29, Episode Four Ye World and Xia World (5) 

Xia Zhi deals with those powerful authoritative ones quite often—although most of them are poverty-stricken ones—but he has also seen various kinds of filthy matters, so he naturally understood the problem among them.
A circle of unclean people doing bad things together, this is nothing, but if one amongst them is a clean person, then the clean one must die; “If I am not clean, don’t you even dare think of being clean.”

If his status as someone from outside the circle was confirmed, not caring whether he would leak the truth or not, towards the powerful figures, this cannot be a happy matter, and the reason why powerful ones are authoritative, don’t care how much money their car, a meal or even a piece of clothing costs, they can also easily cause much trouble for other people, and yet those people are unable to refuse and fight back.

Xia Zhi had a headache, he was muddle-headed for a while, suddenly he thought about the root of the problem, he asked, “Right, you said you don’t use cologne?”

Ye Qia seemed to be surprised at his unexpected question, and casually answered, “En.”

He moved over closer, sniffed him with great effort, and immediately smelled a faint smokey scent, seemingly there but yet seemingly not there.
After smelling him once he could not endure his desire to carry on sniffing, for the purpose of making sure of its existence.
He furrowed his brows, saying, “You have a natural body scent ah?”

“Essential oil bubble bath.” Ye Qia raised an eyebrow, deftly flicked Xia Zhi’s forehead, flicked until he cried out in pain, “Where on earth have you met a normal person having a natural body scent? Body odour is more or less right.”

Xia Zhi harboured some malicious intents as he stared at Ye Qia, “What’s with you drawing this sort of bath?”

“Obviously it’s for ‘selling’ even better, my whole person is a merchandise, I have to improve wherever I can.” Ye Qia laughed, “This sort of scent must be musky, and a little sweaty for an advantage, but it cannot be too obvious, therefore using essential oils in a bubble bath is the best method.
This method if you stopped using one time, you’d need to continue for quite a period of time only then will it be effective.”

Xia Zhi was very depressed, because this scent was too light, he usually didn’t care much about it, occasionally when he smelled it he assumed it was just cologne, only cause of today’s perverted salty pig did it drill a loophole.
He pouted and pouted, saying, “No wonder you were so adamant on renting a place with a bathtub.”

“Even from before, I wouldn’t spend money on things that were not needed.” Ye Qia lowered his voice as he spoke while pouncing over, suppressing Xia Zhi on the bed.
First it was a sweet and long kiss, then he spoke softly, “I shouldn’t have brought you over today.”

“It’s all in the past already.” Xia Zhi was still lounging in the aftertaste of that kiss, “Anyways, in the future I won’t have much opportunities to be in contact with that guy so it’s fine.”

“He’s called White.” Ye Qia relaxedly stroked his cheeks, seemingly with a devil-may-care attitude he spoke, “By the way, if ever in the future do you let me see you and him together, I won’t be so lenient like today, you understand?”

The ambiguous atmosphere immediately froze up, Xia Zhi blinked his eyes staring at Ye Qia, his lower lip squirmed, after pouting for a few seconds, he icily said, “You’re blaming me for today’s matter?”

Ye Qia was startled, seeming not to have expected Ye Qia’s response, hesitated for a bit and then said, “You also have some fault.”

“What damn fault do I have!” Xia Zhi suddenly punched the mattress.
Flushed with anger he spoke, “Clearly it was because both of you smelled the same that’s why I was mistaken! Even my bewitching charm is my fault? Why don’t you hecking go and…… wu!”

The remaining words have completely been swallowed back by Ye Qia’s lips, it was obvious that he used all his remaining strength in this kiss of his.
Xia Zhi only felt stunned, his brain was like water that is gradually warming up on the stove-top, not even a while but it already made his head dizzy, like his soul was being sucked out; both his legs went soft, and the third one got hard.

When their lips parted, panting, he asked, “You’re doing this on purpose ba?”

Ye Qia exhaled a breath, and said, “Didn’t.”

“You’re doing it on purpose ba!” Xia Zhi said indignantly, “You knew and grasped this weak point of mine!”

“You also have an advantage.” Ye Qia stuck his hand into his saliva, going straight down from his lips painting, rubbing back and forth on his chest, “For example, your butt is really perky; I heard that you told White that I’ve praised your butt before? He also told me he would like to experience it for once.”

When Xia Zhi heard this, he shut his mouth, and awkwardly stared at the ceiling.
Anyways, if there was a man who described Ye Qia like this, he would also feel unhappy in his heart.
When Ye Qia was lightly biting and devouring his chest, he finally patted Ye Qia’s head, and said, “Forget it.”

Ye Qia’s actions stopped, crawled up towards him, towering above Xia Zhi as he looked at him, “Your anger’s dissipated?”

“It’s gone.”

“Actually, are you mad at me or mad at this matter?”


“I’m just…… not very good at dealing with this sort of situation.” Ye Qia slowly and uncertainly confessed, “In the past, I’m not the sort to interrogate my partners’ interactions and connections with others; the gay circle is still more chaotic than others, especially this circle of ours; it’s very normal to fall into bad company and get involved with drugs; my previous boyfriends were also not some regular people.”

Xia Zhi was startled, taking back his sight that was looking away on purpose, looked at Ye Qia and said, “Really?”


He didn’t let out a peep, just looking at Ye Qia’s resolute face trying to estimate.
To Ye Qia, these words were indeed not easy to say; after experiencing living together with this partner in this period of time, he understood how Ye Qia was outwardly cold but deep and passionate inside, even when he was caring he liked to beat around the bush, for example, he resolutely believed that “the reason for forking out the renovation expenses” was Ye Qia compensating him for bearing the black pot.

Xia Zhi could not endure mumbling, “Actually, if you had just admitted that I didn’t lie, then wouldn’t you have no need to fork out the renovation expenses?”

Ye Qia crawled up, upon hearing this he startledly asked, “What renovation expenses?”

Xia Zhi crawled into his own blanket nest as he said, “The living room renovation fees ah.”

“What am I supposed to admit isn’t a lie?”

“That issue of me getting drunk.”

When he heard this only then did Ye Qia reply, calmly saying, “Oh, I still believe that you’re lying about this matter, unless in the future you can get an erection and ejaculate while being drunk, only then will I believe you.”

Xia Zhi was quite unconvinced as he said, “Really?”

“Of course.”

“And what if I can do it?”

“I’ll let you pick my daisy[1].”

Both of Xia Zhi’s eyes lit up, “Really?”

Ye Qia tilted his eyes over, “And do you also want me to write up a contract for you?”

“It’s a deal.”

Ye Qia nodded and nodded his head, settling in the blanket as he turned on his tablet.
Xia Zhi laid down in his own blanket, one hand naturally reaching over to Ye Qia’s thigh, rubbing for a bit, bringing along a pretty hope as he fell asleep.”

Of course, to a certain someone, hopes are still just hopes, this certain someone still has no awareness of this.

A few days after this time’s “cult ritual”, the Spring Festival[2] came.
Xia Zhi had already started his holidays since before; the whole day he ate then slept, slept then ate.
Finally, on the twenty-fifth of the Lunar Calendar, Ye Qia also announced that he was starting his vacation.
This pair of husbands were able to hang around together the whole day; they didn’t do anything except wearing pajamas and fooling around in the house.

“I say.” Early in the morning, Xia Zhi restlessly scooted over into Ye Qia’s blanket and asked, “How are your orals like?”

“Still fine.”

“Give me a go at it, how about that?”

Ye Qia rubbed his face with hazy eyes, paused for a few seconds, and asked, “Today is twenty-what?”


“Do you need to go home during the New Years?”

At this question, Xia Zhi immediately wilted.



[1] daisy, his lil booty xD

[2] Spring Festival, also known as Chinese New Year

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