Translated by Neirith

Episode Eight – Everyone Passes By (5)

Staring at Ye Qia’s expressionless face, Xia Zhi felt that the more he looked, the funnier it became.
Eventually, he laughed, going up to cling to the one whose face had become shrewd.
“You went through a lot of trouble.”

“I know I went through a lot of trouble.” Ye Qia snorted, accusing, “You kept me in the dark.”

“How is this keeping you in the dark, I just never said anything about it.” Xia Zhi confidently encircled Ye Qia, walking round and round.
“What’s the matter with you? You found all those guys out there, didn’t you? Hahahahaha…” Under Ye Qia’s piercing gaze, his laughter slowly died down and turned into an awkward silence.
“You did find them, right?”

Reaching into Xia Zhi’s pocket, Ye Qia grabbed his phone and demanded, “Tell me first, why do you still have your exes numbers? Even the married ones.”

“Fuck, who got married?” When Xia Zhi heard this, he wanted to charge outside.
“Is it that big ass?”

He took one step, before Ye Qia grabbed by the neck and pulled him into a hug, saying angrily, “I asked you, why do you still have their numbers?”

Xia Zhi briefly unveiled an evasive expression, before he sighed, “I was still wondering whether it was possible to get back together.”

No sooner were these words spoken, when the atmosphere changed.
Ye Qia gave him a wooden look that seemed to be saying “what should I be thinking.” After trying to guess for a while, Xia Zhi waved his hand and said carefully, “It’s nothing, just wishful thinking.
I know it’s impossible, don’t think too much.”

“Just wishful thinking.” Ye Qia spoke mechanically in a monotone voice.
“And why do you think it’s impossible?”

“Cause they all cheated on me.” Xia Zhi had a look on his face that seemed to imply that this was only obvious.
“Since they cheated on me, they definitely didn’t like me.”

The silent Ye Qi suddenly revealed a grin that startled Xia Zhi.
The two looked at each other for a moment, before he suddenly said, “Wanna do it?”

“What?” Xia Zhi was dumbstruck.
“Right now? There’s a bunch of people outside!”

“Well, it’s fine.
You can scream as much as you like.” As he said this, Ye Qia had already pushed Xia Zhi toward the bed.
Together, the two of them fell onto the blanket rolled around together.
“You don’t want to?”

“I do.” Xia Zhi caught sight of the door.
“But not right now! Weren’t you the one always saying I’m too thirsty?”

“I was wrong.
I think you’re not thirsty at all.”

“Of course not!” Soon as he said this, Xia Zhi was immediately filled with untold grievances.
“It’s only that your frequency is too low! I’m always hungry, never full, so of course I have to take every opportunity to eat! Did you know that if it weren’t for you confiscating my salary, I would have paid you to do me?”

“Not a bad idea.
Then, starting next month, I’ll charge a bed fee.”

“Really? Wait, don’t take off my pants!” Xia Zhi grabbed hold of his belt, rolling away in an attempt to flee from Ye Qia.
“Stop it! There’s so many people outside!”

Ye Qia suddenly halted and watched him dangerously, like a predator eyeing its prey.
He growled, “You don’t want to bed me?”

“Of course I want to bed you!” Xia Zhi grabbed his trousers and attempted to flee towards the door.
“But not right now! Not right now!”

Ye Qia eyed him critically for a short while, before abruptly shrugging his shoulders, as if giving up.
“Alright, if you don’t want to then we won’t.
Originally, I had prepared a ‘great feast’ for you.
Whatever you want, I have it.
Longyan’s Eighteen forms, and the prostate massager you wanted.
You said you wanted to try it, so I brought it back.
The newest lubricants and beads.
Oh, and didn’t you say you wanted to try breast play? I have a platinum model fit for you over there.”

With a hand clenching the door handle and another holding his pants, Xia Zhi turned to look at the bedside to see that there truly was a delicately wrapped gift box shining prettily under the lights.
For a moment, he was at war with himself, not wanting to give up this opportunity, but also not wanting it at this time.

“Can we wait until they leave?”

“The offer will expire by then.” Ye Qia easily buttoned up his collar, hiding his attractive pecs and once again concealing his collarbone.
“If you’re not willing, then forget it.” Once he said this, he walked towards the doorway and made a motion to exit.

Without the slightest hesitation, Xia Zhi slapped a hand on the door, and swallowed with great difficulty as he tried to coax, “Why does it have to be now? If you don’t want to host, why did you invite so many guests?”

“Magician is entertaining them.” Ye Qia looked down at him with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes.
“All those guests, they’re only here to hear you moan.”

“Hear me moan?” At first, Xia Zhi was full of questions, but after a while, his expression twisted into a lewd smile.
“Oh, aren’t you jealous? Hehehe…”

By the end of this, Ye Qia’s icy gaze naturally faded, and the pants Xia Zhi held suddenly felt like they weighed a thousand pounds, as if he were unable to continue holding them.
He thought about it, and finally determined, “Let’s not do it, I’ll make a declaration of love in front of all of them, okay? Or climb another mountain or…”

Ye Qia rolled his eyes and appeared to have lost interest.
With one leg, he tripped Xia Zhi and opened the door.
After taking a few steps, he felt someone grabbing him from behind, crying emotionally, “Xiao Qia Qia, I was wrong! I love you the most, I love you to the end of all times!”

Magician instantly spurted out a mouthful of champagne, and the room full of people were stupefied as they watched the hardly-dressed Xia Zhi nimbly slide over the ten foot floor, into a kneel.
He grasped Ye Qia’s thighs as he howled, “Don’t go, I’ll do anything you want! Even the Italian chandelier, I’ll start exercising my upper body!”

The entire room was quiet.
Ye Qia’s face twitched, and he looked down to see Xia Zhi desperately making faces at him.

After hearing “Xiao Qia Qia,” Magician faced the wall, trembling with laughter.
Despite feeling that Xia Zhi’s way of handling things was extremely humiliating, Ye Qia did receive some emotional satisfaction.

Alright, this time, it’s on you.

Ye Qia was about to reply, when he suddenly noticed something.
Something wrong.
He raised his head to find the army of ex-boyfriends all had flushed faces, as if they had been stimulated.
Before he had time to react, it was again, Big Ass Guo Hao, who made the first move as he ran over and shouted, “Xiao Xia, you don’t have to do this, if he doesn’t want you, I want you! Your favorite thing to eat are grapes, I… ah!”

“Fuck off!” Tong Kai cut in once more and said, “I was wrong, Xia Xia, forgive me! I’ll make it up to you, come back to me!”

“Xia Zhi!”

“Zhi Zhi!”

“Xiao Zhi!”

Xia Zhi watched helplessly as Ye Qia’s originally clear face turned cloudy again.
He looked around at all the smiling faces and thought sorrowfully —— exes were creatures that ought to die!


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