, so I let you try it.”

What? It’s not so that you can fuck me to your heart’s content? Ye Qia! Damn it, Ye Qia, don’t leave!

Five minutes later, Xia Zhi felt the effects of the narcotics gradually fading away.
He opened his eyes and gently moved his legs to crawl up, only to find Ye Qia sitting on the bedside couch, playing with his tablet.
Seeing that he’d roused, Ye Qia raised his head and smiled, “How was your nap?”

“Fug, owas min ap?” Xia Zhi staggered out of bed and lurched at Ye Qia, collapsing into his arms, spitting with rage as he lay paralyzed.
“Youwe mee!”

Ye Qia held Xia Zhi and pulled him into his arms.
“Why do I owe you?”

“For confessing when I can’t talk!” Xia Zhi had felt that the sedative had worn off, and his speech had returned.
He grabbed Ye Qia’s collar, furious.
“How could you confess like this?! Not only could I not move, but you didn’t even do me?”

“You were sedated and couldn’t have an erection.”

Xia Zhi’s mouth twitched, and he gathered some strength.
Sitting on Ye Qia, he suddenly slammed their heads together!


The impact made them both dizzy, seeing stars.
Xia Zhi fell onto the carpet as if drunk, while Ye Qia was in tears.

Trembling as he crawled to the door, Xia Zhi grasped the handle and hesitated, whispering, “Were you afraid I’d say no?” When he didn’t hear a reply, he swallowed and said quietly, “I wouldn’t.
I also plan to stay with you for a lifetime.
I really like you, especially in bed.
Of course, the main reason isn’t because of bed.”    

He continued to blather, but when he didn’t hear a response, he twisted around.
He soon discovered that there was nobody on the couch.

“Ye Qia?”

“Xia Zhi!” An enraged roar rang out from the bathroom.
Ye Qia sounded extremely mad.
“Are you crazy?! My forehead is swollen!”

Xia Zhi immediately escaped from the bedroom and totally missed the scene of Ye Qia standing in the bathroom doorway, looking gently at the closed door.
When he arrived in the living room, he was stunned to see Magician sitting on a tall stool, brandishing a stick he got from who knows where, yelling at two figures kneeling by his feet.

“What’s going on?”

Magician lifted his head and smiled.
“Oh, these two of your ex-boyfriends just did a few tricks.
They’re really great.”

What the hell is going on?!


Neirith: Best way to confess! … Said no one ever. 

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