41, Episode Five Being Pressured and Being Hit (9)

Ye Qia was still very worried even after giving his friends a call; he really wanted to give Xia Zhi a good spanking, though he knew that this would not help the situation at all.
He knew that Xia Zhi did not intend to kill a person, but the judge would not care whether your mind was a blank field at that time or not, the objective condition is, White was unarmed and not hostile.

I admit that your occasional temper and pitiful remorse is quite amusing, but it can’t always be like this ah, little bastard!

Ye Qia was thinking about how he should discipline that guy after he gets home, as he ran into White’s address.
Seeing how the doorway and the corridor had some speckles of bloodstains, he was extremely worried whether he would be met with a corpse or not after entering.
He had just seen Queen’s corpse a few months ago, he did not want to see yet another one in such a short period of time.

Xia Zhi had always thought he was very bold, he’d dare to do anything, and also he would never miss.
In truth, this was only based on countless practice sessions as well as careful cautiousness.
He was very clear on how fragile a person’s body can be, and had also seen many people who had perished just because of one accidental tiny touch.
To him, the bolder one is, the more cautious one gets, looks like breaking the law, but one has to be cautious.

“White?” He lightly called out, as for whether there would be a reply or not, his inner heart was uncertain, “You alright?”

“No, I’m good.” A big and tall guy walked out from the bathroom, holding a large towel to his head, a weird smile plastered on his face, “Teacher, it really is not easy to meet with you*.”

“You don’t have to call me Teacher.” Ye Qia’s sight was measuring White’s pale face for a while, then he turned his body and opened the door, made a gesture of please, “Let’s go, I’ll bring you to the hospital.”

“Meeting with Magician? Oh, I’ve also admired him for a while, don’t know what kind of feeling would he be able to bring me ne~?”

Ye Qia pressed his lips to each other lightly, then relaxed himself again, standing at the door holding his stare at White.
A few minutes of meeting each other’s vision later, White gave up, shrugging his shoulders, saying, “Alright, since you insisted.”

On the road, White behaved very well, quietly sitting in the passenger seat, with one hand holding the towel, it was just like he didn’t exist.
When the car stopped, he suddenly spoke, “Teacher, do you* feel that I’m not good.”


“Did I do something wrong?”


“Then why are you so indifferent and cold to me?”

White, there seems to be no contractual relationship between me and you currently?”

“Are we not friends?” White’s light coloured eyes contained a trace of moisture, pitifully saying, “Why is it that you* are not the least bit warm towards me?”

Ye Qia placed one hand on the car door, keeping silent for a long time, then asked quietly, “If I were to be warm towards you, what would you think of doing?”

“Of course it’s a hot training session.” Fireworks flashed in White’s eyes, “Your* technique is the most splendid amongst all that I have seen! Oh, I already can’t wait!”

So that is the reason why I am not warm towards you, and I’m not a robotic Master, have you ever been concerned about my person?

“Apologies, I am not your Master.” Ye Qia’s tone was like a public official, “Hurry up and get down the car, your face is as white as toilet paper, do you want to let that beautiful stepmother of yours pick up a corpse?”

White’s stepmother was both young and beautiful, venomous like a scorpion.
This woman made him fascinated, but at the same time so terrified that his whole body would start shaking.
This is his deepest darkest secret, Xia Zhi is his one and only insider who knows of matters.

Sometimes, a Master also need a means to protect his life.

These words obviously did not lightly scare White; he fiercely sat up straight, his head then heavily hit the ceiling of the car.
He let out a scream, curling up like a caterpillar for a few times, painfully cursing out a string of foreign words, sucking in the cold air as he climbed out of the car.
He couldn’t hold back and complained, saying, “Teacher, your* car is too terrible, I’ll gift you* a new car ba.”

“Thank you, no need.” Ye Qia pulled on White’s arm, using strength to “support” him and walked into the hospital.
Once he saw Magician, he let out a breath in the dark——No matter what, there are still people here willing to share the troubles with him.

“I’ll leave him to you.” He gave White a push, turned his body and left.
When he was leaving, he also used the local dialect to say a sentence, “Casual treatment.”

At this moment, Xia Zhi was uneasy at home, he did not know just how serious the matter was: The most serious was that White had died, and he’d go into prison, the lightest, it also could be counted as bodily harm ba?

The door lock rang, Xia Zhi rushed over like a husky, hugging the Ye Qia who had just stepped inside the door, voice full of tears as he wailed, “I don’t want to go to prison!” Ye Qia glanced at him, his small heart jumped, holding his breath as he said, “Has he died?”

“No.” Ye Qia did not have interest in teasing Xia Zhi, this sort of matters should not be made into a joke, “You can relax, when I sent him to the hospital he was still very lively, if he died then it’s all Magician’s problem.”

Xia Zhi suddenly released a long breath, his butt slipping and sitting on the floorboards.
After a long while he said without regret, “It’s a pity I didn’t chop him to death.”


“Nothing!” Xia Zhi wanted to say a few good words, on seeing Ye Qia’s gloomy expression, thousand words and million phrases all turned into a, “It’s been hard on you.”

Ye Qia removed his coat, hooked his finger, saying, “Come here, let me see your back.”

“It’s already OK.” Xia Zhi was even more guilty, turning his body around, lifting his clothes to reveal the greenish purple waist of his back, “Caucasian people have thick skin and rough flesh, the body hair is thick enough to become a blanket, I really don’t know how you can endure doing this and doing that to that kind of people…… Ow!” He held his back and crawled a few steps forward, moaning and groaning in pain, “Why did you hit me?”

“This is your punishment for finding trouble for me.” Ye Qia sat calmly, the muscles that did not stop twitching at the corner of his eyes revealed his inner emotions, “Now do you still feel that it’s nice to find money to earn?”

“I……” Xia Zhi’s voice lowered, saying, “Are all your clients this sort of people?”

“White counts as one of the better ones.” Ye Qia knocked on the table, “Most of them only make my hand sore after beating them, after all, their births are not bad.” Also it’s a mad motherly love.

Xia Zhi slowly turned his body around, shifted himself in front of Ye Qia, tugging on the pants of his cohabitation partner, saying, “Actually White also didn’t really say anything that was too hard to listen to, but there’s just a type of…… I’m not good at saying, that type of feeling that was very wrong and suppressed.”

Ye Qia interrupted, “The client has never treated the Master as a person, your self-esteem is too high, there’s no way you can accept it.”

Xia Zhi gaped his mouth, and only squeezed out a sentence, “I know you mean well for me.”

Ye Qia did not say anything, just supporting his head as he stood up, saying, “Let’s go ba.”

Some words did not need to be spoken aloud; Xia Zhi understood by himself.
Due to his experience growing up, has a natural aversion to violence, but, by unconsciously using violence to protect himself, this then resulted in his strangely high self-esteem and a hard to appease temper.

Ye Qia was inclusive of him, and cleverly handled everything.

They met each other at the right time, right person, uh, the place was not quite right, but it doesn’t matter.

That night, Xia Zhi drilled into Ye Qia’s blanket nest.
In the middle of the night, he was kicked off the bed by a heated up and mad Ye Qia.

The next day, Taotie gave Xia Zhi a call, “Congratulations, White wants to sign the official Master-Slave contract with you.”

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