55, Episode Seven – Inheritance (3)

After Xia Zhi’s excitement wore off, his realisation dawned on him.
He went to ask the lawyer suspiciously, “Wang Mian doesn’t have any debts?”

“They’ve already been taken care of.”

“So this 53 million is what’s left after paying off the debts?”

“That’s right, you will be notified of the handover procedures.” The lawyer nodded his head after he said that and left.

Xia Zhi smiled dumbly for a while, and jogged over to Ye Qia, quietly saying, “So you guys actually earn that much, huh?”

“Queen’s debt was self-imposed, he wasn’t good at gambling, suddenly owing such a large amount, you’re also a debt collector, you should more or less understand what happened ba?” Ye Qia stood up, and spoke calmly, “He has died, and the debt is no more, what the other party had originally wanted wasn’t money anyway.”

Xia Zhi pondered upon these words, tentatively asking, “If it’s not money they want, could it be that they wanted his person?”

Ye Qia still replied that old reply of his, shrugging his shoulders, “How would I know?”

He hadn’t had a penny to his name when he entered the building, but upon exiting, he had acquired a net worth of 53 million.
Even though the heavens were still pouring its waters out, unceasing strikes of lightning and thunderous roars, Xia Zhi’s mood was a far cry from it.
He stood at the entrance to the building, sucked in a deep breath, relishing the thought that everything held its own goodness and beauty.


As the thunder rang out, Xia Zhi tugged on Ye Qia’s arm smilingly, “I have money! Come, let’s go eat, it’s my treat!”

Compared to his excitement, Ye Qia was a lot more calm, simply letting out a smile, saying, “It can be whatever I choose?”

“No problem!” Xia Zhi straightened his collar, “Go go go!” After saying that, he rushed off to the parking lot, not taking any notice of the meaningful look in Ye Qia’s deep gaze.

“You’re letting him run off just like that?” It wasn’t known when Taotie had walked over to Ye Qia’s side, “After all, he is holding 53 million bucks.”

Ye Qia turned his head and glanced at his good friend, lifting up a corner of his mouth in a smirk, “What’s mine won’t be able to run away, and what’s not mine won’t be able to beg to return.
As long as he belongs to me, it’s the same whether he has money or not.”

A whistle sounded from the other side, Magician stood by his friends’ side, waving a bill in between his fingers, looking at Taotie, saying, “Wanna make a bet?”

Taotie dug out his wallet, taking out a note of the same denomination, “I bet that His Majesty would be dumped.”

“Then we can’t make this bet.” Magician heaved out a long sigh, “I also bet on him being dumped.”

Ye Qia raised his eyebrow, taking both their notes away leisurely, saying, “I’ll be the banker, whatever bets you’ve made aren’t going to come true.”

“Yo, aren’t you full of confidence!” Magician whistled once again, frivolously saying, “Do remember to call me when you get dumped, your big brother will comfort you properly~~”

Ye Qia flashed a smile, saying, “My chrysanthemum is but well protected, come and pluck it if you think you have the ability to ah.”

Taotie chuckled from the other side, waving his hand taking the lead and walking out into the rain.
There was a person following him from behind, wielding the umbrella for him.
Magician observed Taotie’s back closely, lamenting, “Taotie this guy is becoming more and more like the head of the underworld, as expected, his ‘husband’ is the head of the upstanding society.
Alright then, I’m leaving, remember to wash your chrysanthemum~”

Ye Qia shrugged his shoulders as a gesture.
After watching Magician’s figure disappear into the screen of rain, he also took a step heading towards the parking lot.

Lunch was a meal that they would normally not eat together, but after a long discussion they agreed that they had to go to a high-class restaurant at least once.
Xia Zhi maintained his great enthusiasm throughout, much like a child, he kept talking about how he should spend his 53 million: buying an apartment in the city, he wanted it to be like a hotel; buying a villa in the suburbs, it should have a swimming pool with it; he also wanted to buy a car, it doesn’t need to be too expensive, it’ll be fine being under a million bucks; the rest would go to financial management, so he would not need to worry about the other half of his life anymore, all he needed next was to cultivate the weird hobbies of the rich and also travel around the world.

Ye Qia did not object to it, though he interrupted his speech every now and then, adding some of his viewpoints.
Every time Xia Zhi heard it, he would have a lot to say about it, holding his fists clenched in excitement, his whole body was brimming full of zeal, about to spill over anytime, anywhere.

“Let’s go shopping! Come come, do you have anything you want to buy?” After eating, “borrowing” Ye Qia’s credit card and footing the bill, Xia Zhi once again started saying excitedly, “Say, what do you want me to buy? Wanna buy a water bed?”

“A water bed’s too cold, you’ll get arthritis.” Ye Qia stretched out his hand, tidying Xia Zhi’s shirt collar, giving it a pat, saying, “You’ll buy whatever I want for me?”

Xia Zhi whipped out the “borrowed” credit card with great magnificence, saying, “Swipe it as you wish!”

After he said it, he reveled in delight: he finally had the opportunity to say those words!

An amused expression found its way onto Ye Qia’s face, flicking the credit card with his finger, he said, “Alright, you go on and shop ba.”

Xia Zhi was a bit disappointed, “You’re not coming?”

“I still have work in the afternoon.”

“Okay.” Xia Zhi thought about it, saying, “I’ll buy you a present, I’ll go first!” After saying that, he ran into the rain much like he had springs on his feet.

Xia Zhi’s afternoon shopping trip was a joyful one.
He could drink coffee anytime and anywhere, stuffing his stomach nice and warmly with junk food as he wished, enjoying the sales service and the flattering words of the staff.
Although he had already maxed out the credit card in an hour, that rush of adrenaline was all sorts of indescribably wonderful.

After he carried some big and small bags home, took his shower, he refreshingly started to examine his “trophies”.
Then after he settled everything, he glanced at the clock on the wall, seeing that it was only three thirty.

Time seems to pass really slowly……

Xia Zhi had never felt time pass so slowly before—he couldn’t sit still at home, one moment thinking about whether Ye Qia would like his present or not, one moment thinking about where he wanted to buy his house—all sorts of ideas and mixed thoughts arose, and he even planned where they would go to hold their wedding ceremony.

Once the door opened, he hadn’t even taken a proper look at the person, greeting him and saying loudly, “How about we get married on Mount Tsitsikamma located in South Africa?”

Ye Qia blanked, saying, “Tsi- what?”

“Mount Tsitsikamma, the world’s highest bungee jumping spot! We can go bungee jumping while yelling ‘YES!’” Xia Zhi was jumping up and down with excitement, “How about it?”

With a bemused expression on his face, Ye Qia responded, “Thank you for remembering such a long name!”

“Ah, but of course!”

The whole night, Xia Zhi kept thinking about a better future: to adopt a few children, he needed to buy a house in a schooling district early.
After he was tired of talking, he drank some water, after he drank, he continued talking.
Ye Qia was the same as he was normally, doing his own thing while interjecting with an ‘en’ every now and then, signalling that he was still listening.

When the clock struck twelve, Xia Zhi was finally tired, hoarsely saying, “I can’t anymore, I need to sleep.”

Ye Qia stared at his tablet’s screen as he laughed, saying, “You’re done?”

“Not yet.” Xia Zhi unwillingly pouted, saying, “But I still need to work tomorrow, so it’s better if I get some sleep early.”

It was at this that Ye Qia finally had a reaction.
Placing the tablet down, he looked at the person on the other side of the bed strangely, “You’re still going to work tomorrow?”

“Yeah, I hope I won’t be late.” Xia Zhi lay himself down exhaustedly for a few seconds, then raised his head and said with a smile, “Although I won’t be afraid of pay cuts due to tardiness anymore, hahaha, this grandfather is rich now!”

For a while, Ye Qia watched as Xia Zhi snuggled into the blanket, tossing and turning, finally placing his hand on Ye Qia’s thigh before falling asleep.
A smile blossomed on his face as he watched, taking the phone by the bedside, sending a text to Taotie and Magician, “Laozi has won the bet, prepare the money.”

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