35, Episode Five Being Pressured and Being Hit (3)

Xia Zhi was very clear about his own disposition, he will try his best to control it.
But, once he saw those who were the same as his past self; getting off at some unknown location on an idle night, only for the sake of searching for the so-called “emotional affection” from a stranger’s body, but escaping from reality, neglecting the important things that he had already had, then he just couldn’t prevent the fire from surging.

Ye Qia was included in his feelings, making him ashamed and happy at the same time.
He brought up this topic with a guilty conscience, Ye Qia casually replied, “Isn’t it that you also don’t mind my occupation?”

The Xia Zhi right now would already not simple-mindedly ask “Could it be that you feel inferior because of your job?” these sort of words.
It was only during their harmonious times he would tightly hug Ye Qia, get his tongue tied into a twisted pastry, and give the other party an incessantly long and enthusiastic kiss.
After their lips had separated, Ye Qia gasped a breath, and said smilingly, “It looks like somebody is willing to be deflowered tonight.”

“It’s up to you to deflower.”

Xia Zhi and Ye Qia “manhandled” each other all the way from the living room into the bedroom, and pulled at the clothes on each other’s body, until there were no more clothes left on their bodies.
They were like two excessively vigourous beasts overlapping each other, rubbing every inch of skin, clearly jointed hands taking a leisurely stroll on the other’s privates, stroking the tender and sensitive places.

What Xia Zhi touched was a life root, and what Ye Qia touched were balls and a perineum.

Ye Qia had won, Xia Zhi sucked in a breath, his body turned from hard to soft like a piece of plasticine.
They grinded against each other, stroking each other’s life root.
When a clear liquid trickled from the peaks, then crazily nibbled and devoured the other party’s soft lips once more.

Suddenly, Ye Qia slapped Xia Zhi’s butt, saying, “Go apply enema.”

“No!” Xia Zhi was apprehensive, he sprung to the other side like an earthworm, “I don’t dare!”

Ye Qia closed in on him step by step, “I’ll assure you it doesn’t hurt.”

“Begone!” Xia Zhi threw out a few random kicks at Ye Qia, “I won’t have an enema!”

Ye Qia stopped his actions, let out a toothy grin, “You’ve said before that no matter what happens, I must do you to the death.”


Xia Zhi was like a little chick that was chased into a hurry by an eagle, running around in a frenzy.
He panicked and didn’t know where to run to and in the end he turned and ran into the closet, but he was dragged out of the closet by Ye Qia pulling on his leg.
Suppressing his sorrowful wails, an enema capsule was stuffed into his butt.

“…… What’s the dosage of the thing that you stuffed into my butt.”

“The dosage of ‘if you don’t go to the bathroom then let’s wait and change the carpet ba’ kind of amount.”

Xia Zhi put on the crying face befitting of a funeral, he crawled away holding his butt, and ran off to the bathroom.
Ye Qia leisurely strode over to the entrance of the door, asking, “Want my help?”

“Leave!” Came the energetic and fiery reply from inside, accompanied by wave after wave of groans.

Xia Zhi hated having an enema to the utmost, because after applying enema, he would become extremely sensitive; there was a time when he played around and got too HIGH, he even soiled a large piece of bedsheets, and was so dehydrated that he almost fainted.
To this end, he was laughed at and mocked by his boyfriend of that time for so long, and the propaganda of him having diarrhea when having sex had spread out throughout his friend circle.

Fucking hell, that was just intestinal fluid alright!?

Xia Zhi took a shower while hatefully thinking about how to get back at Ye Qia after he came out, when he felt a warmth on his cold back suddenly.
He felt a warm palm on his shoulder.
As for his butt, something was once again stuffed into it.

“Fucking, Ye Qia, did you graduate with a degree in enema? Even the nurses don’t insert it in as accurately as you do!” Xia Zhi struggled, trying to break free from his clutches, only to be pulled next to the toilet by Ye Qia, “You want me to die is it!”

“How could you die from an enema?”

Xia Zhi sat on the toilet bowl, pursed his lips as he hesitated on whether he wanted to talk about the matters from before or not.

Ye Qia saw him like this, caressed his head, saying, “Nothing’s wrong, just leave it to me ba……”

“Fucking roll out of here!” Xia Zhi was at the peak of his anger, both his eyes were red, flooded with the reflection of water, “Did you know that if I applied too much enema I’d get so dehydrated!?”

“Isn’t it normal to rehydrate oneself after having an enema?” Ye Qia’s face was full of question marks, “Could it be that whenever you had an enema in the past you didn’t drink much water?”

Xia Zhi stuck his tongue out, and lowered his volume, “Who’d give me water ah.”

“That’s fine, I’ll give you……”

“Roll out of here, your sister[1] !”

“…… I don’t have a sister.”

“Then roll your mother!”

Ye Qia let out a sigh, and said, “When I’m a bit more professional, giving you a bit more service, you tell me to leave.
Yet when I do it as I like, you say that I am not considerate of you.” He squatted down, looking straight into Xia Zhi’s eyes, “What exactly is it that you want me to do?”

Xia Zhi’s face was flushed, in a small voice, he said, “…… Can you go outside?”

“For what?”

“I want to fart.”

“It’s not like I haven’t seen you fart before.”


Looking at Xia Zhi’s tearful gaze, the expression of him biting down hard while grinding his teeth, Ye Qia put on an amused face and walked out.
After he waited for ten minutes, only then did he see the person come out.
There were still traces of a blush on his face, his eyes were red!! Looking extremely pitiful.

Ye Qia was startled, his heart couldn’t help but sway.
If it’s up to him to say, Xia Zhi has always been resolute, clear and transparent, it was easy to see through him, but no matter what, there was still no way to touch the softest inner heart.
Right now, he seemed to have touched a little bit of that little opening.

They were standing on the cold marble floor of the washroom doorway depositing their warmth.
When Xia Zhi had calmed his heart and the fluctuation of his physiological state, he said, “Let’s get on the bed ba.”


Ye Qia wanted to carry Xia Zhi, but he was refused.
He stood up, patted his butt and made a fierce expression in his eyes, then snatched the position of being the first to run into the bedroom, he dived onto the big bed like a fish.

After Ye Qia walked over, all that he could see was a butt exposed from the heap of the quilt.
It was not too perky but it was very round, he went in and caressed it for a bit, feeling that this butt was extremely slutty as it swayed.
He bowed his head and gave it a kiss, the kiss imprinted at the end of his spine made Xia Zhi tremble.
Suddenly, he heard a warning, “If you dare lick my anus, I won’t receive any kisses from you in this entire lifetime of mine.”


Ye Qia pounced on Xia Zhi, pressing him onto the bed, roughly rubbing his dick with one hand.
While biting on his earlobe, he said ambiguously, “You really are too difficult to serve.”

Xia Zhi stuck out his ass more, unwilling to give in to the other, he said, “Even more difficult compared with your clients?”

“Much more difficult.” Ye Qia lightly rubbed his long-awoken life root on the seam of Xia Zhi’s butt, “My clients are much more obedient than you.”

Xia Zhi cooperated, the scalding hot dick grinding against his perineum, bringing about waves and waves of numbing electric shocks.
His body became more stiff, unconsciously moving vigourously, and instead excited Ye Qia even more.
Their breathing grew heavy, hearts beating fast, almost as it they wanted to jump out of their throats, chests undulating, up until Ye Qia entered his body.

This is the first time, that they’ve joined bodies in a calm situation.
The thing buried deep in Xia Zhi’s body was pulsing fiercely, piercing through his already soaked passage like a blade.

“If it feels uncomfortable just say it.”

Xia Zhi heard the voice from behind his head, Ye Qia did not start moving immediately, but instead he was massaging the back of his head, kissing his shoulder blades.
He suddenly felt a bit of an urge to cry at his words.
Men are all the same, they’d be an asshole to others when in their youths, and also be treated as an asshole by other people.
Until finally one day, they will pay attention to the things that they did not pay attention to in the past.
Just like waking up from a long dream, then realising that having someone by their side is actually a very lucky thing; the remaining pitiful ones had to start afresh.

Xia Zhi was one lucky guy, because he has Ye Qia.

[1] 滾你妹的蛋! (2gun 3ni 4mei 4de 4dan) : is what Xia Zhi said, you know how people often bring up family members while cursing in Mandarin, yeh so basically he’s disrespecting Ye Qia’s younger sister specifically, of which Ye Qia does not have, hence the awkwardly translated dialogue that follows… since it doesn’t really translate well into English,, QAQ

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