4, Episode Seven – Heritage (2)

Xia Zhi knew that it was for his own good that Ye Qia did this; he had also wanted to stop and let his body rest.
But, without a house-and-car-deposit, he had never expected that even after all these years, he would still be bracing the wind and rain, riding a little scooter simply just to go to work.
He had wished for a big house to live in, it didn’t matter if it was two hours away from the city center, as long as he had a car, he wouldn’t be scared of being stuck in the elevator or the traffic jam, and if he could also be accompanied by a person who knows him well and cares about him, yes, that would be nice.

That’s why, even though he knew he had already exceeded his three highs, he just couldn’t get rid of his coffee addiction, because it was necessary for his work.
When faced with Ye Qia’s good intentions, his one and only solution was to resist it to the end.
Just when he was bitterly facing the prison of no-meat-and-no-coffee, an unexpected phone call “saved” him from such a fate.

“Wang Mian?” Xia Zhi blanked for a while, then managed to figure out who this name belonged to, “Queen?”

“What Queen?”

Xia Zhi quickly said, “Okok, en, Wang Mian, that’s him, I remember.”

“Alright, that’s great.” Replied the other person on the line, “I am Mr.
Wang’s lawyer, informing you to come to my office for the division of his will tomorrow, 5th April, during the Ching Ming Festival.”

“Me?” Xia Zhi suspiciously said, “I’m Xia Zhi, not a blood-related person to Mr.
Wang, did you get it wrong?”

“No, Xia Zhi is Mr.
Xia, correct? Xia Zhi written as the solar term for summer[1], yes?”

“Yeah it’s correct, but still……”

“Anyway, as long as you drop by tomorrow then it’s all good, although it’s also fine if you don’t come, it’s really all up to you.”

With his mind shrouded in fog, Xia Zhi hung up the phone.
However, his attention was quickly drawn away by the thought of “free meat and free coffee”.
At night, he specially applied for a leave from work; although the bald-headed director was very hesitant, nightfall is a good time to “catch” people off-guard; when headed to the restaurant, hotels and nightclub routines are definitely a must—people are less likely to care then.

He chose a high-end restaurant from the list of debtors, ordered the cheapest dish on the menu, and ate till he was full, but the debtor did not show up.
After he returned home with a satisfied heart, Ye Qia wasn’t home yet, so he took a bath in order to remove the smell of meat and coffee, then he began playing some online games happily.

Ye Qia came home at eleven o’clock, the weariness apparent on his face, opening the fridge for a look, asking, “You ate outside tonight?”

Eating outside meant having meat and coffee, so Xia Zhi’s conditioned reflex said, “No.” After saying that, he then felt quite guilty.

Ye Qia didn’t let out a squeak, and made himself some egg fried rice.
Xia Zhi quietly moved his laptop to the table; as he was thinking about how to make up some nonsense to let this matter pass, he suddenly heard Ye Qia say, “Queen’s lawyer should have given you a call today ba?”

“En.” He then recalled this matter, “Why was he looking for me?”

“Not sure.” Ye Qia shook his head, “Queen seems to have appointed the day of the Ching Ming festival to divide his will, that’s why we had to wait until recently.”

“His will……” Xia Zhi suddenly snapped into it, “Damn, he doesn’t want you guys to take over his billions in debt, does he?”

Ye Qia rolled the whites of his eyes at him, “Do you take us as dumb people?”

“Then why did he contact me as well?” Xia Zhi puzzledly asked, “I’ve only met him once.”

“How would I know?”

He wasn’t sure himself, but Xia Zhi felt that the way Ye Qia said it sounded a little suspicious, seeming as if he knew what was up.
Ye Qia didn’t bring it up, and he didn’t ask further; they’ll know the reason tomorrow anyway.

The weather on the second day really lived up to its reputation of “pouring rain during Ching Ming”; not sure why either, the rain was a raging thunderstorm, seeming as if its sole will was to submerge the entire city.
Both Xia Zhi and Ye Qia moved along the road at the speed of a tortoise; every corner of the city had been flooded, and several roads were blocked; they didn’t have any other path to take but to go in a big circle.

The entrance to the office was full of messily placed rain equipment.
Stepping past a Doraemon themed umbrella, Xia Zhi shivered, feeling a chill.
After heading upstairs with Ye Qia, he noticed a few familiar faces, though he didn’t know the rest of the people present.
He greeted Magician and Taotie, then chose a seat near the back of the room and sat down.
Xia Zhi asked Ye Qia, “Did Queen’s relatives come too?”

“Dunno.” Ye Qia also looked around the room, “We aren’t too familiar with Queen’s relatives, he was reluctant to talk about it when we asked.”

Xia Zhi made a mistake, “I thought you guys knew everything about each other ne~.”

“The focus is different, we know of Queen’s nightly activities ne~.”


They didn’t need to wait for long; the lawyers came out fairly quickly, and there were seven in total.
With just one look at their posture, Xia Zhi concentrated; he has handled many matters relating to this, if it wasn’t an influential bigshot or a rich family of the deceased, there’s no way that so many lawyers would show up.

“Do you think Queen would have left something for me?”

Ye Qia gave a perfunctory reply, “Perhaps.”

Xia Zhi immediately got excited, “What do you think it is?”

“How would I know.”

At this time, Xia Zhi noticed that Ye Qia’s mood wasn’t too good.
As he attentively thought about it, he had been like this since last night.
Because Ye Qia was normally more calm and quiet, he didn’t notice it at first—he would never admit that he was careless.

He moved in close, softly asking, “What is it?”

Ye Qia stared at the stack of documents set on the podium, faintly saying, “Everyone in the circle calls us the Four Swordsmen, and we had a good relationship with each other.” He spoke very slowly, he seemed to be immersed in his memories, “We had also thought about it like this, and said it would be okay, if when we die we still haven’t formed a family or found a boyfriend, the matters afterward would be taken care of by the remaining three people.
Don’t cry, it’s more of organising a party, advertising in the newspapers to invite a bunch of strangers, and when after the fun’s over, we tell the guests that this is actually a funeral.”

Pfft, Xia Zhi let out a chuckle, quickly covering his mouth, saying, “This is too…… What the hell.”

“It has already become a matter of the past, a long time ago, we also knew it was a joke.” Ye Qia’s head leaned over a bit, “Taotie was the first to get his Wang Ke, which is the guy you saw the other day.
Although this matter isn’t very obvious, they have long since been together for many years.
Magician is bisexual, if he were to say he wanted to get married, there would be a whole line of women who would organise a reality TV show to decide on the winner.” He was silent for a few seconds, then looked at him with his upturned phoenix eyes, “And me, I have you.”

With just these few words, it made an emotion akin to the blooming of flowers and dispersing of clouds wash over Xia Zhi.
It seemed to be the first time that Ye Qia had admitted to his existence, not the sort of superficial-introduction-to-friends type of expression, but this was an announcement from deep within the soul.

「You, are the other half of me.」

Xia Zhi was immediately a little excited, he wanted to move over and give him a kiss, but Ye Qia suddenly sat up straight, sighing, “We kept waiting for Queen to fly to Thailand for a sex reassignment surgery, I can’t believe that he’s gone just like that.”


Xia Zhi was just about to criticize Ye Qia’s illogical way of thinking when the lawyers walked over.
After the usual formalities, they started reading out the will.

“After paying off the debt, Mr.
Wang Mian has left a heritage of 53 million, according to Mr.
Wang’s will, they will all go to……” The lawyer stopped here, all sounds of breathing stopped in the room, “Mr.
Xia Zhi.”

Xia Zhi’s expression solidified on his face, under countless scorching gazes, he dumbfoundedly asked, “What?”

The lawyer walked over to Xia Zhi, and handed the document over to him, “Congratulations, Mr.

“I know!” Xia Zhi opened his eyes wide, mutely saying, “You’re saying, I now have 53 million?”


In a trance, Xia Zhi turned to look at Ye Qia, his expression changing from dumbfoundedness to excitement to ecstasy.
He jumped up and flipped a middle finger to the sky, yelling, “Haha, I have money to drink coffee! Have money to eat meat!”

Ye Qia: “……”


[1] (夏至, Xia4 Zhi4), when directly translated, his name means summer solstice, ehh i mean it fits him well, he’s always full of energy~~ so cute~~

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