51, Episode Six – Accumulated Things (8)

Within Xia Zhi’s thoughts, Ye Qia’s boyfriend ma, should at least be of similar types right? People all have their own preferences; there shouldn’t be that much of a difference in most cases—even if he wasn’t exactly from the same mold as he was, there should still be some similarity in the very least.

The man in front of him looked to be quite young, so youthful until it reached the point where it made people question whether he was an underage minor.
That juvenile face was brimming with the youthful glow of spring, his exquisite facial features resembled that of a doll, with his whole person standing there, it was just like his body were his own 1000 watts spotlight.

A beautiful, androgynous youth—he was completely a different type of person from Xia Zhi.

Xia Zhi stood there foolishly, watching Ye Qia raise his hand in a greeting, intimately chatting with the “youth”, his face was also carrying the smallest trace of a smile.

Fuck, Ye Qia, you are actually smiling towards him? I haven’t even seen you smile for more than just a couple of times!

After recovering from his astonishment, he quickly cleared his throat, vigorously catching Ye Qia’s attention back to himself.

“Xia Zhi, my boyfriend.” Ye Qia introduced with a smile.

The youth grinned and showed a set of teeth that resembled glutinous rice, stretching out his hand and said with a smile, “Hello there, I am Sheng Le, I’m happy to meet you.”

Xia Zhi really did not want to hold this hand, but alas! He squeezed out a dry smile, reaching his hand out too, “Hello, I am Xia Zhi.”

“I’ve heard about you.”

Xia Zhi was surprised, looking at Ye Qia with a suspicious look in his eyes, letting out a laugh, “You guys seem to have a good relationship ah, do you keep in touch frequently?”

“Nah.” Sheng Le laughed, “Ye Qia is but His Majesty in our circle, everyone knows when he has gotten a new boyfriend; it’s such a shame that I’ve only heard about it, not meeting him in person.”

Xia Zhi was immediately stunned, he had never thought that he was such a “famous” person, then recalling that until today he was unwilling to let Ye Qia bring in his own circle of friends, especially that he hasn’t even come out of the closet yet, he suddenly felt very guilty in his heart.
He glanced at the seemingly calm Ye Qia, half guiltily and half proudly said, “I haven’t heard about this matter at all.”

“Well you seem to be more of the dumb type ma!” Sheng Le’s tone was very lighthearted and cheerful, it seemed as though he was just joking, yet it also carried some serious undertones with it, “I didn’t think you’d be so old, ai, Brother Ye, I really pity you, you should’ve at least found a guy who is more handsome than me in any case!”

Ye Qia didn’t say anything, his face focused on the distance.

Fuck you, what do you mean by this? You ac-actually have this sort of attitude? If this guy was not your ex-boyfriend, I would’ve already thrown a punch at him! If you still don’t say anything I might just go ahead and hit him ah!

Xia Zhi unbudgingly stared at Ye Qia, his fist still has not swung out.
When Sheng Le was walking over to Jia Jia’s suite, he pulled on Ye Qia’s arm, took a step back, placed his mouth next to his ear and was just about to say something, but he heard a faint voice saying, “The angrier you get, the happier he gets.”

He swallowed his words back immediately, silently listening.

“Sheng Le is just this sort of guy, his appearance is stunning but his mouth is full of venom—although it’s just limited to his words, he doesn’t do bad things.
This sort of attitude was once very popular as a Master, and it has since carried on and changed him.” Ye Qia spoke quietly, “Don’t be irritated, he isn’t the sort of foolishly self-important guy, just treat whatever he says as a joke.”

Hearing this, Xia Zhi’s inner turmoil calmed itself down a bit, muttering, “How old is he?”


Xia Zhi’s eyes were soon about to fall from his face—he almost didn’t let out a yell, only after he covered his mouth with his hand did he calm down a bit.
Looking at the Sheng Le in front of him wearing some baseball shirt and a pair of jeans looking very much like a high school student, his entire face was twitching, “You sure?”

“I’ve seen his ID card before.”

“Plastic surgery?”

“Nope, he’s all-natural.”

“He truly is a wonderful flower.”

“That’s why when he first joined he received a very welcoming reception, and was even treated as a rival by Queen; to play this role, he really needed the attitude for it.”


Xia Zhi stared at Sheng Le’s small wriggling butt for a brief split second, unwillingly admitting that this guy really was charming, and at least there was still him who really hated it, yet he completely had no way to pull his gaze away from this bright light, and he couldn’t stop thinking about how elegant it must have been to be like this fickle person, changing as the clouds turn into rain in the sky.

“His skills in bed are extremely good, he can be a top or a bottom.” Ye Qia’s voice floated over once again, carrying some traces of mockery, “His butt is quite perky ba?”

Xia Zhi instantly woke up from his trance, haughtily saying, “It’s not the slightest bit perky!”

“What?” The Sheng Le who was in front of them turned around, his face full of confusion, it seemed to look very delicate, “Have we passed his room?”

“Already passed.” Ye Qia was looking at the door number, “Should’ve made a turn just now.”

Sheng Le stuck his tongue out, joking, “There’s no other way, some people just aren’t good with directions ma.”

That pampered voice sent chills down Xia Zhi’s body, “Has he always been like this?”

“When he didn’t work as a Master he was still alright, after he joined it was more of him trying to keep up his brand image ba.”

“…… What kind of brand image does this count as? Do you really need to make an advertisement as a BDSM Master?”

“Sure do.” Ye Qia said disapprovingly, “I advertise myself at gay parties.”

“Wha-?” Xia Zhi was once again dumbfounded, “How do you do it?”

“Using a rope on a stripteasing dancer by tying it on his body, and once they’ve stripped naked and stand in line, that’s my number on their bodies.”

“This sort of strange……” Upon seeing Ye Qia’s unfriendly gaze, Xia Zhi changed his speech decisively, “Such genius creativity really is not bad at all!”

Ye Qia raised an eyebrow, and let Xia Zhi off the hook, “All in all, just don’t care too much about Sheng Le and you’ll be fine, he’ll do whatever it takes to provoke the fire in you, and then bring this as gossip within the circle.”

Not caring about it is just a small matter, but the more that Xia Zhi thought about it, the more distasteful he felt, “You smiled at him earlier!”

Ye Qia paused, turned around, looked at him and calmly said, “He is my ex-boyfriend, I’ve smiled at him countless times in the past.”

In an instant, Xia Zhi’s heart felt like an empty void.

Sheng Le had already stepped into the room to see Jia Jia by himself; Xia Zhi had wanted to go in at first, but was stopped by Ye Qia, “He knows his boundaries, there won’t be a problem, let them get to know each other by themselves.”

Xia Zhi waited until Sheng Le went in, and couldn’t hold back his sarcasm, “Of course, he is your apprentice ma.”

Ye Qia narrowed his eyes into a slant as he looked at him, asking, “You’re upset?”

“It’s nothing.” Xia Zhi walked over dispiritedly to the bench and sat down, and reached into his pocket for a smoke, then promptly remembered he was at the hospital and put them back down, neurotically saying, “It’s nothing, I’m just a bit worried.”

Ye Qia looked at the door for a while, confirming that there wasn’t an issue, then walked to Xia Zhi’s side and sat down.
Looking at his partner for a while, he reached out and put his arm around his neck, placed his head against his temple, asking, “What is it?”

Xia Zhi let out a sigh, with an upset look on his face he said, “I just…… I assumed, that’s all.” He shut his mouth, pondered about it for a while and then said, “I kept assuming that I was special to you, the only one who could see the true you, the only one who wouldn’t turn into a masochist in your hands…… Wh-what are you laughing at!”

Staring at the Ye Qia who had his mouth in a smirk, his face blossomed red, “It can’t be that if I were to be an exquisite item, you can’t match up and be a good complement for me?”

Ye Qia chuckled at him for a while and then took his time in saying, “You really don’t fit the character for sentimentality, it’s a little amusing.”

The corners of Xia Zhi’s eyes twitched, and he burst, “Then what exactly do you think of it? Who am I to you?”

Under the dim lights, Ye Qia’s gaze was a little hazy, making it so that people couldn’t really tell what he was thinking.
He was silent just like that, and kept up his silence until Xia Zhi’s heart had started to sink.

Xia Zhi turned his head away, staring at the hospital’s smoothly polished monotonous marble floor, not saying anything, all the way until Sheng Le came out.

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