38, Episode Five Being Pressured and Being Hit (6)

Regarding his meeting with White, Xia Zhi was still a bit nervous.
On the weekend of the set appointment, he was “fine-tuned” by Ye Qia for a whole day, dressed up for an hour, then went to Taotie’s house in advance to receive and refresh the principle guidelines.

“White was born in a conservative British noble family, you should know ba, it’s that kind of antique traditions that should have been eliminated by the times.
Fortunately, this family clan is prospering in his hands.” Taotie sat on the sofa, that prestigious “slave” baring his upper half body, the ropes on his body binding him much like a scorpion, half kneeling beside the sofa, holding a silver plate in one hand, making it convenient for Taotie to use as a platform for his teacup.

Xia Zhi found it very awkward, but Ye Qia had already administered an immunisation vaccine; this is a kind of “treat him as his own person” relationship, he has to get used to it.
This man is Taotie’s life partner, they had held a branding ceremony in the circle before, expressing their feelings for each other.

He had secretly sized him up before, there was no brand on the man’s body, it was obviously located under the tight and cumbersome leather belt.
By the way, the man’s body figure was quite good, his age was not small, but the muscles on his body did not degrade, and he did not know how did he maintain it……

“Are you listening to what I’m saying?” asked Taotie.

Xia Zhi was dazed, opened his mouth and squeaked out, “Uh, listen, I’m listening ah.”

Taotie smirked and asked, “What do you think about it?”

“I find that it’s quite good ah.”

Taotie smiled even more gently, “I’m asking about what you think of having sexual contact with White?”


Xia Zhi was wide mouthed and his tongue was tied up in knots as he looked at Ye Qia, but he was only met with an expressionless face; is there any hidden dissatisfaction within those dead fish eyes, he really can’t guess, because he hadn’t been listening to the words spoken just now at all.

Are all Masters so evil? Playing with people is a habitual attitude?

“What do you think about it?” Taotie smiled extremely brilliantly, “Are you willing to have sexual contact with White?”

“Uh, we seem to be discussing about how to refuse White ba?” Xia Zhi had finally gotten back a relatively normal way of thinking, “Why would we bring up sexual contact?”

“White portrays himself like a gentleman, but his bones are very brutal.
He has the pride of someone superior, and he does not admit defeat, disdaining people rejecting him, that’s why, we have to plan for the worst.”

Xia Zhi recalled White’s expression, letting out a sly smile, “And the worst plan is to go to bed with a handsome man, I definitely…… Cannot be like this!” In the zero point zero seconds that Ye Qia turned his head, he immediately severed and chopped the iron words, “How can that be allowed! I would never betray my boyfriend!”

Taotie seemed to be holding back his laughter, even that “human body tray” seemed to be shaking.
Xia Zhi’s face blushed red, not knowing what was safe to say.
Ye Qia was very calm, making people unable to discern what he was thinking, until he turned to face Taotie, saying, “Talk business, don’t tease him anymore.”

“Alright ba.” Taotie nodded his head, “You don’t have to worry too much about tonight, the only thing you must pay attention to is, when you eat you must not splash any juice on that shirt, for His Majesty extremely favours this piece, because this was given to him by his first love.”

“Hey——” This was Ye Qia.

“What?” This was Xia Zhi, “First love? You actually let me wear the shirt that your first love gave you!? Don’t you have some conscience ah? How old this shirt is, in addition, you actually let me wear cheap goods!? At this sort of crucial moment?”

Ye Qia’s face fell, and hazily said, “You only care about the price?”

Xia Zhi’s face was full of inexplicability, “Don’t tell me I’m supposed to care about the first love? I also had a first love, when skipping school I bumped into a hooligan, very handsome!” He gathered his breath, and roared at Taotie, “Can we not mess around any more? I want to head out already!”

Taotie and his husband both held back their smiles and made a quick exit.
Xia Zhi looked at the both-hands-in-his-pockets Ye Qia, moved over, saying in a small voice, “You guys have always been tearing at each other one is it?”


“Occasionally is referring to when?”

“When there’s a new person joining our little circle.” Ye Qia let out a breath, and relaxed himself, “You are not scared, or nervous at all, so Taotie was not cool with it.”

Once Xia Zhi heard this tone of voice, he knew that Ye Qia had already let go of himself, and was quite happy, “Don’t worry, they can’t get me.”

Ye Qia gave him a clean look, “Enough with you, let’s go.”

It was Xia Zhi’s first time sitting in a bulletproof car; feeling that it was a fresh experience, he attached himself to the glass window, trying to use a coin to leave a mark on it.
Of course, there was no effect, and all he got was Ye Qia rolling the whites of his eyes at him.

After the car stopped, his ever calm demeanour finally had some fluctuation.
He got down the car, looking at the luxuriously decorated restaurant, and couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty.

No matter how or what, he must refuse!

Hugging this sort of thinking, Xia Zhi waved goodbye to his “beloved ones”, followed the waiter by himself and walked in, and saw that handsome man sitting next to the window with just a glance.
White looked more eye-catching than he did before, under the light, his eyes shone with a light blue colour, mysterious and ambiguous, attracting people’s gazes and locking them there.

Once he saw him appear, White then stood up like a gentleman, placing one hand on his chest, with a smile he used some half-cooked Mandarin, “You’ve finally appeared, my beloved baby, it really is not easy to make an appointment with you.”

“I’ve been more busy recently.”

This matter has been drilled into him by Ye Qia before, he cannot be too forceful, having to soften his blade; it is impossible for him to straight up approach him with a punch and then yelling “leave”——Xia Zhi had indeed intended to do so in the beginning.

“Is that so? Perhaps the debt-collector’s job is also more busy, I’m not really lacking in money, don’t really understand.”

Xia Zhi’s scalp went numb: Is this the way belonging to all wealthy ones? I know everything, so it’s best if you just listen obediently.


“If there’s anyone who has a debt and is not paying up, I can represent you, give you 20% off.” Grinning, Xia Zhi tried his best to portray himself as a gentleman in answering the question, “You seem to be quite busy, not sure regarding what matters are you looking for me?”

“Just as what you said.” White leaned over, his light blue eyes resembling a large feline animal, making Xia Zhi retreat subconsciously, “I want to discuss business with you.”

Outside the restaurant, looking at the stiff smile on Xia Zhi from the faraway window, Ye Qia did not ever remove his sight.
He was a bit worried, but there was nothing that he could do, and he could only look on from afar.

“What can you see when you look at it like this?” Taotie was trying to light up a cigarette, the harsh wind scraped at him until he had no choice but to blink, “If I knew that your heart is so set on him early on, then you shouldn’t have lent him to me right from the start.”

Ye Qia sighed, “The matters of this world are hard to understand.”

“You’re saying that in such a short period of time you’ve fallen for him?”

“Hasn’t reached that extent yet.”

“Got a good feeling?”

Ye Qia did not answer, Taotie broke out in a grin, without paying attention he was snatched away by the smoke of his companion.
He shrugged his shoulders, turned his head and said to his best friend, “No matter what, the issue right now isn’t too large, you don’t have to worry, he doesn’t look like a kid anymore, he should be able to resolve it……”

His voice trailed off here, they were surprised as they realised that Xia Zhi had actually come out already; the dishes were still being brought out, yet the person had already ran in front of them.

Ye Qia wrinkled his brows as he asked, “What happened?”

“I…… Uh, didn’t refuse.”

Taotie had also retracted his smiling expression, saying, “What did you say?”

“He said he wanted me to be his Master.” Xia Zhi voice trembled a bit as he spoke, “A hundred bucks a minute, the duration is up to me.”

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