31, Episode Four Ye World and Xia World (7) 

Xia Zhi had already prepared his heart; however, he had never thought that this would be the first thing he would have to do.

“What are these?” Staring at the people ordered by Taotie to bring all sorts of fitness equipment and who were currently stuffing them into the living room, Xia Zhi stood with an inexplicable expression on his face, “These are New Years presents ah?”

“Of course they aren’t.” Ye Qia rolled the whites of his eyes at him, “These are for you.”

“For me? Why are you guys giving me fitness equipment?” With a face full of curiosity, he proceeded to touch it left and right, inspecting it up and down; the one opposite him seemed to be some sort of interesting hanging bar thing.

“Cause he feels that this issue will become a pain in the ass.
It originated from him, so he feels really apologetic.” Ye Qia waited until the courier man was gone, shut the door, then explained, “This can save us a whole lot of money.
Take this, I’ve planned out a fitness program for you.”

Receiving Ye Qia’s tablet, Xia Zhi took one look at it and almost didn’t vomit blood: A daily five kilometers, a hundred push-ups, two hundred sit-ups, another hundred dumbbell chest presses, and some various studies on the techniques of tying knots.

“You want me to join the Marines Navy Army is it?”

Ye Qia calmly spoke, “As a Master, you must be strong.” 

Xia Zhi yelled indignantly, “I am very strong!”

The scorn in Ye Qia’s gaze swept and whooshed over like a small knife, slicing through Xia Zhi’s body and leaving cuts and slits behind.
He stood strong for a while, but in the end he became discouraged, disgustedly touched the fitness equipment, and said, “Do I look so weak?” Not waiting for Ye Qia to reply, he hurriedly spoke once more, “I just have a slender figure, figure! At any rate, I’m still a hundred and eighty centimetres!”

“A hundred and seventy-nine.”

“A hundred eighty!” Xia Zhi immediately, undoubtedly, word for word, he said, “I have a hundred and eighty!”

“Alright, a hundred eighty.” Ye Qia heaved a sigh, “If you can carry and lift me up then you won’t need to work out.”

Brimming with confidence, Xia Zhi tried it out; walking over like a member from the special forces unit, and returning like a feminine gay man.

“I actually couldn’t even carry you.” Xia Zhi was frustrated, feeling that something was fishy about it, he asked, “How heavy are you?”

“Seventy-eight kilograms.”


Xia Zhi’s eyes almost fell out of his face while staring.
He sized him up down left and right for quite a while, and asked, “Where does all your meat grow?”

Ye Qia didn’t say a word, just walked over, bent his waist, lightly and easily grabbed Xia Zhi up, holding him horizontally.
The corners of his mouth drooped excessively, much like an old granny’s; and his arm was slung around Ye Qia’s neck, with a face full of unhappiness he said, “Actually, if I were to struggle just a bit then you wouldn’t be able to hold me up……”

Before he could finish his sentence, Ye Qia had already let his arms go, and he flopped onto the ground ashamedly, much alike a block of sticky rice cake, while his masculine self-esteem shattered into pieces.
After picking up and piecing himself back together with much difficulty, he determinedly and decisively risked his life and started his fitness regime.
Regardless of whether it is to get rid of that perverted salty pig or not, he felt that as a man, if he can’t even carry his own man, can one still be considered as a man?

At first, he has thought that the level between himself and Ye Qia weren’t too far apart, when goods were compared to goods it can be thrown away, but when comparing himself with another, makes him so mad.

Because of the intensive training, as well as the matter of an individual’s spontaneous overboard passion, on the day before the New Year’s Eve, Xia Zhi has fallen; the reason being that he strained the muscles on his waist.

Ye Qia stared wordlessly at the Xia Zhi who was sprawled out on the bed, the corner of his mouth pointing downwards, he couldn’t vocalise even one sentence, just straightaway taking the safflower oil[1] and pouring it into the palm of his hand, going over and patting him.


Xia Zhi felt that the back of his waist was fiery and spicy, and so he struggled desperately for a while, but the only change it brought about was the increase in pressure.
After struggling for half the afternoon, he worked hard to twist and turn his butt, crawling forwards, trying to break free from Ye Qia’s domination.

There was no fruitage to this.

The actions of Ye Qia’s rubbing and massaging were both decisive and firm, Xia Zhi only felt the soreness of his back gradually growing numb, then it started itching like ants were crawling on his back.
That night, he slept like a zombie, with his stiff back he didn’t even move an inch, a direct view of the ceiling panels, from time to time squeezing out some moans and groans from within his throat, attempting to arouse the sympathy of his boyfriend.

At last, Ye Qia seemed to be unable to bear it any longer, in the middle of the night at three he flipped his body over, wearing a happy countenance he asked, “This humphing and mumbling of yours, does it mean that you want me to give you a massage one more time?”

Xia Zhi immediately shut his mouth, cursing his partner’s cold indifference painfully within his heart.
The good and bad of worldly affairs are dependant on each other, the next day, he noticed the benefits of having strained his waist.

The two of them who have celebrated Christmas and New Years in a busy bustling atmosphere, had agreed to create a bit of a festive family mood during the Eve of the New Years.
Xia Zhi lay on the bed, labouriously handing over a lengthy shopping list to Ye Qia.

“Do we really need so many things?” Ye Qia had a full face of suspicion, “Why do we also need to buy after shave water? I still have quite a bit of stock left, you can use mine if yours is finished.”

“Because after the festival’s over, there will be a large number of people who are so idle that they will panickedly go for a visit to the shopping mall; those small shops won’t be open, and the commodities at the convenience stores are not on par with theirs!” Xia Zhi unhesitatingly said, “In short, you have to buy it! Go forth, my warrior! Also one more thing, your after shave is not in the slightest bit smooth!”

“Xia Zhi’s warrior” carried an extremely suspicious gaze as he went out, not a single soul knew what he had experienced before in the past.
An hour later, he returned home much like someone who had just escaped a large disaster, his clothes were all wrinkly and crumpled, there were all sorts of markings imprinted on the cuffs of his pants and his socks; with a dark sunken face, he cast aside a few large bags on the table in the living room.
After he walked into the bedroom, his perverted killing people wildly aura field instantly opened.

At that time, Xia Zhi was busy watching some hilarious videos online, and the sound of his crazy laughter turned into a smothered pot after Ye Qia stepped into the room.
He worked hard to make the expression on his face look like an innocent person, “This is how regular people celebrate the New Years.”

“How is it that I do not know about it?”

“How did you stock up for the New Years in the past?”

“If there’s anything I’d just let the slave go over and buy it for me.” Ye Qia moved and stretched his shoulders, making Xia Zhi even more terror stricken, “What’s more, I don’t really have much things that I must buy at this time.”

“This is some sort of atmosphere…… tradition…… it was you who said we should create some mood!” Seeing Ye Qia come closer, Xia Zhi who was like a fried-until-burnt piece of rice cake struggling as he approached death on the bed, “What do you want to do?”

“I feel, that it’s time to let you learn exactly how to exhibit the imposing manner of a Master.”

Xia Zhi was still thinking of what to say, but Ye Qia’s hand flew over in an extremely timely manner, grabbing his mouth.
He laid there, staring at Ye Qia emotionless face, and was unexpectedly calm in his heart.

After a few seconds had passed, Ye Qia also seemed to have felt that something wasn’t right.

Xia Zhi wanted to say something, but he couldn’t open his mouth.
Thinking and thinking, he reached out his tongue and licked the palm of Ye Qia’s hand.
After he licked, he felt the pressure of the hand on his mouth wavering, and it slowly released its force.
His eyes curved as he smiled, and he licked a few more mouthfuls, and even spat some saliva on it, using the tip of his tongue and grinding against it slowly.

Without waiting for Xia Zhi to finish licking, within that solid expression of Ye Qia’s appeared a thin crack.
Letting out a small sigh, he leaned down and attached himself to Xia Zhi.
Using his hand to squeeze Xia Zhi’s cheek he said, “You’re doing it on purpose ba?”

“You mean the all-out fight for buying stuff during New Years Eve?”

“It’s not that, since you deliberately ordered me to, I wouldn’t dare do otherwise.” A pause, and Ye Qia added, “I’ll settle this issue regarding buying stuff with you later.”

Xia Zhi laughed dryly.
He seamlessly left Ye Qia’s embrace as he spoke in a small voice, “Actually, I felt that you were lacking in exercise……” Seeing Ye Qia’s gaze was not good, he hurriedly said, “Anyways, whatever face you put on towards me, there’s no effect.
I’d simply need to think about that face of yours when you wake up in the morning, sitting at the edge of the bed in a daze with a bird’s nest on your head, and also when you sit on the toilet seat shaving, wu, also when you draw patterns on your chest before shaving your chest hair, also when you’d occasionally drool when you eat…… Regardless of how it is, once I think about these expressions of yours, that poker face of yours could never scare me at all.”

These words caught Ye Qia by surprise, and in succession to that, his expression softened.



[1] Safflower oil: a type of medicated oil derived from the safflower plant.
It feels a bit like applying ice? Minty? It’s like a cool burning sensation, really really great for relieving muscle soreness, as well as stomach aches 

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