45, Episode Six – Accumulated Things (2)

Xia Zhi looked at Ye Qia, felt more than noticed that the other party’s gaze held some traces of uncertainty.
Those pursed lips evidently portrayed the nervousness of the inner heart.
He looked back at that gang of scoundrels he had as friends, asking, “What’s wrong?”

“There’s a client of mine within your friends.”

Xia Zhi immediately opened his eyes wide; he pulled Ye Qia over to a corner full of interest, asking, “Which one, which one?”

“The one wearing a black shirt.”

Xia Zhi stretched out his neck for a look, noticing the only one wearing black.
It turned out to be his sworn brother that he had known the longest, Jia Jia.
Before graduating, he relied on a bit of his “good looks” and wanted to run off to a bar to become a “highly-paid worker”, intending to relieve some of his financial difficulties, but was ridiculed by the interviewer Jia Jia at the time.
Both of them ended up in a big fight.
After that, he went and found an honest job at the supermarket that paid by the hour.
The funny thing was, not long after that, he was to interview a new person who was looking for a job, and it actually turned out to be Jia Jia, and both of them got into yet another fight once again.

The whole thing that went with the saying “from an exchange of blows, a friendship grows” was just like this.
Counting from now, they have known each other for almost ten years; he had never even thought of it, that Jia Jia actually has such an interest in private.

“He’s one of your current clients?”

“No, one from very long ago.”

“Are you sure?”

“What do you want me to say as proof?”

“…… Forget it, it’s still better if you don’t say it.” A chill spread throughout Xia Zhi’s body.

Ye Qia rolled the whites of his eyes at him, saying, “Do you still want me to go?”

Having gone through the experience with White, Xia Zhi managed to understand Ye Qia’s mindfulness towards profession, immediately saying without hesitation, “Go, is there a reason not to go!? I have such a hot boyfriend, if I don’t flaunt him now then when am I even waiting for?”

Ye Qia let out a grin, pulling on Xia Zhi’s hand and walking over.

Xia Zhi’s outwardly expression displayed an extreme calmness, but his inner heart was quite a bit nervous.
He doesn’t care at all what the other party thinks of Ye Qia’s career, but he was afraid that Jia Jia would say out some inappropriate words at the wrong time.
At that time when he got angry, it would be difficult to not make a move.
He does not want to lose Ye Qia, and he also does not want to lose a friend from so long ago, but if the both of them clashed with each other…… Uh, he reckons that he will still be biased towards Ye Qia.

“Bastards, I am here!” Xia Zhi deliberately yelled out, “How are things recently?”

Once he shouted, he then felt Ye Qia’s hand tightening around his own, like it was some sort of signal.
He involuntarily raised his chest, staring closely at Jia Jia, ready to handle emergency matters if they arose.

“When did you arrive?”

“Damn, where did you find such a hot boyfriend!?”

“God has turned blind, even a person like you can also find a boyfriend?”

All the people were smiling and grinning as they greeted him; Xia Zhi noticed that Jia Jia first was startled into a daze for a while, immediately revealing a stunned look, then becoming a little restless.
This reaction made him relax a bit, pretending as if nothing had happened as he greeted Jia Jia, “Brat, with who are you mixing with now?”

“The same old.” Jia Jia’s smile was a little unnatural, his gaze looking straight at Ye Qia, a thorn growing in his ass.

Xia Zhi felt that it was funny in the dark, abruptly pulling Ye Qia over and giving him a kiss on his cheek, welcoming the contemptuous envy with a big laugh, “What is it, not willing to accept it? Laozi’s luck is just that good!”

Ye Qia very diligently played the role of a vase character[1], a shallow smile, with just the right amount of gentlemanly manners, adding on his appearance that was pleasing to the eye, it did its job with diligence, easily attracting the attention of all those who were present, making him the most attention grabbing person, even though he did not say a word, he became the focus of the table.

“Alright, let’s play a game of killer[2] first!” Yelled someone, “I’ll be the host for the first round, come come come, draw your cards!”

Xia Zhi also did not object, this was their means of playing with a newcomer; the host would deliberately let Ye Qia draw the role of a policeman, then letting Xia Zhi draw the role of the killer; this sort of innocent cheating was to test the tacit understanding of the new lover.
He felt that it was quite interesting, observing the situation without a sound.

After the cards were drawn, when the judge said “It’s dark please close your eyes”, he secretly opened his eyes by a seam, sure enough, he saw Ye Qia inspecting the four corners.
In the end, Ye Qia’s gaze fell on his body.

Fuck, this is bad!

When it came to be another “sky is dark” time, Xia Zhi hurriedly opened his eyes, not hesitating in the slightest as he pointed to Ye Qia, not caring about the host’s expression of astonishment, his face savage as he looked like “he is the killer”.
Partly unsure of how to play, because he knew the answer, after exposing it, it is not so fun to play anymore.

When everyone opened their eyes, they then saw the host’s weird expression, “Strictly speaking, the policeman and the killer have both perished together.
Ye Qia has killed Xia Zhi, Xia Zhi “before his death” identified Ye Qia, you guys are really a match made in heaven.”

The table erupted in guffaws, Ye Qia slowed down and leisurely spoke, “Your expressions were too strange, it’s easy to guess.”

There was someone who shouted for Xia Zhi to give a deep tongue kiss.
He did not resist, pulling Ye Qia over for a deep kiss, kissing all the way until there were no more boisterous sounds from their sides, only then did he turn his head around and said smilingly, “Was that acceptable enough?”

Everyone that was present were crimson faced and red eared, there were also a few who were restless as they wiggled in their seats, they obviously had a reaction.
Xia Zhi had just wanted to laugh, when a paper towel was patted on his face, Ye Qia’s voice was ringing by his ear, “C’mon, wipe your saliva.”


Xia Zhi awkwardly wiped his lips, and the table was also restored with a warm atmosphere.
When Xia Zhi had just wanted to say something, Jia Jia suddenly stood up, grasping at his collar with great momentum, saying, “Accompany me to the toilet!”

“What? You wait…… Hey!”

Jia Jia pulled Xia Zhi into a cubicle, tightly holding on to his collar as he pressed him on the partition wall, even after lowering his volume he was still as loud as a cannon, saying, “Do you know of that Ye Qia’s identity?”


“Surely you don’t know ba?”


“I’ll tell you, he’s actually with the triad gangs!”

“I…… Wha-?” Xia Zhi’s eyes stared until they were round in just a while, “What did you say he was?”

“That man is the big brother of the black gang, very fierce, he surely hasn’t told you about it ba, he doesn’t even blink when he kills people, scaring people to death!” Jia Jia’s lips were already ashen, “You don’t know how scary he is, break up! Hurry and break up with him!”

“You wait a bit!” Xia Zhi desperately broke free from Jia Jia’s grip, letting out a pant, saying, “What are you saying? The big shot of a triad gang? Haha, no, he’s not……”

“He told you that he is a BDSM Master, did he not?”

Xia Zhi was surprised, frowning as he said, “Yes……”

“Actually he is mixed with the big brother, you really need to break up with him!”

“What are you guys doing?” The door was suddenly opened, Ye Qia was standing outside, leisurely retracting the foot that kicked the door, the gaze in his eyes were frosty and sharp as he said, “Is it not tight for two people to crouch in a cubicle?”

“Don’t come over!” Jia Jia suddenly roared out, holding his fist and rushing over, “Don’t touch my friend, if there’s anything, come at me!”

Ye Qia’s was was full of confusion, “What are you saying?”

“I know that you are with the black triads!” Jia Jia’s face was flushed red, after being silent for a few seconds, he suddenly roared again, “I am fighting with you!”

Not waiting for Ye Qia to make a move, Xia Zhi decisively made a sneak attack on his good friend.
Jia Jia’s vision turned black, falling over stiffly.

After Jia Jia woke up, he only felt a violent headache.
He opened his eyes, looking at Ye Qia and Xia Zhi standing in the toilet speaking to each other in turn.
He let out a groan, Xia Zhi immediately turned his head around, saying, “It turns out that Ye Qia is a triad member!”

Not knowing why, a strong sense of crisis rose in Jia Jia’s heart.


[1] vase character, describing a person who uses their outward body worth to get by in life, with no inner value (describing a person’s inner person),,, or also meaning someone who looks good outwardly (just the beautiful appearance)….????? I’m assuming it’s that it just refers to how Xia Zhi wants to proudly show Ye Qia off, like he’s some sort of valuable vase, en, that makes sense

[2] game of killer, also known as the mafia game, commonly played in asian countries, where a group of people draw cards that represent the role they are going to play that round, there are quite a few variations of it, like for bigger groups of people you can add roles of doctors/healers and spies, but the standard few roles consist of the mafia/killer dude, the police dude, and regular citizens.
The game works in such a manner where the host declares the day and night conditions; the killer can only kill one person per night, and the police will have to identify who is the killer before all the citizens die.

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