Translated by Neirith

Episode Seven – Inheritance (End)

Xia Zhi was very mad, extremely mad, supremely mad, he thought this was another test.
He was already humiliated once, and now he had to undergo it again!

He got out of the car and pointed at the box.
“This is mine?”

The “Queen” nodded flirtatiously and said, “Naturally, as long as you… Urk!”

The remainder of the words were interrupted by Xia Zhi’s fist.
He roared and rush up like an angry lion, throwing the “Queen” to the ground and began to beat them.
The poor “Queen” was like a pond fish trapped in disaster and curled up like a little worm, screeching and trying to evade the attacks. 

Ye Qia was momentarily stunned before he flew out of the car and grabbed Xia Zhi.
It was unknown whether he had become too angry or if his anger had reached its max, but this time, he pulled a few times, and expectedly pulled himself down as well.
The three of them fell to the floor together into a crumpled heap.

Gourmand and Magician speedily intervened and amidst the screaming and tearing, pulled the perpetrator out together.
Ye Qia crawled up with great difficulty and was about to reprimand him, when he was shocked to find Xia Zhi’s eyes were red.

“Break up!” Xia Zhi threw them off and pointed at Ye Qia’s nose as he hollered, “Break up for good! I tolerated it once, but not the second time, you know I hate this! I also have some self-respect! I’m fucking breaking up with you! This time, if I don’t break up with you, I’m gonna…”

“I didn’t set this up!” Before Xia Zhi could say some irreversible words, Ye Qia shouted loudly, “This is Queen’s arrangement, I had no idea!”

Xia Zhi’s voice caught in his throat and he became rigid like wood, trying to maintain a furious expression.
He drily eked out, “I don’t believe you!”

“Why would I want to do this?” Ye Qia said a little urgently.
He hadn’t expected this coincidence.
Although Xia Zhi was easily placated, the truth was that everyone had a measure of self-respect.
It really wasn’t a good idea to test others’ limits again and again.
“I have many ways to test you, there’s no need to use the same method as before! Am I stupid? To use the same method twice? Most importantly, I believe you! If I didn’t believe you, why would I still be together with you? If there was mutual interest, there’s no point in staying together!”

Xia Zhi stared expressionlessly at Ye Qia, not knowing what to think.
He slowly curled his fingers and blinked, not saying a single word. 

Of course, it was exactly at this time that Magician appeared and said, “What were you saying just now, if you don’t break up you’re gonna do what?”

Xia Zhi whipped his head around and glared at Magician, his face a burning red like the sunset sky. 

“Yeah, what are you gonna do?” Gourmand moved the wrist that had been sprained during the brawl as he said angrily, “Is it very hot getting hit? Your Majesty, your control is lacking, one whip and he’ll know what he should do!”

Xia Zhi’s face became even more flushed, as if dripping with blood. 

The “Queen” whose wig had been torn off finally reacted, sitting on the ground as she cried bitterly.
The other two “Queens” ran over to comfort her. 

“Don’t cry, it was my mistake.” Not knowing what to do, Xia Zhi ran over and squatted down, attempting to comfort the black person.
“I’m sorry, it’s my mistake! I’m really sorry, how about you hit me?”

Just when Ye Qia secretly breathed a sigh of relief, he felt a heaviness on his shoulder and turned his head to see Magician leaning on him with a vague look on his face.
“Looks like this kid really suits you.”

“Very much so.” He didn’t stay silent and said instead, “I think he’s the one.”

“You sure?” Gourmand’s voice came from the other side.
“Your insight when it comes to men has always been wrong.”

Ye Qia watched Xia Zhi, who had a shriveled face as his ear had been grabbed by the “Queen,” and pondered, “I think that this time, even if it’s a little wrong, it’s still not too far off.”

Magician chuckled lightly and stretched out a hand towards Gourmand.
“Didn’t I say so? Pay up.”

Gourmand rolled his eyes and waved at Wang Ke.
“Give him the money.”

Waiting until after Wang Ke had finished writing the check, Ye Qia looked to Magician and said, “Don’t forget my share.”

Gourmand, “…”

Wang Ke, “…”

Xia Zhi was ultimately forced to give a kiss in apology, and the black Queen’s kiss was quite hot, eccentric, and a little over the top. 

Spectating the entire kiss from beginning to end, Ye Qia stood at the side and watched Xia Zhi cover his mouth and lower his head.
As he angrily walked past him, Ye Qia couldn’t help but reach out and pat his head, touching the tousled hair. 

“I feel a little gross.” Xia Zhi’s complexion didn’t look too great.
“That guy’s tongue was too slippery, I wanna puke.”

“Oh?” Ye Qia stated, “Then next time, let me try.”

Xia Zhi’s eyes immediately brightened and he extended his arms, enthusiastically reaching out.
Ye Qia smiled and stopped him with a hand on his forehead, saying, “Later.
I don’t want to share an indirect kiss with a stranger.”


Once the chaos subsided, Gourmand asked the “Queens,” “Who came in first?”

The “Queens” were at a loss and consulted each other.
After much deliberation, the beaten “Queen” stood up and announced, “There is one final test.
Everyone go to the villa to see.”

They all got in their cars and drove to the final destination.
The decor of the villa was extraordinarily luxurious, appearing like a small manor.
They followed the directions and went to the garden to discover a lively party, filled with people.
They had yet to find the obstacle, when the music suddenly ceased and a man rushed to the platform and shouted, “Hey friends, thanks for coming! How is the game?” 

Looking at the stage, Xia Zhi’s jaw dropped.
“Q-Queen?” He turned his head in a fluster to see that Ye Qia and the others remained composed.
He couldn’t help but cry, “Isn’t that Queen?! Queen didn’t die? Did you guys know this?”    

Ye Qia shot Xia Zhi a glance and sighed, grasping his hand tightly.
Xia Zhi watched confusedly as Magician and Gourmand walked over and hopped onto the stage.
One of them held the “Queen,” while the other pulled up her hair — then, a hood was pulled off.  

Xia Zhi was stunned to see Queen’s little slave laughing foolishly on the stage.
He laughed until tears streamed from his face and he was choked with sobs.
“He said you guys would definitely know.” He stayed silent for a moment before he took a deep breath, uplifted his arms, and shouted to the audience, “To our Queen!”

Everyone raised their arms, and among those raised were wine glasses, cellphones, and roses, as they said in unison, “To our Queen!”

This was the final memorial service.
And just like Queen had wished, it was full of excitement, life, old friends.

The party continued, and Xia Zhi sat on a flight of stairs in the garden, watching the crowd dance devilishly.
It was unknown when Ye Qia sat down next to him and silently passed him a glass of wine. 

“What do you think?”

Xia Zhi was greatly impressed.
“I’m surprised that he was so courageous.”

“He was the Queen.” Ye Qia said dimly.
“Whether his name was good or his looks were good, all will be forgotten over time.
But the silly things we did today might be remembered for a lifetime.
Isn’t that right, Rapid-Fire King?”

Xia Zhi’s face twitched as he squeezed two words out through the gaps in his teeth.
“That’s right.”

Ye Qia laughed.
He pulled Xia Zhi’s face over and was about to kiss him, when he stopped and asked, “Did you rinse your mouth?”


Ye Qia’s kiss landed on his forehead. 

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