Episode Seven – Inheritance (8)

Their destination was in the countryside on the outskirts of the city.
There was a bare hill covered in wild grasses at the foot of the mountain.
The closer they got to the peak, the more desolate it became.
Strangely, there were some oddly shaped dead pines near the top of the mountain, looking almost like the set of a horror film.

Xia Zhi was wholly confused and stood with his hands together as he watched Ye Qia begin the search, as if he were looking for something.
When his wits finally returned, he found that the other male companions were also involved in this “baffling and unknown situation,” and that he was the only one who was stupidly standing idle on the side, sticking out like a sore thumb.

He approached Ye Qia and asked hesitantly, “What are we looking for?”

“No idea.”


“Queen left the clue here.
Anyways, I’m looking for anything that looks strange.”

Shortly after he said this, Wang Ke called Gourmand over yonder.
Xia Zhi raised his head to see the master and slave standing together.
It was unknown what they were saying, but once they finished speaking, they got in their car together and left.
He hurriedly ran over to where Wang Ke had been standing, but found only knee-deep weeds.
He became even more confused.

“This is…”

Someone broke the silence, and Xia Zhi saw Magician beckon to his male partner.
The two of them whispered lowly before they soon got into their car. 

Quite frankly, he didn’t mind.
He originally didn’t care for Queen’s legacy.
At best, it was merely something that involved Ye Qia’s affairs.
However, Ye Qia had already told him that it “probably had nothing to do with money,” so naturally, he had no motivation.
Nonetheless, after witnessing the other pairs, he suddenly felt a baffling sense of invisible pressure.

As Xia Zhi was preparing to go over to Magician’s previous location, he suddenly heard Ye Qia’s angelic voice.
“Xia Zhi.”

He rushed over excitedly like a large dog and bellowed, “What did you find?!”

Ye Qia, who had been startled by his loud voice, immediately smiled all the way up to his eyes, looking extremely affable.
“No need to get too excited.
It’s just a game.” He produced a piece of paper in his hand.
“Hold onto the clue.”

Xia Zhi grabbed it and pulled Ye Qia toward the car.
“Let’s go, we’re falling behind.”

Ye Qia was a bit shocked by Xia Zhi’s competitive behavior and instead, entered the car in an unhurried and leisurely manner.
For him, “Queen’s Game” was more of a memorial.
A type of commemoration.
It didn’t really matter whether he won or lost.
Participation was more important.

Nonetheless, Xia Zhi became excited as soon as he entered the vehicle, acting like he’d eaten pop rocks.
He haphazardly buckled his seat belt and urged, “Hurry, start the car!”

“If you don’t open the clue, how will I know where to go?”

“Ah, right!” Xia Zhi quickly opened the scrap of paper.

The clue was a greeting card, and, because a large part of it had been buried, it was covered in mud and smelled strongly of soil.
When he opened it, a large clod of dirt fell on his pants, but he didn’t care.
He took the greeting card and flipped it over again and again, looking at it for a long time before he realized that it contained only a single sentence: With a glass of wine, drive onward until your death.

“What does this mean?”

“Look to see if there are any dead ends within ten minutes of us.”

After Xia Zhi searched on the GPS, he felt his entire being was befuddled.
“What in the world is going on?”

“The glass of wine refers to a game.
Whoever can finish a large drink of mixed spirits first wins.
As for until your death, it’s simple.
It refers to a dead end.” 

Xia Zhi creased his brows into a scowl.
“This can’t be considered a riddle at all!”

“Like I said, it’s just a game.
You shouldn’t care so much about winning or losing.” Ye Qia offhandedly tapped on the steering wheel and turned his head to glance at Xia Zhi.
“I didn’t know you were so competitive.  How aggressive.”

Xia Zhi furled his lips and slumped in his seat, feeling a bit defeated.
After driving for eight minutes, they arrived at their destination.

It was a road that lay between three farmhouses, and at the end of the road were three shower-like cubicles covered in cloth.
There was someone waiting there, and when they got out of the car, they received a “warm welcome” from the other couples. 

“You guys are so slow.
Too busy shaking the car?”

“You were shaking the car, then Your Majesty, you’re rusty.
Why were you so quick? Do you need a penile enhancement?”

‘Truly, a taunt in line with this profession,’ Xia Zhi thought silently.

To this, Ye Qia merely stated indifferently, “No need.
If you do it, there won’t be any difference.
I’ll pass.”

Magician snorted, while Gourmand guffawed, and the atmosphere suddenly relaxed. 

“You three.” A young man, who was presumably the host, greeted them.
“Here’s a message from the Queen.”

It changed? Now there’s a messenger?

Xia Zhi cast a look at Ye Qia and received a nod in reply. 

Ye Qia and the others took the envelope.
After opening it, their expressions became unusual.

Although he needed to stay calm, there were too many people around and Xia Zhi started to become restless.
Just as he was beginning to guess the contents, he suddenly saw Ye Qia beckoning him and hurried over, whispering quietly, “What is it?”

“Get in the cubicle, then we’ll talk.” 

He entered, and saw Ye Qia lifting the curtain after him.
As he was about to speak, he was unexpectedly pressed against a hard wall.
Before he had time to shout in pain, he felt a coldness in his backside, and found that his belt had been unbuckled, and his trousers dropped. 

Damn, you’re quick!

He watched foolishly, as Ye Qia crouched down, and opened his mouth to envelop his lifesblood.
His entire body stiffened and he stood like a statue, afraid to move as he stammered, “Y-You, what are you doing?”

“Close your eyes.” Ye Qia spat out his half-hardened member and instructed, “Imagine the object that is most likely to make you cum.”

The object that is most likely to make me cum? Oh, most likely to make me cum? Ye Qia’s naked body, his abs, the way his beautiful eyes narrow, his heavy, sexy gasps…

“We’re done!”

Xia Zhi opened his eyes to see Ye Qia spit him on the ground and shout to those outside before turning to him and saying, “Put your pants back on, let’s go.”

“Huh? Ah? Wha? This… What?”

Xia Zhi’s brain was brimming with questions as pulled his pants back on with a stupid expression on his face and was pulled out of the cubicle before his belt was fastened.
Previously, he was too focused, but now that he had exited, he heard faint noises coming from the other two compartments.
Beneath the curtains, he saw crouched figures, and it was evident what they were doing. 

By the time they had run to the car, Magician and his male companion were coming out of their cubicle.
The male companion was pulling his pants up with a flushed face as Magician bantered with a smile, “Xia Zhi, the title of Quick Shot King belongs to none other than you!”

Xia Zhi swiveled around, just in time to see Magician raising a finger, and his expression immediately flared.
He hastened into the car and yelled at Ye Qia, “What the hell is going on?”

“Queen’s requirement.
Whomever could make their partner cum the fastest can advance first.
No hands allowed.” Ye Qia beheld a calm look as he continued, “I knew we could win.”



Neirith: Bwahaha poor Xia Zhi.
As a reminder, this is a yaoi novel with adult themes.
I probably won’t put NSFW warnings, so read at your own risk. 


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