Episode Seven – Inheritance (7)

Xia Zhi was still on leave of absence, and after he was strongly reprimanded over the phone by the bald director, his three day weekend became a little mini-Golden Week.
Although he was happy, the director was very unhappy.
Nonetheless, he didn’t care at all.
As others desperately struggled to catch the metro, he was leisurely laying in bed, holding a pillow in his sleep.
He slowly woke to Ye Qia’s tender kisses.

Halfway through the kiss, Ye Qia suddenly broke away and pinched his lips into the shape of a flower, asking him, “Did you brush your teeth last night?”

“…Don’t think so.”

Ye Qia’s expression immediately twisted.

A heavy slap struck Xia Zhi’s ass as he angrily ran into the bathroom to wash up.
Afterwards, he came out feeling refreshed.
The scent of a Western breakfast wafted throughout the room, whetting his appetite.
He sat down and was sweeping food into his mouth like a typhoon had struck, when he noticed someone sitting across from him.

“You’re not going to work?”

“I don’t have any clients today.” Ye Qia turned the page of his newspaper.
“Business has been slow lately.
I’m also on vacation.”

Xia Zhi was briefly stunned before he finally reacted: Hey, doesn’t this mean we can spend our Golden Week together? This is a great opportunity to further our relationship, to unveil our pasts, and to explore each others’ assets.
What a good chance!

Just as Xia Zhi predicted, he and Ye Qia did indeed participate in “deep and complex” “bodily exchanges” and “established an unbreakable bond” between “fellow companions” that furthered their understandings of each other over the past few days. 

“For the toilet, you’re supposed to use the rounded brush, why did you use the pointed brush?” Xia Zhi, who was wearing a rubber apron, a respirator, and rubber gloves, was standing by the toilet as he shouted, “You heretic!”

“If you don’t use the pointed brush, how do you scrub the edges?” Ye Qia, who was dressed similarly, sat on the edge of the bathtub and calmly returned his question.

“Use your hands to scrub it!”

Xia Zhi watched Ye Qia narrow his eyes. 

In the future, don’t use your hands to touch me.”


At this time, similar arguments occurred not only in the bathroom, the kitchen, and the balcony, but also in every other corner of their house.
Due to this rarely found holiday, Ye Qia had decided to undertake a major cleaning.
When Xia Zhi’s protests failed, he had no choice but to give in.
He had originally wanted to act as if he hadn’t seen anything, but Ye Qia simply brewed him a cup of coffee.
He immediately surrendered; he was truly incapable of combating the irresistible fragrance of instant coffee!

“You don’t use a drying rack for your socks?” Ye Qia was holding a load of dirty laundry, watching Xia Zhi set his clothes out to dry.

“Why would I need a drying rack?” Xia Zhi asked with a face full of question marks.

“If you don’t dry them evenly, wool socks will get deformed.”

The color in Xia Zhi’s face drained as he peered intently at the socks in his hand, which had shrunken by one size.
“These are wool socks?”


“Genuine wool?”


“Don’t you feel uncomfortable? Real wool is really itchy!”

“Got used to it.”


Xia Zhi had a vacant expression on his face as pulled at the socks as if he were making a pastry.
“What do we do? Aren’t these unwearable? All of the socks are going to turn out like this, why do you still care how they’re dried? You should have told me before I threw them all in the washing machine! What’s the use!”

“Steam them in white vinegar and stretch them back to their original shape.”

“That’s too much work!”

“Oh, then just throw them away.”

Xia Zhi was made momentarily speechless before he asked, “Throwing them away is… okay?”

“It’s no problem.”

The cleaned house had become spick and span, just like a new home.
During this time, Xia Zhi had found that Ye Qia actually had a high standard of living.
However, he didn’t impose these standards on others.
For example, Ye Qia could steam delicious eggs that were as smooth and flat as a mirror.
However, he could also eat eggs that were extremely salty and pocketed like honeycombs without any change in expression. 

He was like a nobleman eating from a street stall. 

Xia Zhi became increasingly satisfied as he began to consider whether the two of them could begin to cultivate a deeper connection.
After all, they had already lived together for a long time, at least, that was what he thought.
After three days, he had completely recovered from his cold, and as per usual, was brimming with energy.
He was able to play all sorts of “adult games” in bed with Ye Qia. 

“Should we open up a joint account?” One night, after a bout of play, Xia Zhi nonchalantly asked before Ye Qia had time to catch his breath, “That way it would be more convenient.”

Once Ye Qia calmed his breathing, he inclined his head and said, “Okay, add my name onto your maxed out credit card.”

Xia Zhi stiffened.
“I only have one credit card.”

“Isn’t that good?” Ye Qia said as he beamed, “It’ll prevent you from secretly spending money.”

“… Let’s talk about this later.”


Xia Zhi became somewhat distressed and mentally distraught. 

He didn’t like to owe others, and especially disliked this kind of emotional uncertainty.
The current status quo was that Ye Qia didn’t reject him, but held some type of ambiguous attitude toward him.
If he tried to pressure him, he might appear petty and distrustful, but if he didn’t pressure him, he wouldn’t be able to put his mind at ease. 

This wasn’t good.
It was very bad. 

Xia Zhi wracked his brains, thinking of ways to probe Ye Qia’s bottom line, when the weekend finally arrived.
Early that morning, he was woken up and after hastily washing his face, was stuffed into the car. 

He glanced out the car window into the still-dark sky and yawned as he asked, “Where are we going?”

“Somewhere remote.” Ye Qia stated a city in a county nearby.
“You should sleep for a while.”

Although Xia Zhi wanted to sleep, he felt uncomfortable against the hard window and the bumpy road.
Therefore, he sat in the front passenger seat and watched as the sky gradually brightened.
They passed through a quiet town and speedily approached the city boundary.
The overnight freight trucks had already left, and the daytime buses had yet to arrive.
The usually busy highway presented a seldom seen emptiness, giving him the opportunity to watch the sun rise across the horizon. 

The earth was painted in a beautiful gold that was reflected through the windows.
He turned his head to see the outlines of Ye Qia’s face clearly revealed in the sunlight in a statuesque manner.
He couldn’t help but lean over to kiss the fine cheeks. 

Ye Qia cast him a sidelong glance and smirked, appearing to be in a great mood. 

Xia Zhi realized that he liked these kinds of situations where they could come to a tacit understanding without speaking too many words. 

When they reached their destination, it was still early in the morning.
Once he got out of the car, Xia Zhi stretched the body that had been cramped for over two and a half hours.
He surveyed their surroundings to see Gourmand and Magician’s cars.

Beside Gourmand was Wang Ke, and beside Magician was an effeminate man. 

He leaned close to Ye Qia and whispered, “Magician’s boyfriend?”

Ye Qia peered over and said, “A slave.
Queen’s will clearly indicated for us to bring a male partner.”

Xia Zhi measured the man who was laughing with Magician and said, “Is Wang Ke fine?”

Ye Qia patted Xia Zhi’s face.
“The ones we brought are reliable.
You don’t need to worry about us.”

Once the three of them gathered together, Gourmand asked a man who had appeared alone, “Attorney Zhang, we’re all here.
Can we begin?”

“Certainly.” Attorney Zhang nodded.
“In accordance with Mr.
Wang Mian’s will, the clues are here.
You may begin.”


Neirith: Hi guys, this is a pet project I’ve started working on because I adore this novel, and it’s quite difficult to find the complete raws, so I hope to share it with everyone.
I’m not super confident in BDSM terms, but I’ll try my best.
*laughs in asexual*

I’ve also taken the liberty to rename “Taotie” back to “Gourmand” to match the original translator. 

That being said, there is no set schedule for the time being, and I will release chapters in my free time. 

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