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Chapter 4: Let ’s live together (IV)

The moment Xia Zhi turned around, he saw Ye Qia standing there while toting a plastic bag of groceries.
Mister Li immediately rushed over like a puppy to its master.
His knees were about to buckle, until Ye Qia scolded, ”Stand up straight, we ’re outside. ”

Mister Li trembled all over and then stood up straight again.
Xia Zhi was stunned at the sight of him standing there submissively next to Ye Qia.
There were no changes in physical appearance, but the aura given off by Ye Qia was completely different.
This was Xia Zhi ’s first time seeing Ye Qia in his working mode.

Ye Qia walked over and casually flung the bag to Xia Zhi, almost bowling him over—fucker, there are two large boxes of yogurt and a big tin of coffee cookies inside! Lately there had been many sales going on in the nearby supermarket and Xia Zhi had recently swept through it.
The two boxes of yogurt each contained twenty-four small cartons, which was a huge amount!

Faced with Ye Qia ’s warning glare, Xia Zhi swallowed back the cursing that had been about to escape.
He dawdled and brought the bags to Ye Qia ’s side, and then struggled for half a day before softly squeezing out a single word.
”Master. ”

Ye Qia turned around without saying anything.
Seeing that Mister Li was following after Ye Qia, Xia Zhi trailed a few steps behind the two, staring at Ye Qia ’s back the entire way.
This time however, his overly perceptive roommate didn ’t react, that is until they reached the front door of their home.
While angling his body to open the door, Ye Qia took the opportunity to throw Xia Zhi a fierce glare.

Xia Zhi worked hard to keep his anger and indignance in check.
The moment he was inside he went to the kitchen, which was another of Ye Qia ’s orders.
He had also been ordered not to go to the toilet.
Xia Zhi closed the door and pressed his ear against the door panel, and heard Mister Li speaking almost subserviently outside.

”Master, I couldn ’t find you anywhere. ”

”Why were you looking for me? ”

”I ’m in so much pain… ”

And then there was a long discourse on how painful it was, how difficult it was, and then it finally concluded with a sentence.

”Master, please don ’t cast away your pitiful slave! ”

Xia Zhi inexplicably began to feel anxious.
Even though he knew this was Ye Qia ’s job, it would be strange for him to not feel anything after hearing a man with strikingly good looks ”confessing ” to his boyfriend!

A while later, Ye Qia asked, ”Did the doctors discharge you from hospital? ”

Xia Zhi was startled.
His mind was blown away.
Oh fuck, could Mister Li be the guy with the hemorrhoids blooming all over his ass!? Are the heavens blind? A perfect looking man with that kind of thing? Regrettably, the next exchange established his unfortunate hypothesis.

”My bottom aches, ” said Mister Li in a tone as pathetic as one could get.
Just his voice alone was enough to convey a strong impression of a poor bullied victim.
”I wanted to see you. ”

Oh dear lord!

Xia Zhi couldn ’t clearly recall what they ’d said afterwards.
He was shocked by the truth.
Whenever he pictured that flawless face paired with a lump-filled butthole, he could feel his stomach churn as a torrent of conflicting emotions flooded his heart.

The kitchen door suddenly opened.
Xia Zhi was caught off guard and toppled over, falling into a hard and warm embrace.
He lifted his head and exchanged a look with Ye Qia, and then jumped with a start, as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over his head.
Just as he was about to kneel, a hand held him back.

”That person ’s gone, there ’s no need to pretend. ”

Xia Zhi peeked his head out for a look.
The living room was indeed empty with no one to be seen.
He clutched Ye Qia ’s collar and hastily asked, ”Is Mister Li the one with hemorrhoids blooming all over his ass!? ”

Ye Qia nodded.
He moved the hands from his collar and went inside the kitchen.

”Damn, how come he ’s born with those looks?! ” rambled Xia Zhi incoherently, ”Did he get plastic surgery? His face is just too perfect, it ’s exactly the same as a fake ’s! Is that even humanly possible? And his body ’s also too good, right? Did he stuff silica gel in his ass? It ’s both round and pert, I ’ve never seen a real ass like this! And his legs! How can he be an M? How come he loves these things? He could get any guy or girl he wants! Why must he… ”

Xia Zhi suddenly shut up, because Ye Qia had squatted down to pick up the bag off of the floor.
Xia Zhi had been restraining his fury before, and tossed the bag onto the floor the moment he entered the kitchen.
Luckily, their house was specifically soundproofed; even the storage room and toilet as well.
The items from the bag were spread out across the floor, and the black tiles were covered by a thick, white liquid.

It was a delightful sight to look at, but Xia Zhi knew it wasn ’t the time to point this out.

”I… ”

Ye Qia stood up with a mango-flavored yogurt in his hand.
”You cleaning? ” said Ye Qia with an emotionless face.

”I- I ’ll do it. ”

Xia Zhi waited for Ye Qia to leave the kitchen, before realizing he had just spoken in a submissive tone.
He angrily gave himself a light slap and swore, before looking down and sighing at the white color on the floor.

Ye Qia didn ’t say anything that night, and ate and slept like usual.

The worry in Xia Zhi ’s heart also slowly dissipated until the second day after he got off work, when Ye Qia handed him a key.

”What ’s this key for? ”

”I rented a new place, so from now on you can tell the clients to go there. ” Ye Qia ’s tone remained very calm, ”The key ’s a preventative measure, not for you to visit.
It would be best if you don ’t go there too often, and don ’t loiter nearby in case someone notices you. ”

At first, Xia Zhi was confused, but after hearing the entirety he became furious beyond words.
He threw the key away and thundered, ”What do you mean? ” Without waiting for a reply, Xia Zhi roared again, ”If you dare break up with me I ’ll fuck you over! You wanna bet on it? ”

Xia Zhi regretted it the moment the words slipped out.
He stared at Ye Qia uneasily, but couldn ’t say a word.

Instead, Ye Qia was inhumanly composed.
”Then what are your thoughts on it? ”

”Can you not bring your work home? ” cried Xia Zhi irritably, ”Since you can work nine to five, isn ’t it fine to not let those people come here? You can also give them a call and meet them outside! ”

”This is part of the service, ” said Ye Qia with his languid, deep voice, ”High fee-paying clients are usually a 24 hour service.
It ’s already a very special case to allow them to come find me. ”

”I don ’t care! ” Xia Zhi was unconvinced, disagreeing with everything.
”Is making money that important!? ”

”If I don ’t make money then will you support me? ” Xia Zhi almost blurted out ”Yeah, I ’ll support you ”.
For a moment Xia Zhi thought Ye Qia had laid a trap, but after meeting the pair of cool eyes, he knew it was not a joke.
After his bravado subsided, Xia Zhi stammered, ”I-It ’s also not a solution to always bring different men home like this! ”

”I ’m not bringing them home, they ’re the ones coming to me, ” said Ye Qia unhurriedly.
”Also, most of my clients have been in a long term partnership with me.
I take on very few new clients nowadays, so they don ’t count as strangers. ”

Xia Zhi knew that Ye Qia was providing an explanation, but he couldn ’t extinguish the nameless rage inside him.
Sometimes he could suppress it, only for it to spring up again moments later.
He knew it was his shortcoming, but it couldn ’t be fixed.
In any case, wasn ’t this the reason why he chose Ye Qia?

And so, he moved without hesitation.
If it can ’t be communicated clearly through words, then let it be communicated through the body!

Xia Zhi saw Ye Qia lean sideways, dodging his punch.
Ye Qia smoothly slid behind Xia Zhi, and soon after blackness overtook Xia Zhi ’s sight, leaving him in a state of complete disorientation.

When he opened his eyes, Xia Zhi immediately jumped up, enraged.
Before he could shout, he groaned and clutched his head, falling back onto the floor—still the black tiles, still the kitchen.

He climbed back up with great difficulty and shuffled to the living room while supporting himself against the wall.
It was still pitch black outside, and the clock on the wall showed that only five minutes had passed.

Ye Qia was sitting on the sofa in the living room with a cup of tea, exuding a lazy demeanor completely different from when in front of Mister Li before.
Xia Zhi sat down and took some deep breaths, before grumbling softly as he rubbed the back of his neck.

”How did your previous boyfriends deal with this? ”

”They all entered the scene. ” Xia Zhi thought there was a problem with his hearing.

”What? ” Ye Qia looked as if nothing had happened.

”Most of them turned into an M, but I wasn ’t willing to be their S, so we broke up.
One of them became a dom, but I ’m afraid they ’re probably dead by now.
Once that guy ’s on a high he ’ll neglect the slave ’s safe signals.
There were several occasions when the client made death threats to him. ”

Xia Zhi was stupefied.
”Was there not a single ordinary person? ”

Ye Qia lifted his head and said meaningfully, ”Do you think someone like me can meet an ordinary person? ”

Xia Zhi was dumbfounded.
Before he could even ponder over the meaning, Ye Qia had gotten up to take a bath.

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