48, Episode Six – Accumulated Things (5)

In an enjoyable mood, Jia Jia dressed up for a whole hour before heading out the door only after affirming that every part of him was not lacking in any way.
Regretfully, when he showed up at the restaurant in an excited manner, there was only a Ye Qia frowning as he ate a bowl of terrifying paste at the table; judging from the expression on his face, this stuff was not much different from poison.

Jia Jia hesitated for a bit, but he still marched forward, silently waiting for a few seconds, not seeing Xia Zhi appear, he started to panic, looking around left and right, asking, “Xia Bastar…… Uh, where’s Xia Zhi?”

“He went to work.” The silently observing Ye Qia threw away that bowl of paste, saying, “He told me to tell you, this is on him tonight, next time he’ll introduce another person to you.”

Jia Jia had an inexplicable expression on his face.
Looking at Ye Qia, wanting to ask something but not daring to.
To him, Ye Qia was like a black history that couldn’t be erased; it’s just too tragic, especially after Ye Qia snapped a photo of that year’s “plan” of his and sent it over.
After recognising his own handwriting, he deleted it in a second without pausing, not daring to even look at it.

With Ye Qia holding this sort of blackmail, he naturally felt unable to lift his head up.
Seeing Ye Qia call the waiter over, holding the menu while creasing his forehead, he didn’t know what he should do at this time, just standing there foolishly, at his wit’s end.

“You’re not going to ask about what happened?” Ye Qia finally realised that the person was not at all sitting at the table’s side.
Raising his head, with some strangeness in his tone, he asked, “Sit ba, what are you standing for?”

Jia Jia let out a dry laugh, sucking in a breath of air, moved his ass as if he had just had a hemorrhoid surgery and took his time in the action of sitting down.

Ye Qia watched the whole process unfold, when Jia Jia’s butt finally fell on the chair, he suddenly opened his mouth and said, “I’m talking about you.”

Jia Jia jumped up in a conditioned reflex, immediately revealing an awkward look, putting on a calm tone as he said, “Wh-, what is it?”

“Nervous, aren’t you?”

“No.” Jia Jia drew back the corners of his mouth, working hard to construct an air of “I am very relaxed”, “Absolutely not, you’re thinking too much!”

“Really?” Ye Qia grinned, “Your legs have a tendency to quiver in the face of your fears.”

Jia Jia immediately stilled his right leg that was shaking uncontrollably, his whole body stiff.

Ye Qi said helplessly, “Do I look that terrifying?”

“No!” After Jia Jia blurted it out, he paused for a few seconds, spitting out a long sigh, lowered his voice as he said, “Perhaps there is just that bit.”

“Because I gave you a horrifying memory?”

Jia Jia’s face turned black, he said in a slightly bad mood, “Where on earth did you find all those people? I clearly saw you chop off a person’s leg.”

“It’s fake.” Ye Qia laughed, “That person was actually a handicapped person, wearing a prosthetic ah.”

The lights were dim so if you didn’t notice it then forget about it, didn’t you realise that the smell of blood was too weak? This sentence Ye Qia did not say out loud, leaving some space for him to escape to; after all, if they were to meet once more in the future, then it wouldn’t be on bad terms ma.

But after Ye Qia laughed, Jia Jia was struck into a daze.
This one and the Ye Qia in his memories seemed to be different.
When he was with him before, Ye Qia had never laughed before; even if he smiled, it was an icy cold one, otherwise it was a harsh one.
Ye Qia was indeed born to look cold and fierce; if he boarded up his face it was enough to frighten a child, but once he laughed, this threat disappeared in an instant, bringing with it a lazy softness.

I must be seeing ghosts ba?

Jia Jia was self-doubting on one hand, slowly relaxing on the other; with both of them speaking together and laughing for a few sentences, the atmosphere quickly eased up between them.
Ye Qia’s original personality had always been an expert at “controlling the mood”, it is definitely a lot easier to deal with former clients.

When they conversed until they reached the topic about the terrifying taste of this restaurant, Jia Jia abruptly remembered his purpose of coming here today, saying, “Right, you haven’t mentioned where Xia Zhi went.”

“I have returned!”

When Xia Zhi strode into the restaurant, the first thing he saw was Jia Jia moving closer to Ye Qia, their faces almost pasting on each other, an appearance of affectionate intimacy.
There was a movement in his inner heart, a vague insecurity appearing in his mind.
Suppressing that chaotic “soulful instinct”, he loudly declared his existence, “You guys are still eating? What are you chatting about ne~?”

“Nothing much.” Ye Qia raised his eyebrow, saying, “How come you’re back already?”

“Things went very well, I’ve handed that guy over to my colleague already, the following procedures don’t require my services anymore.” Xia Zhi proudly sat down, saying, “There’s a commission fee, how much the amount is, I won’t tell you!”

Ye Qia rolled his eyes at him, returning back to the menu, casually saying, “That’s right, you tell Xiao Jia about what happened today ba.”

Xiao Jia? You actually call him Xiao Jia?

Cracks appeared on Xia Zhi’s facial expression in a flash, however, he quickly concealed it, forcefully remaining calm as he said, “It’s nothing big, that guy from today was a gambling ghost, owing some 10 million in gambling debt……”

“Oh——” A humming sound came from Jia Jia’s mouth, “This guy couldn’t have been one of your targets ba?”

“It was.” Xia Zhi raised his chest, letting out a snort, just like a cold-blooded killer, “I identified who he was with just a glance.”

Ye Qia softly added a sentence, “You identified him after hearing his name.”


“Have you seized him?” Jia Jia smiled, “That person would obediently follow you out?”

“If he didn’t want to go also cannot, in the end, I’ve already caught him!” Xia Zhi had a well-thought out plan as he said, “All in all, he’s not acceptable anymore, I’ll introduce you to an even better one next time.”

“Should I still need to go through you?” Jia Jia gave a snort of contempt, “After all you also ask Brother Ye to introduce ma, I can just directly ask His Majesty, no need to ask you!”

You call him Brother Ye? Just try to call him like that again and see!

The blue veins on Xia Zhi’s forehead had already burst out, squeezing out a hard to look at smile, grinding his teeth as he said, “Is that so? You think that, if I did not promise, Ye Qia would still introduce them to you?”

Unexpectedly, Jia Jia did not continue to argue back and forth with him, but instead turned his head and directly asked Ye Qia, “Would you?”

“It depends.” Ye Qia was currently calling the waiter over to order some dishes, casually replying, “But I trust Xia Zhi’s eyes.”

“I certainly don’t want someone good, that’s no fun.” Jia Jia pouted, “Brother Ye, you must certainly introduce a spicy one to me, it’d be best if he were like you, then this whole lifetime of mine would be satisfied!”

Jia Jia, what do you fucking mean by this?

Based on his past, Xia Zhi would have already angrily scolded and rushed over, but now, he just sat there spasming while smiling, his fist tightly clenched beneath the table.

Tonight it was Xia Zhi who treated the guest, but the money was borrowed from Ye Qia.
After the two sides disbanded, once he got in the car, he then roared at Ye Qia, “You’re treating tonight’s dinner!”

Ye Qia had a look of confusion on his face, “Didn’t you say it’s your treat?”

Xia Zhi knew that it was his mood that wasn’t right, breathing deeply for a few times he suppressed the unknown fire, saying, “What did you call Jia Jia?”

“Xiao Jia.”

“What do you call me?”

Ye Qia finally understood, laughed in ridicule, saying, “You mind[1] that?”

“Mind!” Xia Zhi knocked on the floorboard of the small broken car, “Both of you have only known each other for how long!? What does this count as? I’ve only stepped out for less than an hour!”

“Alright alright.” Ye Qia used the afterglow to look at Xia Zhi’s ruffled feathers appearance, cocking the corner of his mouth as he said, “It’s my treat tonight.”

Xia Zhi huffed a breath from his nose, this matter can be counted as having been revealed.
He had absolutely never thought that, a few days later, Jia Jia actually would have a new request, “Xia Zhi ah, lemme ask you something, I want to hire your family’s Ye Qia to be my Master, is that okay?”

[1] Mind (至於, zhi4 yu2), ie make a big fuss over a small matter,,, also maybe a pun on Xia Zhi’s name, since the character (至, zhi4) is in his name (夏至, xia4 zhi4)

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