50, Episode Six – Accumulated Things (7)

Xia Zhi kept planning how to determine whether Ye Qia’s services were truly priced that high, or if he had deliberately stated such a high price due to his “goodwill”.
He had worked hard at this a whole lot before going to bed, attempting to calculate an approximate amount based on the taxes and the daily frequency that Ye Qia went to work, only to be defeated by a phrase.

“Most of my income isn’t taxable.”


Three or four days later, the weather was getting warmer, and Xia Zhi’s heart was also getting more itchy, the thoughts of “Ye Qia’s income” ran through his head with each passing day.
One day, Magician dropped by for a temporary visit; Ye Qia coincidentally had to work overtime, so he asked him to do him a favour and help him collect his pay in his stead.
He reckoned that his opportunity had finally arrived, and an extremely enthusiastic smile sat on his face.

“If you’re coming for a visit then just bring yourself, there’s no need for gifts.”

The corner of Magician’s face twitched, smiling as he said, “This is something that His Majesty wants, I was on the way so I brought it along.”

“What is it?” Xia Zhi pinched the bag inquisitively, “Food?”

“An endoscope.”

“I thought you were Magician.”

“I am.” Magician laughed happily, “Which is why I can lend him stuff like this for free.”


Xia Zhi placed the bag on the table in disgust.
As he raised his head, he noticed that Magician took it upon himself to examine the rooms generously.
The house was fully furnished when they rented it; the furnishings were complete, the renovated decorations were refined, the price was obviously not cheap either, had it not been for Ye Qia’s one request, he definitely would never be willing to rent it.

His financial status had a large gap from Ye Qia’s.
Close to half a year after their run-in with each other, they’ve been able to handle this difference fairly well.
Most of their current expenses were taken care of by Ye Qia, even their living expenses were mostly covered by him.
They’ve long forgotten about how it came to be, but through careful calculation, even the total of their living expenses from then until the present can’t defeat the one time they had to renovate their living room; he had then considered it balanced.

“This room is quite nice.” Magician said from the kitchen, “You don’t look too bad yourself too—your facial expression was especially bad when we first met.”

My dick was wearing a ring when we first met, I was a dead man then, could my face have been fine?

Xia Zhi let out a dry laugh, saying, “The situation back then was different ma.”

Magician scoffed at him none too politely, saying, “You were indeed very funny last time—still, you’d better ask for Ye Qia’s guidance in this aspect next time, after all, we are doing this professionally, and the price isn’t cheap wo, it’d be a waste not to use it ma.”

This really is me thirsting for sleep and then being sent a pillow ah! (good timing)

Xia Zhi picked up the topic immediately, “It looks like you guys really earn a lot ah.”

Magician smiled a toothy grin, saying, “It’s not bad.”

“Then between you and Ye Qia, who earns more?”

“Him.” Magician did not attempt to conceal it at all, saying, “He is currently our circle’s NO.1, it’s just that he doesn’t have many clients, which is why even the total amount can’t be compared with Queen’s.
As for me ah, I’m just doing this part time for fun, money isn’t my main reason, seems like it should correspond to my hobby, oh, to put it simply, I like those with lean muscles paired with elite-looking ones who are actually just worthless trash, if you ever come across this sort of masochist, please do contact me, I’ll give them a 20% discount as well as give you a commission.” After speaking, he had also handed over a name card, other than a magician’s black top hat and a phone number, nothing else was on it.

Xia Zhi wordlessly accepted the name card, persistently saying, “I hear that Ye Qia’s income is quite amazing, how much is it?”

Magician gave the smile of a beauty, “Not telling you.”


Magician could finally take it no longer, breaking out in a guffaw, “If you wanna know His Majesty’s income then just ask directly ba, and you even set me up, where’s the need?”

Xia Zhi choked on his breath until his face blossomed red, hesitated for a second, speaking in a small voice, “Then Ye Qia’s income……”

Magician let out yet another smile, “Not telling you.”


Xia Zhi could not dig out the truth from Magician’s mouth, suffocatingly sent away the teasing, perfectly content guest, and did not dare utter a word about this matter to Ye Qia.
However, he believed that Magician would have treated it as a joke and talked about it, because Ye Qia’s gaze as he looked at him after returning home was brimming with amusement, he even specially “did it” with him that night, even though it was only using mouths and hands, but it still made him ascend to heaven and seek death, head spinning with his mind floating off to who knows where.

This matter had just passed over like that, he still has no idea whether Ye Qia did that on purpose or without any meaning, based on just the outcome he was quite satisfied, though he was a little doubtful about the process.
Not long after, he received a phone call saying that something had happened to Jia Jia, only then was he able to yank his head out from his puddle of doubts.

As the saying goes, birds of feather flock together, just like with Xia Zhi’s explosive temper, there wasn’t much of a probability that he would meet your regular nice guy.
Jia Jia’s personality couldn’t be considered as good, but everyone were adults who had gone through the “baptism of society”, naturally, the anger has indeed built up quite a bit, just that, when it came to the critical moment, that explosive temper had unknowingly let itself slip out.

At the beginning, Xia Zhi thought it was a prank call, yelled at the stranger on the other side of the phone, “Tell Jia Jia, I’m not introducing him to anyone because what he did last time was just too much!”

The line was silent for a moment, then saying, “Are you Bastard Xia?”

“You’re the bastard!” Xia Zhi angrily huffed, “Your entire family are bastards!”

“Sorry, Mr.
Xia, the name on the phone says that.”

Xia Zhi was angered to the heavens, roaring, “You, go tell him to die!”

“Actually, he’s about to die.”

“If he dies then all the better, ask him what coffin should I buy for him!”

“He has currently been anesthetized, is that really what you want to tell him?”

Listening until this point, he felt that something wasn’t quite right, asking, “Who are you?”

“I am the Head of Anorectal Department from the Third Hospital, just about to enter the operating room to give Mr.
Jia an operation, it was him who asked me to call you.”

“What happened to him? His chrysanthemum burst?”

“How did you know?”

He broke into a mad laughter, the other person on the line was just a block of silence, as the laughter slowly ceased, he stiffly said, “Are you for real?”

When Xia Zhi rushed over to the Third Hospital, Jia Jia was being wheeled out from the operating room.
That arm over stomach, glasses wearing, middle aged doctor fixed a strange stare on him for a while, then took his time to speak, “Young people having vigour is a good thing, but you must also take care to be mindful ah.”


Jia Jia had torn the inner walls of his rectum and was bleeding through an infection.
At first it wasn’t serious, but due to his delay in getting it treated, it got progressively worse.
Fortunately, the wound was a single smooth tear—he didn’t have to carry around a shit bag for the next half of his life, only needing a month’s rest before being able to jump around lively again.

Xia Zhi only managed to see Jia Jia on the second day.
The friend who was usually lively and always bickering with him, was now just laying on the bed, speaking in a weak manner, “Damn, there really aren’t good services with a cheap price.”

Only then did he know, Jia Jia had thrown away the stress and pressure of “being chased by the mafia”, ran into Ye Qia, then that inner stalk of M grass once again began to itch and move about in a playful manner.
Ye Qia’s price was too high, he honestly couldn’t afford it, retreating and then went looking for other people.
Regrettably, he had retired from this circle for many years, he hardly knew any people who worked in this industry, he found a “Special Masseur” on the web at last.

“Technician” had gotten too into it when he acted, Jia Jia’s multiple shouts of the safe word were all ignored by him, only until the blood wouldn’t stop gushing out did he then stop.
He leaped up and then gave the technician a good beating, even after dragging home a butt that wouldn’t stop bleeding, he still dared not go to the hospital, secretly eating some anti-inflammatory medicine.
The end results were, his colleagues noticed a whole trousers-full of blood when he went to work, then he was sent to the hospital.

Xia Zhi sat on the bed as he listened to it all, peeling an apple as he scolded him, vowing to drag out that technician from the depths of the ocean.
After the lecture, he pushed the nicely cut apple towards Jia Jia, huffing, “Did you have any need to be like this? Couldn’t hold it back a little longer?”

Jia Jia picked up a slice of the apple and stuffed it in his mouth, huffing and chirping away, “Did you have any need to be gay, can’t hold back?”


After Xia Zhi dragged home a stomachful of fire, he told Ye Qia,”It’s still better that you find an S boyfriend for him ba, at this rate, sooner or later then he’ll really end up dead!”

Ye Qia’s expression was calm, “I’ve been looking non-stop ah, but there aren’t many who fulfil the requirements, this circle has always been narrow too.”

Xia Zhi paced around the living room irritably, one side nagging away at all the things that Jia Jia is not, the other side holding his fist and swinging it around to let out some of the anger boiling in his heart.

“But, if you don’t mind, I actually have a more suitable candidate.”

Xia Zhi flew to the table in a jiffy, asking, “The conditions?”

“His looks are average, has a good temperament, his financial status is acceptable, and is also willing to spend money on the slaves.
He used to be a Master, also has another occupation, can also be considered to have sailed through a thousand seas, has always been looking for someone he can settle down with.
Requires that his figure must be good, can last a while, wants a long-term relationship, BDSM as a hobby, doesn’t matter if you have an income or not, but you definitely must have ideals.”

“Jia Jia has his ideals, he wants to participate in all the gay parades in the whole world!”

Ye Qia rolled the whites of his eyes at him, “All in all, this one is still quite good, if you don’t mind, then I’ll introduce him to Jia Jia.”

Xia Zhi listened and listened, then felt as if something wasn’t quite right, he calmly propped his arms up, asking, “Why do you keep asking if I mind or not?”

Ye Qia’s tone did not waver as he dropped down a large bomb, “Because he’s my ex-boyfriend.”


Once ex-clients are over, do they all become his ex-boyfriend?

Xia Zhi gritted his teeth for half a while, taking out his phone to look at Jia Jia’s number, remembering Jia Jia’s pitiful appearance as he laid on the patient bed, in end he still gave in, “Alright, but when you introduce them I must be present at the scene.”


“Because…… I’m afraid that they aren’t familiar with each other, I need to be there to ease the atmosphere!”

“Is that so?”

“Of course!” Xia Zhi held his chin up high, “If not then what else could it be for!?”

Ye Qia smiled, saying, “Can, I got it.”

Xia Zhi was thinking to wait until after Jia Jia was discharged from the hospital and then have a meal together or something, but after Ye Qia brought up Jia Jia’s current situation, that “ex-boyfriend” seemed to be extremely interested, requesting to go to the hospital directly for a look.

On the way there, Xia Zhi kept looking into the car’s mirror; one moment looking at his hairstyle, one moment fidgeting in his seat.
Ye Qia was quite amused with it, purposefully asking what the matter was, and he grunted back, “I just want it to be perfect.”

Ye Qia’s belly was about to flip the heavens over in laughter—his face however, was a block of calmness.
Once they set foot in the hospital lobby, Xia Zhi began to look around.

“That Mediterranean guy?”


“That beer bellied dude?”

“Not that old.”

“Dressed in that red shirt?”

“That one seems to be a lady.”

I sure hope it is.

Xia Zhi’s heart silently added, hoping that this ex-boyfriend is a fat, bald, and whole body covered in the sweaty stench of a man.
He was a bit apologetic to Jia Jia, but Jia Jia still has a chance in the future ma.
He can choose not to want to compete with Ye Qia’s ex-boyfriend, because he could maybe, possibly, stay with Ye Qia and continue to live together for a long, long, long, long…… time ah!

“Hi, Ye Qia.”

Xia Zhi hastily turned his head around, and then felt as if he had gone blind.

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