44, Episode Six – Accumulated Things (1)

“Spring is here.” Xia Zhi stood on the balcony, only wearing a pair of shorts, a refreshing expression on his face, “I want to go out and play.”

Ye Qia had just woken up, his two feet were bare, walking out while donning an unkempt and slovenly face.
Because of last night’s “sexual welfare” life, the colour of his face was much like a drug addict, haggard and pallid; only after a good few minutes did he slowly speak, “You’re not going to work?”

“This weekend ma.” Xia Zhi said cheerfully, “How is it? Let’s go to the suburbs and have fun, which place do you think is good?”

After a long while, Ye Qia then took his time, saying, “I know of a place, it should fit your tastes quite well.”

Xia Zhi shook with excitement, saying, “Alright, then let’s go there!”

And then, on the bright and sunny Saturday, the spring breeze whisking over their faces, sunny weather in the clear blue skies, Xia Zhi followed Ye Qia to a holiday villa with a heart full of expectations.
It was said that it was sent by a client, a comfortable residential area located in the suburbs; the external environment was very ordinary.
However, the inside of the house was not as “ordinary”.
He stared woodenly with his mouth agape at the whole room of fake dicks, the ceiling, the walls, even the floor was riddled with large boxes brimming with it; this is simply the “Tintin[1]” house ah!

“What is this?” asked Xia Zhi.

“A toy house.” Ye Qia spirit was a lot better, although he still carried some parts of laziness, “You can also call it a dildo house.”

Dark clouds gathered gradually at the top of Xia Zhi’s heart, “What did you bring me here for?”

Ye Qia broke into a grin, “Didn’t you want to play? Is this novel enough?”

“Novel is novel enough……” Xia Zhi was a little unsure of how to describe it, “Why is it that I keep feeling that your bringing me here is not something good ne? Oh, if you wanted to take some of these things to deflower my butt then that is something good, other than that, it’s quite disastrous.”

Ye Qia was silent for a period of time, then with a sigh, he said, “This place hasn’t been cleaned up properly for more than a week.”

“So?” Xia Zhi inexplicably said, “The inside of our house also hasn’t undergone a spring cleaning for half a month.”

“The things in our house won’t be stuffed into a chrysanthemum.”

Xia Zhi thought for a while, letting out a wretched smile, “That can’t be said for sure.”


Ye Qia was not in a good mood as he stuffed a piece of cotton cloth into Xia Zhi’s hands, “Begin ba, specialised use cleaning detergents, disinfectants, high temperature steriliser and maintenance supplies, take these, I’ll open the doors at noon.”

“Wait, wait a bit, what do you mean open the door at noon? You wait……” Xia Zhi had not even reacted, and could only watch as Ye Qia’s never seen before agility and nimbleness brought him out the door in a rush; when he ran over, the door had already been locked, “Ye Qia, wait! You wait——!”

After yelling for five minutes, the Xia Zhi who wanted to mess about dug out his phone and snapped a few pictures, taking up a few dildos to play with for a bit.
In the end, he still began cleaning up honestly, comparing the differences between the “man-made artificial crystals” while rubbing at them.

This one’s a bit rough ah, but the carved blood vessels on the top are really not bad, oh, the vessels turned out to be soft, what’s filled on the inside? Really high tech!

Ah, the curve on this one is really subtle, wu, it should be easy for it to poke the prostate, it’s definitely gonna feel good.

Wow, is this even to be used by humans? Isn’t it obviously for horses? Yi? It actually turned out to be for horses……

Damn, I really want to use this one, it’s looks really similar to Ye Qia’s shape, wait a second, it can’t have been molded out ba?

When Xia Zhi attempted to use a tool to scrape some gold flakes off a shiny golden dildo, the speaker in the room rang out, “Are you done wiping?” 

He raised his head, looking around four corners with uncertainty, saying, “Ye Qia?” 


Ye Qia replied and then fell back into silence.
Through the speaker, a scattered kasha kasha sound was brought over.
Xia Zhi listened for a while, then suddenly erupted in anger, “Fuck, you’re eating chips again? Didn’t you already finish eating the flavour that you like? Where did you get more?” 

“…… It’s yours.”

“Not allowed to eat my Spanish Red Braised flavour!” Xia Zhi angrily threw down the wash cloth, yelling loudly, “There’s just one packet left of it!” 

Ye Qia suddenly asked, “Did you scratch some golden powder off just now?” 


Xia Zhi silently lowered his head and continued working hard at rubbing the dicks.
After he finished cleaning and his forehead had a headful of sweat, Ye Qia’s voice rang again, straight to the point, “Finished? Come and eat lunch ba, the door’s open.”

Xia Zhi weakly crawled up, crossing over a pile of various types of “toys”.
He pushed at the door, and it actually opened.
He walked into the first floor living room, seeing Ye Qia once again playing a mentally retarded game, 《Bejeweled》.
A bowl of instant noodles was placed on the luxury table of a restaurant; although it was exuding an aroma that tempted people, it was not compatible with the luxurious decorations that surrounded it.

He sat down and used a pair of chopsticks to stir the noodles twice, saying, “You’ve installed a monitor in that room ba?”

“All the rooms in this villa has been installed with monitors.”

“Even the toilet?”

“The monitor in the toilet is installed facing the direction of the butt in the toilet bowl.”

“…… Then what should I do if I want to use the toilet?”

“Is there any place on your body that I haven’t seen before?”

Xia Zhi pouted, starting to eat his noodles, he asked while eating, “Are you free tomorrow?”

“What for?”

“I have a get together with my friends, are you coming?”

Ye Qia’s hand stilled, the originally urgent time reached its end, GAMEOVER.
He raised his head, staring at Xia Zhi as he asked, “We’ve only known each other for five or so months, do you think it’s appropriate?”

Xia Zhi shrugged his shoulders, “Quite appropriate, haven’t you also brought me over to this villa?”

Ye Qia raised an eyebrow, a wave of understanding came over him, smiling as he said, “Sure, I can postpone tomorrow’s work.”

“Is it expensive?”

“Still alright.”

“Then alright ba, you should also get to know my friends.”

Xia Zhi indeed had these kind of thoughts, he believed that it’s time for another step forward in their relationship.
Given that he had always excluded Ye Qia from his friend circle, it’s still better for him to be more proactive.
For this one day, he had thought over it for a long time.

On the weekend, Xia Zhi had planned to yell at Ye Qia to wake up early in the morning, dress up him nicely for a bit, it’s important to pay attention to dressing ma.
He didn’t expect that, the moment he opened his eyes, he would see that the other side of the bed was already empty.
He was doubtful as he got up, walking to the washroom, then noticing that Ye Qia was looking in the mirror while shaving.

“How come you’ve woken up so early?”

Ye Qia leaned on one side, his face was coated with foam, his eyes were bright, “All in all, I shouldn’t be slovenly and unkempt when following you to meet people ba?”

Xia Zhi was surprised, then immediately got excited, proudly saying, “It’s nothing big anyways, actually, you don’t need to dress up so extravagantly, my friends won’t judge people based on their appearance……”

“Is that so?” Ye Qia conveniently also grabbed a towel, “Then let me simply mess it up a bit ba.”

“Don’t!” Xia Zhi roared; upon seeing the playful look in Ye Qia’s eyes looking over at him, he squeaked and stuttered as he said, “Uh, I feel that, you, you don’t need…… Uh, in short, your current appearance is very good, I feel you, you have always been good.
No matter what kind of you, I like them all!”

Ye Qia’s hand that retrieved the towel placed it back, nodding his head, “Thank you.”

Xia Zhi and his friends had arranged to meet up at a board game coffee house; he is a loyal board game enthusiast, and most of his gay friends who have maintained their friendship for a long time also liked it a lot.
Once they entered, he pointed at a bunch of men and said, “Over there, let’s go.”

After he said that, he then felt Ye Qia stop moving.


[1] Tintin (丁丁, ding1 ding1), slang for dickie xD

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