33, Episode Five Being Pressured and Being Hit (1)

The holidays for the New Years was short-lived, Xia Zhi waist had only recovered by a trifle, and he was already coerced by the whip-holding Ye Qia to get on the treadmill and start running.
According to what Ye Qia said, his upper arm strength was especially important, so his basic training was to run on the treadmill while lifting dumbbells, and so this persisted for half a month.
After his work started once again,  to continuously train everyday after work became an almost impossible task.

“Nobody’s able to do it!” Throwing aside the towel that was drenched in cologne and sweat onto the floor, he yelled, flushed with anger, “You are torturing me!”

“I am solving this issue.” Ye Qia’s reply was ten-parts calm, “You also wish to solve it as soon as possible, don’t you?”

“Of course!” He shouted, “But the matter does not lie with whether I am able to carry and lift up that man or not!”

“Is that so? Come and carry me for a bit.”

Xia Zhi carried anger and strode a step forward, like a professional weightlifter he bent his waist, and easily wrapped Ye Qia in a princess-carry.
He was shocked for a bit, feeling the warmth of the flesh and blood of the human body supported by his arm, Ye Qia’s hand seizing his neck, both of their chests pasted together simultaneously, he was startled for a few seconds, he threw Ye Qia down, madly rushing over to the rowing machine and exerting much vigor.

“How do you feel?” In the living room, asked the Ye Qia who lay on the floor.

“It’s too awesome!” Xia Zhi was like the head of a red bull, his nostrils puffed with air, “I feel that I myself am also a man already!”

“You weren’t one before?”

“…… Feel that I’m now even more like a man!”

“And you weren’t that manly before?”

“Extremely masculine!” After Xia Zhi finished he added, saying, “Shut your mouth!”

Xia Zhi’s workout was very fruitful, a month later, he could see in the mirror that his biceps have become a little mountain, as well as a faint definition of abs, compared to Ye Qia’s six-pack, he had an eight-pack.

“Hahahaha, this old man’s abs has two more compared to you.”

“Only that your tendons have grown well.”

“What are tendons?”

“Google it yourself.”

Xia Zhi Googled it, but he still did not change his original opinion after.
To him, for such an outcome to occur was simply too unexpected and surprising.
He had thought that it would’ve taken a long time to see even just a bit of results.
This time, he also didn’t know whether it was because of Taotie’s equipment or Ye Qia’s regime being effective, but he has finally acquired the muscles that would make people envious.

“How is it?” After returning from work, he first went to the rowing machine and rowed a hundred times, then wearing a sports tank, struck the pose of an athlete with a wonderful body, Xia Zhi confidently asked Ye Qia, “Looking at me, am I attractive?”

Ye Qia was selecting outfits from the front of the closet in the bedroom.
Upon hearing his words, he glanced over, and said, “Still fine.”

Ye Qia’s figure was extremely amazing, his shoulders and his waist formed a perfect inverted triangle, and his hips held no trace of excessive, redundant flesh.
Every time they bathed, Xia Zhi loved to slowly savour it, and he’d often reach over and caress it a bit.
Especially his appearance of shaving his body hair while sitting on the toilet, his bare skin and naked flesh, it was like a hunk of the ancient Roman sculptures luring people seductively.
At this time, that not too large life root of his also appeared to be much more beautiful.

Towards this sort of reply, Xia Zhi was obviously not satisfied, he walked over and obstructed the big door of the closet, and smilingly said, “Where on earth are you looking…… What are you doing?”

Ye Qia held a few outfits and held it over Xia Zhi’s body, swapping quite a few articles of clothing, he finally chose a white blouse with exquisite craftmanship, as well as a suit that Xia Zhi completely didn’t recognise the brand of, paired with a slim-cut tie and a pair of fitted trousers to complete the look.

“What are you doing?”

“Selecting clothes for you.”

Xia Zhi lowered his head for a look, “These are your clothes.”

“Yours are too cheap.”

“Oh, apologies, I’m just a small citizen.” Xia Zhi said without a trace of sadness.
There was definitely a reason why Ye Qia was speaking in such a manner, he quickly reacted, “Are we going somewhere tonight?”

“Correct.” Ye Qia finished selecting, raised his head and flashed a tiny smile, “It’s about time for a practical lesson already.”

A bad premonition surged from the center of Xia Zhi’s heart.

Ye Qia brought Xia Zhi over to a loud and raucous bar, playing terrible music, a transvestite was twisting his sturdy and firm waist on the narrow and worn stage, wearing a dull and poor makeup.
At the bar counter and on the dance floor squeezed heaps and heaps of people, exuding the smell of inferior quality alcohol.
The only sole advantage in this mess was, the air was brimming with youthful vigor.

This is the sort of bar that youths often frequent; the price is low, the atmosphere is warm, and every youthful men’s face that was visible to the eye had “seek to do what one wishes” written on it.
Xia Zhi had stopped frequenting this sort of bar since five six years ago, he believes that Ye Qia too had no possibility of returning here.
In addition, according to their ages, they were a bit too old to be coming to this place.
Since the moment they’ve entered, a bunch of suspicious and probing gazes immediately stared over.

“Why did you bring me here?” Xia Zhi widened his throat and shouted, “You want a one-night-stand? Oh, that’s not right, looking for a slave?”

“It’s not me, it’s you.” Ye Qia did not widen his throat and shout.
Instead, he moved over to the side of Xia Zhi’s ear, and with an ambiguous attitude he said, “In five minutes, fish up that man leaning on the bar counter with his right hand.”

Xia Zhi hummed and looked around, and saw a youth.
A beautiful and narrow face under the dim lights, a slightly mussed up styled hair, a slender figure with a finger on his earlobe adorned with a darkly glowing ring.

“Are you joking with me?” Xia Zhi also followed suit and moved over speaking, practically almost letting his tongue touch Ye Qia’s ear, “It’s not like you don’t know, this sort of person is the hardest to fish, he’s basically this bar’s ‘Empress’, he’s rich, young, born with great looks; it’s not just anyone who can fish him up!”

“This sort of goods you also can’t fish, and you still want to crush White?”

“I don’t want to crush White……” Xia Zhi muttered, immediately realised the truth, “The problem doesn’t lie there.”

“Are you going or not?”

“It’s not possible in five minutes!”

“How long do you want?”

“Wu, two dinners and a massage then we probably can hook up for a night.”


Xia Zhi saw Ye Qia rolling the whites of his eyes, without hesitation he retorted, “If you can do it then you go ah!”

“I can make him come for a 3P and still promise that I’m the top.”

Xia Zhi turned his head, putting on a disdainful expression, “Don’t look down on ordinary people, and people are not necessarily ordinary people!”

Ye Qia raised his brows, “What if I managed to do it?”

“I’ll massage you everyday.”

“Your massages are a pile of trash……”

“I’ll help you cut your nails!”

“The last time you cut my toenail until it bled, your skill is not as good as my slave.”

“I, I’ll cook for you.”

“…… It’s not delicious.”

Ye Qia spoke sounding like he was being wronged to the extreme, his expression was bitter, Xia Zhi held back until his face was red, the corners of his eyes twitched, he grinded his teeth and spoke, “What do you want then?”

“It’s fine, not teasing you anymore.”

“You’re actually not teasing me, aren’t you?”

“Why do you need to say it out loud then?”


Ye Qia carried a smile and headed over to the bar’s Empress, while Xia Zhi ordered a glass of alcohol, watching the two of them conversing with each other from afar, lightly laughing, touching each other everywhere, laughing happily, and then carrying a self-evident tacit understanding with each other, they walked over.

“Hi, nice to meet you, you can call me Jack, I’m very pleased to be together with you two, I’ll pay for the condoms and the price of the room, how about it? Should we get going now?”

Xia Zhi’s lower jaw fell.

Of course, in the end Ye Qia refused such a proposal.
Moreover, it made that “Empress of the Bar” carry a reluctant expression as he took the initiative to leave.
Xia Zhi racked his brains for half a day, and said, “This is just your individual charm!”

“You can also do it.”

He hesitated for a bit, and said, “Me?”

“Anyone can do it.” Ye Qia selected a group of youths on the dance floor, “Go and try it out, simply fish any one.”

Xia Zhi mustered up his courage and went to test it out.
A few minutes later, both him and the group of teenagers got into a fight.


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