30, Episode Four Ye World and Xia World (6)

Xia Zhi’s relationship with his family can’t be said to be good, but it also can’t be said to be bad; somewhere in between an “out of the closet unaccomplished son” and “a mother who had noticed something but doesn’t dare to ask”; other than awkwardness, there actually aren’t many other words to be used to describe it.

“Not going back.”

“Every year you don’t return?”

“If it’s possible not to return, let’s not return ba.” Xia Zhi rolled about on the bed, “If the number of times they called me is great, then I’d simply return and show my face there for a bit.”

Ye Qia did not reply.

Xia Zhi felt that there was something wrong, laying on his side he asked, “How about you?”

“Both of my parents have passed away already.” Ye Qia brought both hands to his chest, slept in a straight position, “I grew up in an adoptive family.”

“…… How about your adoptive parents?”

Ye Qia let out a laugh, “In this sort of situation shouldn’t you say some sympathetic words? Like ‘I’m sorry’ or something.”

Xia Zhi blinked his eyes, lifted up his body and tenderly kissed Ye Qia.
After he laid back down, he heard Ye Qia breathe out a heavy sigh.

“My adoptive parents are both good people; they both kept working outside for my sake.
With both their salaries not bad, our lives were free from worry, but because they’re too busy I don’t return home frequently.”

“Indeed, your salary is also not bad, allowing you to live a life free from worry.” Xia Zhi said in a loud voice.

“But it is disgraceful.”

“It’s not like you’re selling your body!” Xia Zhi spoke in a disgruntled manner, “There are many people who, if they got to know your salary, will break their heads apart squeezing into this profession for sure.”

“Those investing in this are also some low-leveled small fry.” Ye Qia paused, then added, “Don’t ask me about how much I earn, we still haven’t reached such a close relationship yet.”

Xia Zhi unwillingly pouted and pouted, deciding that next time he would continue persistently searching for opportunities.

“Then how should this year be?”


“You’re not going back, I’m also not going back, how should we celebrate?”

Ye Qia turned his head and stared at Xia Zhi for a while, saying, “I think that this is very fine; just us two at home, not bothering with anyone else…… just us two.”

At the same time, the sunlight filtered through the white blinds, shining through, like a timely stroke of a brush, depicting the silhouette of the resolute Ye Qia.

Xia Zhi felt that this was an extremely beautiful sight.
However, as they nested at home for yet another day, they even called takeout for their meals; and he started to feel that something wasn’t right about this: how is this withdrawing from the world, this clearly looks like the life of a wanted fugitive!

Under the impetus of some sort of spirit, he secretly used his phone to contact Taotie, and got to know an unexpected matter.

“Why didn’t you mention that that perverted salted pig is still looking for me?”

The eating motions of Ye Qia stiffened, and he put down his spoon, shut his mouth, then looked at his cohabitation partner in low spirits.

“I just knew it!” Xia Zhi got goosebumps in a second, anxiously pacing around back and forth, “Within these two days your behaviour was just too different!”

“How different?”

He roared out, “Too gentle and warm!”

Ye Qia returned to his usual not hurried, not rushed attitude, “Gentle and warm is not good?”

Xia Zhi hatefully squinted his eyes, “Gentle and warm is completely unlike you!”

“Then do you want the warm and gentle me, or do you prefer the real me?”

“Of course I want the real one!” After Xia Zhi blurted this out, he pondered for a few seconds, and said, “Though if you want to be a bit more gentle and warm, I wouldn’t mind also.”

Ye Qia stared at him once more, slowly and deliberately related the whole story, “Actually he just has an interest for a while, want to establish a relationship with you for a period of time.”

“What kind of relationship?”

“Of course it’s a Master-Slave relationship.”

Xia Zhi immediately rose up in fury, “Who wants to be his damn slav……”

“He’ll be your slave.”

Xia Zhi turned stiff in a moment, his mouth hanging open, dumbly he said, “He, he’ll be my slave?”

Ye Qia nodded and nodded his head, saying, “The relationship between a Master and his Slave is not very obvious, there are also a number of different combinations.
The relationship of a private Master-Slave is more complicated, if it’s a pecuniary exchange like ours, most of the time it’s buying the Master, there are only a few who buy Slaves.
A genuine good Master should always labour and toil with both the mind and body; the Slave should enjoy it more, though if it’s a low-leveled one, there are more Slaves seeking for someone to take care of them.

As he listened until here, Xia Zhi couldn’t suppress his mumble, “A Slave can actually also enjoy……”

“This is more specifically.” Ye Qia raised his glass and gulped down the orange juice, and said, “White was originally my client, and then became my student.
It has been said that when he returned to his country, he was swinging in between a Master and a Slave for a while; he didn’t establish a long-term relationship with anybody.
That’s why, his return this time is to look for an Eastern male, establishing a long-term stable relationship.”

“Why must it be an Eastern male?”

“He believes that Eastern males are more long-lasting.”

“Who told him that?” Thinking about the countless times that he has been cheated on, Xia Zhi disgruntledly said, immediately reacting, “Damn, how come you are so familiar with these details?”

“Since after that gathering he kept searching for you, searched through the whole circle already, I obviously need to be prepared.” Ye Qia had on an expression of ‘it’s only natural to do so’, “Assuming that he has already inquired and discerned that you are my boyfriend; in the end, I’ve never took the effort to conceal this matter, so it won’t be too difficult if he wishes to find out.”

Xia Zhi suddenly quietened down, after a while, he said, “You’ve really never extremely tried to hide it before?”

“Never.” Ye Qia’s facial expression said ‘of course, it’s only natural’, and he said, “Why should I need to conceal it?”

The Xia Zhi who did not dare to speak to anyone about Ye Qia immediately felt guilty in his heart, he cleared his throat, broke off the topic of discussion and asked, “Then what should we do now?”

“In fact, changing to if you were to be someone from the circle, then if you straight up refuse him, it’ll be fine already.” Ye Qia said, “This kind of matter cannot be forced, our problem lies upon the fact that you actually aren’t someone from within the circle, what if in a million chances you’ve been noticed, then what should we do?”

“How could it be so easy to see through someone ah!” Unconvinced, Xia Zhi said, “Looking at you, you don’t seem to be the type of person who has relations with BDSM play ah!”

“Did you ask him about wanting to hook up?”

Xia Zhi was startled, dissatisfied, he spoke, “How is it that you know everything?”

“Isn’t it?”

“Yeah, so what?”

“There isn’t any mention of hooking up within the circle.” Ye Qia pursed his lips, “Because the Masters who practise BDSM must not have the desire of making love.”

Xia Zhi finally understood why at that moment, White let out a dumbfounded expression, he grasped his hair, sorrowfully said, “Then what should we do now?”

“White was able to attend this gathering, you should also understand that he isn’t just your ordinary average man, let’s say he wanted to throw you into an irrigation ditch and leave you to sink, it’s not necessary, but it is troublesome.” As Ye Qia spoke, his tone got more and more grave and low, falling into deep thought.

Xia Zhi looked at Ye Qia’s appearance, can’t help but feel a little down, rushed over and knocked the table, and submissively said, “I’m sorry, I’ve invited trouble for you.”

Hearing this, Ye Qia seemed to be astonished, he was surprised for a bit, then slowly smoothed out his brows.
That face of a “big brother in prison” smiled, immediately became soft and warm.
For now, he came over and gave Xia Zhi a kiss, and said, “It so happens that now is the New Year so there’s no problem, how about you prepare for special training ba.”

“Special training?”

“I’ve discussed about it with Taotie, we’ve prepared some intensive training for you.
At the very least, we don’t want to repeat some low-leveled mistake with the term hook ups, and then you’ll just need to refuse White and it should be fine already.”

After hearing this news, Xia Zhi shuddered inexplicably.


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