47, Episode Six – Accumulated Things (4)

After hanging up, Xia Zhi wavered on whether he should or should not lend a hand; this request was really not too overboard, he has also acted as the “Red Dragonfly[1]” before in the past.
After all, gays are a minority, and if there were no connections, just by relying on a one man search team scouting around, it is completely uncertain of even the year that you would have managed to find your other half.

Jia Jia has been his good friend of many years; it’s his obligation to introduce a boyfriend to him, but, since the one that Jia Jia is looking for is an S boyfriend, then he has no choice but to borrow Ye Qia’s power.
He isn’t scared of owing Ye Qia’s feelings——he could just get it back from Jia Jia no matter how much he owed——but, he simply felt that this was not quite reliable.

“It’s not possible.”

It turns out, after listening to Xia Zhi’s favour, Ye Qia flung out these three words without hesitation, and then buried his head back into trimming his bonsai.

Xia Zhi pouted, resolving to put forth his last bit of effort, “Why? I just won’t believe that in that circle of yours, there is not even one single man.”

“Got ah.” Ye Qia’d eyes did not move at all, “Those who have an explosive violence and are leaning towards energetic perversion, you want?”

The corners of Xia Zhi’s eyes shrunk, saying, “I understand now, your meaning is that there is currently no stock for the luxurious ones like you, right?”

“I won’t object if that’s how you want to put it.”

“Object your sister ah!” Xia Zhi huffed out, “Haven’t you thought about it, between you guys and the low-levelled perverts, is there still a group of slightly more normal ones ba? Not high and not low, can be counted as regular but also not so regular, his figure still within the zone of “can still be accepted”, is there none?”

Ye Qia’s hand that was pruning stilled for a bit, and he let out a look of deep thought.
He nodded his head after a while, “Ah, I’ve already forgotten that there’s also this batch of people.”

Xia Zhi’s head was full of black lines, helplessly saying, “You’re joking ba?”


“…… Actually, you are not joking ba?”


“All in all, you must think of a way for me.” Xia Zhi has finally seen some hope, how could he possibly give up now, “My standards are also not that high, whether it’s successful or there’s still a next time, so long as they can be accountable and we have handed them over then it’s fine.
Once, no, going on a date twice is also fine too, not forcefully setting up a one night stand, in the end whether it works out or not is my problem.”

Ye Qia turned his attention back to his pot of bonsai again, saying calmly, “Got it, I’ll be on the lookout.”

Xia Zhi assigned this matter and then forgot about it quickly, he has never been the type to pay attention all the time; once his work got busy, once the spring heat came, this broken matter of Jia Jia’s was already thrown to the back of his mind.
All the way until the day before April Fools, he was currently planning how to refine those muscular, simple minded colleagues, when Ye Qia sat on the bed and uttered a sentence, “We are going out to eat dinner tomorrow night.”

He didn’t take much note of it, casually saying, “To where?”

“Nox, heard of it?”

“Oh, that new restaurant with a terrible reputation ah, I heard that it was a Thai restaurant?”

“En, and it’s quite expensive too, sooner or later it will close shop.”

“That rental unit is always opening and closing shop, I’ll estimate that this shop is also not going to open for long, perhaps the feng shui is not very good.
I heard that the coupons for this Thai restaurant have been distributed everywhere, if we have any then we should hurry and use it up.”

“The former store was not bad, the boss was also very handsome.”

Xia Zhi replied, letting slip an expression of approval, “It’s actually really good, but I feel that his bed skills are going to be really unacceptable.”

Ye Qia looked at the screen and laughed, “How can you tell?”


“Can your experience be comparable with mine?”

Once Xia Zhi heard this, he was in high spirits, “Come and try it out ma, come ma come ma, come and educate me personally!”

Ye Qia raised his tablet and patted his face.
After rolling his eyes at him, he said, “Don’t talk nonsense to me, what did I say first?”

Xia Zhi blanked for a bit, after a while he then thought of it, “Oh, right, you said to go to Qi Nuo[2] for dinner.
Why are we going to that shop, it’s so difficult to eat, I know of a better tasting place……”

“Don’t stray from the point.” Ye Qia tapped on Xia Zhi’s head again, “Tomorrow night is for your matter, have you forgotten?”

Xia Zhi was really confused at this moment, after meditating for a long while, he asked probingly, “Tomorrow you have prepared your whole person to be with me, and also prepared the terribly difficult to eat food at that restaurant? I’ll tell you, even those colleagues of mine also can’t even eat half of the things, you will just end up wasting a whole lot of…… wu!”

Ye Qia used his tablet to block Xia Zhi’s unceasingly chattering mouth; this guy has become more and more wishy-washy recently.
The two of them would often spend their nights idly chatting away, chatting and chatting until the topic strayed for miles and miles away.
In the end, nobody knew what they’ve even been chatting about just now.
In total, this problem especially made people increasingly depressed when they were discussing about important matters.
Although being like this is not too bad, but he also does not intend to continue on with this nonsensical idle chatter either.

“That friend of yours, Jia Jia, do you still remember?”

Bringing it up like this, Xia Zhi immediately came to a sudden realisation, “Ohh, you’ve already found someone to introduce to him?”

“En.” Ye Qia nodded his head, “There’s a person, his annual income……” He shot a glance at the Xia Zhi who was shaking with vigour, saying, “Anyway, it’s more than yours, you said that Jia Jia is a small white-collar, then he should be higher than him.
His personality is still acceptable, I don’t really keep in contact with him, but I didn’t see anything that’s not right with him.
His abilities at BDSM is also not bad, though he’s not that popular in the circle, but I feel that it’s sufficient to deal with your friend.”

“He doesn’t seem too bad.” Xia Zhi crawled over to Ye Qia’s leg, stretching out his lazy waist, “Can give it a try, after all, I don’t care whether it works out or not.”

Ye Qia mumbled to himself, “…… If it works out then that’s just strange.”

Xia Zhi rolled over to Ye Qia’s front, hugging that uniform and beautiful waist, earnestly asking, “Why would it not succeed?”

“There’s no why.”

He worked hard to surround Ye Qia, sticking his face to Ye Qia’s abdominal muscles, intoxicatedly rubbing against it twice, asking again, “There’s always a reason ma.”

Ye Qia put down his tablet, hesitating for a moment, saying, “There are a lot of reasons ba, it’s too complex.
Not everyone is as lucky as us, even if it’s us, aren’t we also lacking in some parts?”

Xia Zhi abruptly raised his head, asking with uncertainty, “Are we lacking in some places?”

“…… Go and play in your corner.”

Seeing that Ye Qia took up his tablet once again, Xia Zhi unyieldingly slapped the tablet away, roaring, “You’ve actually fucking thought about breaking up with me?”

Ye Qia calmly answered, “Did not.”

“You did for sure!” Xia Zhi thundered, “You did for sure! You did! You did! If you have never thought that way then you wouldn’t talk like this!”

“Did not.”

“You did!”

“Really did not.”

“You did for sure!”

“I really haven’t.”

“You did for sure!” He paused for a bit, a wretched smile bloomed on Xia Zhi’s face, “But, if you finger me once then I’ll believe that you haven’t!”

“…… Are you a cat in heat?”

Xia Zhi’s vigour immediately arose, rushing straight ahead, “I am! Come and tug on my tail, miao——!”


On the first of April, when Xia Zhi went to work, he received the chasing of a number of muscled men, and got off work in the blissfulness of being surrounded by muscles.
He rushed over to Nox, noticing that Ye Qia was talking to a man.
His first impression of the man was not in his expectations; this man was not extremely brilliant, but he has a kind of extraordinary elegant temperance.
Moreover, he looks very familiar.

He walked over, greeting him.

“Hello, I am Xia Zhi.”

“Hello.” The man stood up and gave a polite smile, saying, “Cheng Jia Rong.”

“Cheng Jia Rong…… Are you from Hong Kong?”

Cheng Jia Rong let out a grin, “My accent gave it away?”

“Damn, I’ve finally remembered it, you owe ten million in gambling debt!”

[1] Red Dragonfly,,, (紅爹, hong2 die1) really no idea what does this symbolise, cause i keep getting kamen rider when i search it up.
Also, “爹” is how people from ancient china address their fathers, so a direct translation would be red father?? Red godfather??? but it does sound quite similar with (红蝶, hong2 die2), which can mean geisha,, and since the context is about being a matchmaker of sorts, i assume it means that Xia Zhi is a matchmaker……

[2] Chino/Nox (諾奇/奇諾, Nuo4 Qi3/Qi3 Nuo4), he’s playing with the name of the restaurant, putting it the other way around purposefully xDDD

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