Translated by Neirith

Episode Eight – Everyone Passes By (4)

“Are you for real?” Magician suppressed his laughter.
“Is Xia Zhi that charming?”

“I’m not sure whether he’s that charming, but I’m clear about my thoughts.” 

There was silence on the other end.
“Are you kidding me?”

“Yeah, I’m kidding.”


Ye Qia heaved a sigh as he said, “I was just thinking about it.
Who hasn’t thought about murdering someone? Let me tell you, all of the exes, every single one of them, very readily agreed.
Even some married ones.
Actually, I expected Xia Zhi might have a lot of exes, but seventeen is too many.
Still need to filter them out.
If they were all lumped together as one-night stands, would that be okay?”

Magician laughed drily and said, “Come on, hahaha.
He doesn’t want to kill you yet.
It’s easy to deal with him by your means.”

“I know this, but I know that when there’s emotions involved, it’s harder to handle.”

Magician stayed silent for a while, and when he finally opened his mouth to reply, there was a hint of bleakness.
“Ah, looks like it is only I, who remains a noble single.
You all spoke some lofty words, but in the end, tis you who fell to the hands of the enemy.”

“Being single is good too.” Ye Qia laughed, “We had no choice but to fall.
You know how difficult it is for us to find a boyfriend in this industry.
It’s rare to catch one who’s a good match.
You’re a doctor.
If you want to go steady, there are many who will line up for you.
It’s different.”

“That’s true.” Magician stated, “Actually, if you think about it, if it wasn’t for you, who else could hold onto Xia Zhi? Every day, he beats people.
No matter how good the relationship, he’s beat them all away.”

Ye Qia thought about it and conceded, “Not bad, Your Majesty has decided to reward you.”

“Reward me?”

“Reward you with the right to prepare Xia Zhi’s birthday surprise party.”

“Fuck off!”

Magician cursed him out and hung up, and as a result, still showed up to lend a hand on Friday.
With both hands full, he entered the doorway and tossed everything aside as he raised both hands to cover his eyes, and pretended to kneel in pain as he cried fakely, “I’m blind! I’ve been blinded! My eyes! Your Majesty, you’re too dazzling, oh, oh, oh, mine eyes!”

Ye Qia stopped cleaning and stated angrily, “I haven’t finished cleaning.”

Continuing to kneel, Magician secretly peered through the cracks of his fingers.
Then, he jumped up, grinning, “You’re still not getting dressed? It’s already three.”

“Haven’t finished cleaning.” Ye Qia had a headscarf, disinfectant gear, and a mask on.

“Then hurry up, I’m gonna go lay down…”

Ye Qia decisively chucked him a rag.
“Hurry up and help!”


While he wailed, Magician started to carry out his task, and together, the two of them cleaned the house beyond recognition.
The sun had already begun to set, and Ye Qia ran into the bathroom like his ass was on fire.
Tidying the living room while simultaneously scrubbing the bathroom, Magician shouted out, “Why are you doing this at home? Is there something wrong with doing this outside?”


“What are you going to do?” Magician immediately understood and came over, “Gonna SM Xia Zhi in front of everyone?”

“Do you think I’m you?”

Magician laughed, “Or are you gonna jerk him off in public?”

“I’m holding a birthday party, not a sex party!”

“Calm down.” Magician shouted, “What exactly are you planning?”

“I don’t have anything planned.” Ye Qia stuck his face out of the bubbles and said calmly, “Just making a declaration of ownership, that’s all.”

Today was Friday, a blessed day for working, but Xia Zhi had a feeling of trepidation the entire day.
He kept feeling like something was going to happen and fidgeted all day long.
Right before he was going to get off work, he suddenly noticed one of his targets, and hurriedly tracked them.
By the time he finished, it was already dark.

As he rushed home, he remembered the leftovers in the fridge.
When he entered the elevator, he was still thinking about dinner.
His head was bowed, and he was looking up recipes on his phone, when he entered the door, he hollered, “Ye Qia, tonight I want to eat some lamb, the lamb I burnt yesterday…”

“Happy birthday—!”

The tremendous cheers scared Xia Zhi into taking several steps back, as he stared dumbfounded at the room full of people who were shooting colorful streamers at him.
He stuck himself against the wall and stammered, “Ye-Ye Qia?”

Squeezing out from the crowd, Ye Qia had his perfect figure wrapped in a beautiful suit.
When Xia Zhi was embraced by this person, his heart nearly leapt out of his throat.

“Happy birthday, my dear.” Ye Qia gave Xia Zhi an enthusiastic French kiss in full view, tongues swirling, lips smacking, for an entire minute.
“Sorry for not telling you in advance.”

Kissed into the state of shock, Xia Zhi’s eyes blankly drifted over the crowd.
Once he saw them, he immediately turned stupid.
“What the shit… uh, Guo Hao? And aren’t you… Tong Kai? Fuck, Lin Tian? You guys all decided to meet up?”

There were some whose names he had forgotten, some he still remembered, and some whose appearances were vaguely familiar.

“Yes!” Big Ass Guo Hao rushed over, stretching his arms for a warm hug, but missed and hugged nothing as Xia Zhi was pulled away by Ye Qia.
“You haven’t changed at all, still so handsome!”

“Yeah.” Xia Zhi gave a forced laugh as he appraised his first love.
“You uh… Look good.”

Come to find, Big Ass Guo Hao had become big all over, and had a very considerable chest that couldn’t be masked by his shirt!

It seemed that Guo Hao still had something to say when another person sidled over and squeezed Guo Hao out.
Smiling from ear to ear, they said, “Xia Zhi, I really missed you!”

“Tong Kai, you look pretty good!”

This person, having learned a “lesson” from the big ass, didn’t try to randomly barge in.
Rather, he extended a hand and waited for Xia Zhi to shake it before he said in a leisurely manner, “You really haven’t changed at all.”

“Heh heh, of course not, because we broke up not even a year ago!” The smile on Xia Zhi’s face instantly turned sinister, “You cheating bastard, you cheated with my ex! Fuck me!”

Xia Zhi threw out a fist that firmly connected.
He was startled, and held his fist at somewhat of a loss, asking, “Why didn’t you dodge?”

“Have you cooled off?” Tong Kai held his bleeding nose as he wrenched out a twisted smile, “I regret it, you treated me really well.
Can you forgive me? You don’t need to look for …” He looked Ye Qia up and down for a while before he cleared his throat, “Anyways, I hope you can give me another chance.”

Before Xia Zhi had time to reply, Tong Kai’s words flipped on a switch.
Everyone began to talk about how “lonely and desolate” they felt after they broke up with Xia Zhi, and were filled with “overwhelming regret” and “unspeakable pain.” He was dazed and dragged into the bedroom by Ye Qia.
When the door closed, he finally reacted and glared at Ye Qia, “What’s going on?”

“How’s this birthday party?”

Xia Zhi had a face full of confusion.
“Today isn’t my birthday.”

Ye Qia was made momentarily speechless.
“Your passport has the wrong birthday?”

“When I was young, I changed it so I could join a special class in the year ahead of me.
It’s actually next month.”



Neirith: In which Ye Qia continues to casually contemplate murder, but is dissuaded… maybe? 

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